Mermaid 4123
Ariel V2
Grimsby FC said: How does this work? You can simply load up any old save files using the latest instalment of the game?

No you start unemployed, and just play for different seasons joining a new club when you fill fit. I mean that i first started doing a journeyman in FM 21 (after learning about the concept from it from Loki Doki on youtube) and then in FM 22 I started a new journeyman :)
A career stretching over almost 15 years, over 750 games played, accross 10 clubs/leagues.  Just gotten 1ste place in the hall of fame winning: 4x CL, 2x EL and 13 league titles. Can recommend this highly to everyone! :)
Second season with Celtic and tactic Ariel V2 F9. Didnt think it could be better than last season but I won all 38 games in the league! Scoring 150 goals and only getting 16 goals against.. insane!
stetoon said: i still feel the v2 ariel is the better version only problem is i dont feel the striker gets enough goals but as long as im winning its okay lol

Without the F9 you mean?
6.1 score nice!
My full season with Ariel V2 F9 is done with celtic. It was unbelievable and I won it all: the league, the two cups and even the europa league! I ended the league with 118 goals (!!) scored and only 23 against. For the europa league i beat teams like RB leipzig, manchester united and tottenham hotspur on the way. The final against monaco was pretty easy.
stetoon said: which version

V2 F9 on counter :)
won against spurs in 2nd round knockout of europa league (3-2 over 2 matches).. amazing! Tactic didn't do a lot against Kane though lol
stetoon said: thats with the v2

Close battle at the top!
stetoon said: @DoubleR just a little test its f9 version

Really cool, thanks for sharing! 3 draws could be a bit better but overall it looks like it’s decent !
stetoon said: doing a little test with rochdale on key highlights and there pred 14th and the results so far are amazing

stetoon said: thanks mate was just making sure before i start using it

Good luck, very curious about the results :)
stetoon said: @DoubleR by wrong footed do you mean right foot on left back and vice versa

Yes exactly! Left footed on the right and vice versa :)
dicitizen said: Uf my mistake. Test was with 4123 not with 352. I downloaded it from StephenHK post from external source that was listed, didn't notice there was more than one version of Mermaid. I will test 352 tonight with Lens then

If you like the 4123 you should try my tweak Ariel V2 ;-) It's based on mermaid 4123:
dicitizen said: I tested it with RC Lens, holiday all season. Amazing.

Interesting! StephenHK himself has stated that the 4123 is overall more solid than the 352. Have you tried that one too?
I tweaked Mermaid 4123 (a tactic by Stephan HK) into a tactic I personally seemed to get better succes with/fitted my team better. I called it after the most famous mermaid: Ariel! I have a version with a false nine and one without. The false nine version seems to be slightly better. Some other people have tried it and they are also having good results with it so I thought I would share it here! Would love to see if people get good results with it!

What is important: a wrong footed left and right back. My wingers I have with their right foot. Also I play with the mentality depending on the match: attacking for most matches, positive for harder home games and counter for harder away games!
ZaZ said: I'm trying some tactics, but only subpar results. Lots of people are also trying, but since performance is already very close to optimal, it gets pretty hard to find improvements.

What about the green 5.0 tactic you posted??
More people should try this tactic, its one of the better performing ones for me :)