With Campobasso in Serie C. Media prediction 20th. 5th in league + won promotion via playoffs, won cup. Loans are all serie C or D players.

Played without set piece exploits, as seen by low CB goals.

Really fun season. Goals from wide and through middle. A lot of goals conceded from balls over top of my backline. Partially down to slow CBs, but also that seems to be how the game is in 22. Would be worth lowering defensive line.

Adjusted RPM to DM given my team stature. Also removed WB stay narrow. Not telling them to stay wide but give WB option to, seemed to help them get to byline and whip crosses in more often.

When losing, change to 5212 DM -> SS (and adjust 2 CMs to give bit more defensive stability) and WBs to WBa. Sometimes 523 with 3 strikers. Lots of options.
@Filer974 What's ur lineup for barca games? Are you playing the wingers on same foot - same side or inverted?
Having a lot of fun with the 433 DM CM(A) tactic. Changed the IF -> IW and had them stay wider which seemed to help. F9 really involved in link up whilst still being a top scorer.

I'm sure there could be a better tweak with one of the CM roles, or perhaps the mentality of IWB
Can anyone tell me if they've made some noticeable changes to the M.E?

- Do strikers still carrying the ball away from goal instead of running towards goal?

- Do IF/IW actually cut in now?
Can anyone tell me if they've made some noticeable changes to the M.E?

- Do strikers still carrying the ball away from goal instead of running towards goal?

- Do IF/IW actually cut in now?
Has anyone tested this with CF(s) or DLF?
Kippa9 said: Further Testing results on Kippa 9 Tactic Testing Server, 6th Highest Tactic on Encyclopedia!



Where can I find a link to the top tactics on that docs sheet?
Bogeyman said: @Xeno94, can you show your starting eleven?

This season I had to rotate a lot because of League, CL + winter world cup caused fixture congestion in the 2nd part of the season. So I didn't really have a set 11. As you saw in the attachment before players such as Arezo, Hlozek, Camara, Gauld + Chong played many games and did well for me.










I think that's the main squad.

Notable there was a lot of versatility in the squad. For instance many of the CM could play as SS and wingers. Wingers could play at SS. Couple of the CB could play as DM. RB could be LB and so on.

Season 3 (2nd season in 1st divison after coming 2nd last year) and I won the quadruple with Oviedo.

Squad was partly included above + I had a bunch of loans to make up the numbers and fill the HG quota. They were decent players but still the tactic overperformed greatly. I was expected ~13th in the media

No league top scorer because Hlozek broke his foot half way through the season.
If any1 uses original phoenix I would advise to try this out sometime. I found it much better than 2 SS version
Manidaro7 said: @Xeno94

this is exactly what I cannot decipher .... if the important attributes role by role are written here I will start creating filters that will help all those who need them

Let me give you some ideas, but in general you will be fine following the attributes highlighted by FM for the roles.

SS: Can be a fast striker with decent passing/vision or a fast attacking midfielder with decent finishing. You can be very versatile with this role.

W: Use FM attributes. Same foot as side but helpful if he has decent week foot to increase chance of cutting in and making different types of runs

CM: Similar to above but can be slightly better with defensive attributes to break up play, but 100% you can use the same attacking midfield player in CM and SS

DLP: Just follow FM attributes

IWB: Regular WB or well-rounded B2B player. IWB will be everywhere on the pitch and will form the sides of the 3 in the 2-3-5 attacking formation in midfield. They will be providing many assists and creating chances, as well as scoring a few goals. Remember, FAST

CB: Tall + fast

For mentals and general attributes just use the table + role attributes.
Manidaro7 said: @Magician

hello everyone, I wanted to congratulate magician for creating this module that made me win so much (I started from the championship of excellence by winning two championships and arriving in Serie C where I then managed to save myself directly with 4 days in advance) .  However, I have a doubt, I can't understand what are the attributes that players need to make the tactics themselves get the most out of them.  Would it be possible to create role-by-role filters with the necessary characteristics?  thank you very much!


This link shows the best attributes. The bottom attributes (pace, acceleration) are the best, as it goes up it comes slightly less important as judged by the star rating on the left.
Thanks mate
Mark said: Ok, I just bought a Natural Striker with Pace 15 (League Ave (LA) 10.2), Acc 13 (LA 10.3), Agility 13 (LA 9.7), and Dribbling 10 (LA 6.8). These are the best I currently have and as you can see well above the League Average. His Genie Scout Position rating for Striker is 50.0 and is listed as Natural in Training. There is no striker in ZaZ Blue 3.0 which is what I am using.

Here are his position ratings against the relevant attacking positions - AM C 41.6 and Makeshift, M C 39.8 and Ineffectual, ML 41,4 and Ineffectual, and MR 41.4 and Ineffectual.

Here are my current best rated against each position:

AM C Genie Scout rated 45.5, Natural, Pac 10, Acc 9, Agi 8, Dri 8
M C rated 52.3, Natural, Pac 4, Acc 4, Agi 7, Dri 7
M L rated 49.3, Natural, Pac 11, Acc 13, Agi 11, Dri 7
M R rated 51.3, Natural, Pac 12, Acc 13, Agi 10, Dri 8

I also got a new Accomplished M L and M R (Genie position ratings for both 44.7) with Pac 16, Acc 15, Agi 9, Dri 10

So, given your calcs above I would rate the Striker better than my AM C and M C and my new winger better than the existing M L and M R, even though they are not Natural to the positions.

@Bogeyman Like mark talks about in this point. The league average for each attribute.
How can I find the league average for attributes?
Milakus said: I would advise not to look for a high tackling attribute for CM(a) or DLP(s), I think only the central defenders need it.

Maybe, @ZaZ has a different opinion.

Ok thanks.

@ZaZ Do you have player filters for this tactic?
CM(a) attributes asks for decent tackling for the role. Is that needed in ur tactic, given that he is a more goalscoring player?
Can anyone give tips for playing vs bottom of the table teams? I do great vs top teams, but consistently my losses/draws come from the bottom teams.

What instructions/other tactic can I use?