Who do you guys assign to take corners on the newest Blue 4.0 tactic?
This might be a stupid question, but on the new 3.3 version with improved set pieces; do you assign a position to take corners or is this supposed to be left unassigned?
What is new with the new Table entry in tactics testing (PATCH 22.1.1 ( * ) TABLE)??
I'm also curious how this would do in FM-Arena test!
ta2199 said: I think you should develop a 2nd tactic for 60-70+ min. Cuz I realized that there're a lots of goal concede during that time.

Try changing from  "Counter-Press" to "Regroup" around this time, seems to help for me.
ZaZ said: Just added a version for underdog teams. In vacation mode with Norwich, it can consistently take them to Euro Cup (around 10 points per season more than normal Red and 20 goal difference better). @Mark, let me know if you can try this one in the lower leagues. =)

Any chance you could tell me what you've changed in your underdog tactic with regards to the "normal" Red 1.0?
Bubbles said: Hi,

Any reason you used V2 and not v3 ?

I have made a new version of the tactic for FM22.

The new version are same formation but based on having the ball a lot more and uses the new shiny Wide centerbacks - but no Libero unfortunately.

If any interest I can upload it :-)

I'd like to try your V3!!
Screenshot of tactic??
So this tactic is a straight copy of "ZaZ Blue" only with other player roles?