Sane said: Any thoughts on how to improve the result of tactics on the new ME?

Corsair IF is improved on the new test as it is. I am working on some improvements though
Tejash said: Any update?

Yeah but not happy to share yet. I am having issues with the defence and I am trying to make it concede less
Ajax said: Hello Skin please :) ?

Zealand skin
xradicalx said: hello hi test this tactic and i have fun

thnak u

Benfica smash :)
Tejash said: When is the update out sir? @Chocorelo19

Soon.. I need to run a few more tests to check the consistency of the tactic
New Update Coming soon.. See preview :)
Great result!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
pixar said: @Zippo Are you going to test "Prometheus" as well? I'm curious about the result :)

I don't expect to be better. After further testing, I found out that it lacks stability. Few seasons amazing good results and on others not so good. We will see though :)
Enok said: @Chocorelo19 Which is better?

I had 2,3 better runs with prometheus but further testing is required. AsThis hasn't being tested in Fm arena I recommend to use Corsair.
Bleghhh said: Guys pls post individual instructions for people who played on console. This is a problem in every tactic testing post.

Hi main page is updated :)
Tejash said: @Chocorelo19 Playing Arsenal, lost with first two games against Newcastle 5-4 and ManU 3-0.

2 games are not enough to get a good view if works or not. Anyway feel free to share your results ☺️
Tejash said: @Chocorelo19 Is the prometheus being tested?

Not tested yet.
Alan Bessa said: I'm sorry that you feel that way, you still contributed a lot to the game, i just felt that it was disingenuous to say that you've created this tactic from scratch, and if you compare both tactics you can see for yourself how yours feel like a tweak, but if you really didn't use the other tactic, i apologize and this will be my last post on this matter.

I hope that my post didn't discourage you from making other tactics, it's a pretty great one.

I genuinely didn't even saw the other tactic to begin with. In matter of fact I posted my tactic on fm base on Friday with the DW version instead of IF ( It was here as well but be ause I ve got better results with IF, I retrieved it).Of course I ve got influenced regarding the formation of the tactic as I saw that 2dms work well and the ground up thing misunderstood. Apologies for any language barriers (english is not my first language.) but under no circumstances didn't copy any of the instructions and any tactic in general. My point of view is that all of us have the same goal, to create op tactics to enjoy this beautiful game better. I am not the copycat here....
Alan Bessa said: @Chocorelo19 I just created an account after years to comment on this, but how can you say that you made this from scratch? Every instruction is the same besides the DM Support position. It's just impossible that you had like 98% exact instructions just like the FM Base tactic by chance. Just say that you had the tactic as a base and build from that, nobody will say anything.

But it's impossible that you made that by yourself without copying, the only chance is that you are FMR from FM Base.

I have an account there since 2013 back when the best tactician ever (TFF) was active with the username Chocorelo19. The first time Ive downloaded the tactic is when this thread started. Listen I don't have to prove anything and I play the game just for fun. Obviously, I check tactics around at the beginning of every FM ( Especially all TFFs) but I would never hard copy someone's hard work. If you are referring to team instructions statistically are very common as we all know what works the last couple of years. The players instructions are different except I think the WBs.  This is starting to get annoying... Anyway, the admins are welcome to take out the tactic if they agree with you. All the smile that I had when I saw my tactic on the top left after this. Thank you

P.S. Last year I posted a tactic with the same team instructions except for the tempo.
ZaZ said: I'm not trying to gain anything. I even complimented the tactic in the comments and said it was a good one, mixing the best of FM-Arena and FM-Base. I just don't understand why you are saying you built it from the ground.

I really don't know what more to say. The other tactic that you claim that I've copied is not even the same formation. This is ridiculous and I won't debate anymore.
After you took all the colours from the rainbow this year you started taking all the elements. I don't understand what are you trying to gain by doing this post. It's just sad....
crizeKOS said: GJ! This automatic WB ideia blonwed my mind XD

Hisoka said: Grate! Any OIs and what do you do for training?

Assistant manager and NO OIs. The tactic can improve especially with training routines
I've made this tactic from ground up. The only thing that I've used is the corner-throw-ins routine from FM22. @ZaZ as you know there is no unique tactic after so many FMs. It is just match engine matter
This is my first attempt on FM23. Great results, amazing attack ( Your strikers will score like crazy), with solid defence.
Tested: Multiple runs with Arsenal and Atalanta on Holiday NO transfers NO Editor used.

Hope you like it and I will appreciate commenting if it works for you.

Spoiler Corsair 2DMS

Console users:

Spoiler Prometheus
This is a tweak of roles in the Midfield - Scores more and concedes more