rdo91 said: awesome results!
What corner routine do you use?

Those one, there are not mine.
Near post Short decoy R.fmf
Downloaded : 120 times
Uploaded : Apr 5, 2022
Near post Short decoy L.fmf
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Uploaded : Apr 5, 2022
I am doing a journeyman save and play all my games with V6. Just changed the corner routine to another one from this forum. Play all games by my self. Just look at Haaland :love:
@ZaZ Hi ZaZ, who do you use for corner taking? In the first post it is saying DW's, but the updated tactic don't use defensive wingers anymore.
Do you have a download link of this setup? For some reason my DM is staying back. I am using a tactic with AML, AMR and DM (support duty).
Just want to share my experience with this tactic. Started a Journeyman save unemployed. Without reputation and badges. I really love how it plays.

First season: Started in 14th place mid-season.
Second season: Media Prediction 16e
Third Season: Media Prediction 12e. Also loosing finalist of the cup.

First season: Media Prediction 2e. Won also the cup and Quarter Finals Conference League.

Current season: Media Prediction 6e.
EDIT: Found it, sorry :angel:
Mark said: I therefore assume jumping reach is the one that is 16 and natural fitness moves as well. If that is the case then the Chinese ratings and my ratings would both have the first one in front.

What ratings are you using and can you translate the attributes so I can check the calculations

I am using the Chinese ratings

EDIT: I changed to your ratings and now the ratings changed in favor of the 'faster' player.
But you still looking to AMC rating rather shadow striker rating?
Mark said: I cant translate this language but I thought from the placement of the numbers that the first player has 14 Acc and 9 Pace and the second has 7 Acc and 16 Pace. If that is right then it is more understandable the the ratings are close. I make it just favoring the second player. If the attributes don't align with the English version then I understand.

Sorry for the Dutch, Seuntjes is both 7 on pace and acc
ZaZ said: I would never get that SS with 7 acceleration and pace. Lower league is full of those low speed players, which is why it's so easy to win there.

So which rating do you recommend?
Mark said: That is a great question. You definitely need their positional ability to be 13+ and then you look at positional rating. Role rating really doesn't seem to impact.

Oke, but than the ratings are saying my slow player is better in AMC than the faster player. Would you choose for the slower player? If you look at the shadow striker rating, than it is saying to choose the faster player.
Mark said: I use this view, you can then see the positional ability and positional ratings. You need positional ability above 13 out of 20 and the best positional rating you can afford.

@Mark I have a question about your view. Is it not better to check also the best roll of the player? Or is positional rating better?
I did some vacation testing. Here are the results.