kdr03097 said: What's the best foot for a winger?

the same as their flanks, I guess
ZaZ said: Just added. It's probably not gonna be anything special, I would be happy if it reached close to 6.0. However, there's this tactic that already got tested and is probably better.

Do you think Libero would work better in the middle than regular defenders roles?
ZaZ said: Thanks! There is a lottery component to cups, since one bad day can make you lose the entire season. That's why I will only try once, so if I win or lose, that's it for the run.

I have a different approach, I never quite a save until I win Champions League at least once and the domestic league at least 3 times in row.

Yeahh... I should also add that to achieve my targets it usually requires having the best players in the game something like PSG team right now.

This game isn't only about tactics but it also about having the best players in your team and I find that getting the best players is also a lot of fun.
ZaZ said: My plan is to use first team on Champions League and in the league when possible, and second team for other cups (and league when there is a Champions League match within three or four days).

Good luck with Champions League :thup:

Obviously, the reputation of your teams has increased after you won the league in the previous so now your opponents take you more seriously which means the difficulty of winning the league will increase gradually.
Harrison said: Interesting that the AF didn't increase the amount of goals scored. Not sure if this means that F9 is better than AF on this match engine or IFs really benefit a lot from having a F9 paired with them.

I think it should be obvious if something works well in your tactic then it doesn't mean it also must work well in other tactic too. So if in your tactic AF works works better than F9 then it doesn't mean that AF would also work better in any other tactic
Any results with the tactic?
@Wangchang, you should post screenshots of the tactic.
Markizio said: It seems the IFs do great in this tactic, well done.

Salah is just a beast in my save :)
ZaZ said: Remove either the SS or the left AF.

I'm afraid if you remove SS then it would leak goals like this tactic or even more -

It'll be something like 100-120 conceded :(

Obviously, it's better turn it into this but without CM -
Lapidus said: I guess Benzema was the top scorer ?

Yes, he scored about 40 goals.
A crazy result with Real Madrid

107 points, scored 128, conceded 24

@Karma, it looks like you upload an invalid file, I can't load your tactic.
@SrNi, you really should add a screenshot of the tactic and post all the adjustments you did to the original tactic.
Ajax said: Hello, can you test this tactic please?

It's been tested already -
NINJAZURC said: ZaZ is a top tactic, but players are always tired, how can i solve this problem?
Please help boys!!

I'm afraid there's no magic bullet.

If you want to win then you have to work very hard which requires a lot of energy.

That's why you usually get reward for having a deep bench, doing rotating and using a less intensive tactic in times where it makes, for example, in friendly matches or not important matches or when you have a very solid lead during matches.
I know it's Man Utd but still the result is very good

DJJENSEN said: Who would you use RW and False nine. I have Moukoku and Demir. Demir a better false nine right?

F9 and Inside Forwards need very similar attributes.

It's all about speed, dribbling and anticipation.
ZaZ said: Top tactics from last year had 72% win rate in FM-Arena test. This year, top tactic has barely 60%. It's not about plug and play, but tactics in general are worse this year. Defenses are just too leaky at the moment, not because of the tactics, but the match engine itself.

obviously, the game is way more difficult this year
This amazing 4-2-3-1 does the job for me.

Here's my result with Liverpool.

saycarramrod said: Will be interesting to see if the importance of this is lessened after a patch update if it nerfs goals from corners.

I don't think corners are too overpowered at the moment... maybe, just slightly.

For instance, ZaZ Orange SS tactic scores 3.4 goals per match where only about 16% of the goals are scored from corners.