57 pts for 4-3-3!!!

Ammo zx said: Can we get the Pi? I’m on Xbox so can’t download tactics at all, thanks.

I stopped paying attention to the role attributes long time ago because it was obvious for me that they don't have nothing common with reality.

I wish at some day they seriously redo this area.
gohan said: anyone? please help

I think the attacking corners is only worth posting.
Dylan935 said: PI's for xbox users

here you go

Grumpy said: Hi,

Could someone post PIs. I'm playing on console.

Thanks in advance.

Theislander said: Can you post player instructions please

here you go
Here we go

This tactic turned my Man Utd team into superhumans :D They won all trophies!

Great tactic!

Delicious said: FBs instead of IWBs


The screenshot shows the tactic has IWBs instead of FBs. A wrong picture?
Damn! I wish the game would explained stuff like that!

I really hope that some day the guys from SI will make a detailed guide about the game.
idek0k said: Should I just turn off pressing and stuff like that with this tactic or create another one focused on that because this wouldnt work as a "save energy" tactic?
For Patch 23.3.0 it looks like :)

Choseph Ormbu said: Trying to get this tactic to work on my Leeds save. PS5 version. Currently no joy.
Are we able to get some screenshots of the team instructions if possible. I have copied all the individual player instructions and set play routines.
Also is the tactical style a clean slate? Or Gegenpress etc



Set Pieces
vitoco said: this one seems liked a good tactics!

Have you tried it?
I've had a great result with Arsenal

IamMrRead said: Playing on iPad… can anyone provide the player instructions for me please?

@Delicious, when I download this tactic it has "Be More Expressive" instead of "Be More Disciplined"

Did you upload a wrong tactic?
Delicious said: I am more interested on 4231 i will later, those were before Zippo released his test on those stuff

Why don't you try to improve your symmetric 4-2-3-1 -

I think the symmetric has more potential than the asymmetric
I support the rule about screenshots in English with my both hands.

Viewing screenshots that in Chinese or Japanese is madness for me.

English is kinda an international language and it take few seconds switching language in FM.