crazyfmguy93 said: media prediction is 20. Because the team have nothing at the begining. But when I take over, I have  list for transfer. Great CA and positon rating. and after the transfers and loans, team become an average team for its league

when you strengthen a team that is predicted to finish 20th then at the best you can improve the prediction to 12th - 15th but in most cases it will be even less than that... btw, you can always find your media prediction in the media prediction table.

crazyfmguy93 said: So thank you for a your great reply. It will help to people who start to play this game yesterday... not for me sorry.

Sorry but for me any person that makes a conclusion about anything in this game only after 6 matches played can be tagged as "started playing this game yesterday". :D
crazyfmguy93 said: In my case it does not work for me. I started two different career with same team. In first try, we lost everything In second one, in the first 6 matches, 4 losses and 2 wins. maybe it is not suitable for lower leagues. I have good transfers and staff. but after sixth match I was so angry to my team. We have spaces in defence. Rivals have comfort for shoots. And all we do is, send ball to opponents' defenders.

I will try this tactic with another team.

FM is a football simulation game so it's supposed to produce somewhat realistic result. Even the most effective tactics in FM don't give you 100% win rate. Using the most effective tactics in FM only guarantees that you overachieve with your team which means in your case when you play with Karabükspor(media prediction is 20th) then you can expect to finish somewhere above the mid table at the end of the season and even if at the begging of the season you got 4 loses in a row or 10 loses in a row then you still can finish above the mid table or even win the league and if you can't stand seeing your team losing then probably, FM is a wrong game for you... try playing FIFA or PES only there you can win every match with Karabükspor :D
Mark said: Do you have a set that works well?

I'm not an expert when it comes to set pieces, when I need good set pieces I usually take them from highly rated tactics.
Mark said: Any thoughts on taking Set Pieces routines from some of the top tactics and testing them with Phoenix to see which is best?

Only Corners or Throw-ins makes any meaningful difference and other set pieces are irrelevant.
Prutton said: In this version, it started including the weights of each attribute in the pre-game editor. You can check.

Ohhh... I've found it. Thanks!
Prutton said: For example, some players have 0 CA even with lots of fives and sixes. That means it only starts counting after some minimum.

An attribute with a value of 6 or less has a weight of 0, therefore a player with 6 in all attributes will have CA 0

Prutton said: @Grimlock

SI never gives any "official numbers" on that subject but you can get a clue about the numbers by changing the values in the pre-game editor or in the in-game editor.

If the numbers in the table is CA cost of the attributes then it's incorrect but if it's something different then I don't know.
Prutton said: That's the weight, not the cost in CA. The cost in CA has a formula that uses those weights. For example, some players have 0 CA even with lots of fives and sixes. That means it only starts counting after some minimum. I don't know the formula exactly, so I appreciate if someone can share it.

I don't know what you mean when you say "weight".

Every attribute has different CA cost for different positions.

The table you posted is outdated and incorrect for FM21.
Prutton said: For reference, these are the weights for all attributes, for different positions

The numbers in that table are incorrect.

For example, it stays that 1 point of Acceleration and Pace cost 10CA for AMLR positions but that's not true.

Also, it stays that 1 point of Decisions costs 10CA for CD position but that's not true too.
NiZiBiiT said: What is the new v3 ultra attacking used for? Is this permanent for the season or in certain games?

Here's some info from Magician about how to use that tactic -
Prutton said: P.S.: Stay on feet also performed worse. However, I will keep one tactic with stay on feet and waste time often to use when the match is already decided.

That isn't surprising, obviously, "Hard Tackling" is more effective but when you already have a solid lead you don't need it.
Prutton said: I said shape meaning team instructions. I plan to keep the same formation and roles than Blue 2.0. However, I don't think I will be able to bring it to green while achieving close to 100 points in the league with Manchester City, as well as good result with Fulham.

but it should not be as effective as Blue 2.0, you need this tactic when you already have a solid lead in a match and you just want to save the Physical Conditions of your players and "kill" the game.
Prutton said: when I figure the best shape for it.

Why do you need using a different shape? Use the same shape as Blue 2.0 because it's the best shape at the moment, just bring the intensity level into the "green" zone.

Also, it makes sense adding "Stay On Feet" TI if you want to reduce the amount of fouls your players produce and yellow/red cards they receive.

Prutton said: I recommend using Blue 2.0, as the original is outdated. Please, share the results and tell us if you enjoyed the play style.

I ended up with using Blue 2.0 and the starting eleven below

My team won everything. Thank you. :)

Prutton said:

Why not Reus? Because he is made of glass.

Thanks, pal. I'll give it a got.
Guys, how should I line up Borussia Dortmund for this tactic? Can anyone help?

Milakus said: the final patch 21.3 should come in the next few months... we'll see whether the situation changes after that...

no doubt there'll be ME changes in the final patch but they might be insignificant and won't change anything drastically
Cristo69 said: forecast by the 18th press, tactic modified by Waterfall tweak by Dimartino.

It looks good, pal.

I think you should make a new thread for your tweak.
I haven't found any difference between this version and the previous version that has been tested.

Both versions look the same to me.
blackmoix said: Does anyone have a good tactic from simeone's new Atlético de Madrid?
I found this, that they don't work very well.

Any tactic with rating 6.6 and above from the 21.2 table will work great with Atlético de Madrid, just pick any you like