Floppyaams said: how do people find suitable left and right midfielders for these formations? i  think really good players in these positions are very rare.

Also curious but how much does corners contribute to these tactics. I remember corner being broken in fm 20 and 21

As @TommyToxic suggested, just use regular wingers or inverted wingers.
Snoop said: Could someone post Player Instructions and Set Pieces(Corners)? I'm playing on a console.

Thanks in advance.

Sure, I can post them. I've also added to the OP.


This tactic is a tweak of @Delicious's 4231 Extreme Volts XX tactic -

I did a small tweak, changed the duty of the Inside Forward to Support.

All credit should go to @Delicious for his amazing work!

Player Instructions:

( Ver. 5.0 ) 4-2-3-1 DM Asymmetric ( ZaZ - Blue DM Tweak )
4-2-3-1 DM Asymmetric ( ZaZ - Blue DM Tweak )
( Ver. 3.0 ) 4-2-3-1 DM Asymmetric ( ZaZ - Blue DM Tweak )
Thanks for testing! :)
This tactic is a tweak of Grumpy's tactic -

I just changed the SS to AF and that's all.

I've really done nothing and all credit should go to Grumpy and other great people who share their tactics here. you guys are the best!

thanks for the testing :thup:
CBP87 said: what are the changes for v5 pal?

it's just the set pieces
ariigo sacchi99 said: 5.0  v22.3?

Yes, 5.0 for 22.3.0
brad said: Albert, why had you remove ver 4.0?

Hi. I've updated the tactic to 5.0
Pipius said: Do you use any OI?

No, I don't use OIs
luisanjao said: can you make a version for energy save ?

Yeah, that makes sense, I could try to create such tactic.
CBP87 said: how were the results? did you find you scored more? won more?
I've tested it a bit and definitely my team started to score more often but as @Zippo said, don't expect a miracle here, I find it's only about 10% boost or something like that but anyway, it's nice to have it.
Ver. 4.0 is up.

I've updated the set pieces and also added this -
Stu2326 said: Good work guys, what’s changed with regards to the set pieces in the new version?

Ver. 3.0 is up. :)

A small set pieces update.
I've updated the tactic.

I put the changes in the 1st post.

Guidito said: Hey @Albert have you changed the set pieces or are they the same from original blue?

The set pieces in this tactic is from this tactic -
I'm not an expert and I'm sure @ZaZ or @Snoop knows better :) but if you ask me then I would play Haaland as SS and Mbappe as AF.