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this looks interesting, might give it a go
ArsenalHighbury said: Any tips on making and sustaining a team of model citizens, I’ve brought in a few older players with model citizen already to mentor the youth but don’t seam to be doing anything, I’m new to mentoring so not sure how it works

Every players has some hidden attributes such as Professionalism, Ambition, Temperament and so on.

For instance, here's Cristiano Ronaldo hidden attributes

If Cristiano Ronaldo starts mentoring some player then there's a chance that the player's hidden attributes will slowly moves toward to the level of Cristiano Ronaldo's hidden attributes ( this also includes Determination )

There's no any guaranty that any attribute will move and how fast it moves... but if the difference in the reputation between the players is huge and the difference in age is also huge and their team status is also huge then the probability of the successful mentoring is high.
I just want to add that if you loan a player to "inactive" league then the development will be abysmal so I suggest never loaning player to "inactive" leagues.
Harrison said: It is similar to Somali 4-3-3 but I think it will score well and is very different to most of the top tactics as it uses IW’s and no strikers. I want to see how far we can push IWs and strikerless on this match engine.

If anyone else has had some testing experience with either of those i’d love to hear from you and your results.

I think if you want it to be consider for the testing then you should post some results with it and a picture of the tactic.

But I think the chances of it gets tested isn't high because many similar tactics have been tested already.

For example, look at this tactic https://fm-arena.com/tactic/2449-js-positive-tiki-taka/
Harrison said: Not sure why 4-3-3 CM-Su hasn't been tested yet.

look at this, it might give some hints - https://fm-arena.com/thread/1661-how-fm-arena-picks-tactics-for-the-testing/
@Papinianistae, you should post screenshots of the tactic.
you need to post the tactic screenshots and results
@DoubleR, check this - https://fm-arena.com/thread/1661-how-fm-arena-picks-tactics-for-the-testing/

If you want your tactics get tested then the opening post should meet the requirements. It means that you should post screenshots of every tactics and result with it ( at least 1 full season, only 6 matches isn't really enough ). Also, it would be nice to see the difference between the tactics.

Btw, I know fm-arena has some kind of algo that prevents from testing very similar tactics so I doubt it'll get tested if it's too similar to already tested tactics -  4-3-3 tactics so I would be double check whether your tactics offer something really new for the testing.
Andersson said: I still hope my tactic will be tested - Tell me what im missing if I can do anything.

If you aren't sure then I suggest checking the requirements - https://fm-arena.com/thread/1661-how-fm-arena-picks-tactics-for-the-testing/
Grimlock said: This game isn't only about tactics but it also about having the best players in your team and I find that getting the best players is also a lot of fun.

I agree with that. I also like brining the best players in the game to my team and with the best players I like to set different records like winning CL few times in a row or winning the league 5 times in a row and so on :D
@tom100000000000, hi.

Can you post screenshots of the tactic?
ZaZ said: It probably has another tactic tested in a very similar shape.

As I can see this tactic is a copy of this tactic - https://fm-arena.com/tactic/2727-foxesneverquit-zaz-blue-4-0-tweak/ and both tactics are based on your ZaZ - Blue 4.0 tactic.

The only difference I can find is the right winger has been changed to inverted-winger and that's all.
rego8 said: anyone have any results with this tactic?

I've tried it with Leeds, predicted 12th

Mark said: Thank you - this is very helpful. where does it come from

The official pre-game editor
luisanjao said: does switching f9 to TM-su / DLF-su / CF-su change performance a lot?

I don't think there'll be much difference between F9, CF-S and DLF-S with "Dribble More" PI.

But TM-s is a different story, I don't think TM-s would work well.
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frankic91 said: Sorry I'm new here. Where can I download the tactic V4?

go to the 1st post