NicklasBlack said: Oh you're right, thank you.
But the "Europe & UK" link is even cheaper, surely I go for that one right?
Do I wait for a possible price drop or is this the best it's going to be?

If you can get it for €38.29 then I don't think it'll be cheaper any time soon.

Probably, few months after the release during "Winter Sale" you can get it cheaper.
NicklasBlack said: @Tsubasa, I think cdkeys isn't a "SEGA approved retailer" (or something like that), so I don't think the beta will be available.

They promise Beta Accesses. It's in the description below.

Lest year who bought from them got Beta Accesses so I guess it's the same this year.
WOW! Nice one :thup:
@Delicious, hey.

Why did you put this tactic in FM22 tactic sharing section? :)
I agree, there's been countless amount of tests already.

Here's one more - https://fm-arena.com/thread/2980-game-changing-player-attributes/
*A newcomer tries to learn FM*

dzek said: So there are two 4-2-3-1 formations in the new testing league?

He uploaded a game save. You can check it by yourself.
Great stuff :thup:
TargetPerson said: Hey great season and cool skin may I ask which skin is this?

Here's how it's called

honestly, I already don't remember where I got it from :)
Superb tactic!

106 points and +142 G.D. with Liverpool :cool:

4-2-4 is my favorite formation, I just love it :)

Newcastle, 1st season


1st season

Rock Solid :thup:

I see it! I see it! There's a little sneaky DW is hiding at the right flank! Obviously, he's planning something nasty!
TommyToxic said: Only change was moving the striker?

Blau said: The only change was the striker. Besides some possible RNG luck lol

Yes, the asym striker does the trick - https://fm-arena.com/thread/4846-433-hybrid-1/
AM ( S ) ? That looks interesting. :cool:
Yup, I'd also wait for the tornado first before making any conclusion :)
Steelwood said: Haha thank you for testing this, was curious to see how it would do with a F9.

what about converting all 3 x AFs into 3 x F9s?

It works like a cheat with Barca :goofy:

Delicious said: Mate,just saying you should go play lotto to be honest.

It's coming :D