Yup, I'd also wait for the tornado first before making any conclusion :)
Steelwood said: Haha thank you for testing this, was curious to see how it would do with a F9.

what about converting all 3 x AFs into 3 x F9s?

It works like a cheat with Barca :goofy:

Delicious said: Mate,just saying you should go play lotto to be honest.

It's coming :D

DrGink said: Is this a possesion tactic or more counterpressing?

Possession tactics don't work well in FM.

Also, the possession number doesn't win matches, outscoring your opponents is what winning matches and this tactic does that. :)
Floppyaams said: Thank you for your answer. So in effect, any tactic that scored 50 or above is really good in a normal game, and player attribute triumphs tactics. And I am sorry, but what is a OI? And also, how can training reduce the RNG of away games?

Pick any tactic that fits your style and that scored above 58 points and you're good to go

50 points is a bit low and there's a lot of tactics for any taste that score above 58 points.
Geek said: Did the corners work well?

Ronald Araujo scored 38 goals from corners so I think it means that the corners worked very well
FC Barcelona

1st season

Pew Pew Pew Pew Laser Gun! :D

Dohny said: there seems to be higher inaccuries of missed tackles in my games, also a lot more cards as well. Not sure if its down to this or the "get stuck in" instruction which have been effective, so far this fm

Check this - https://fm-arena.com/thread/3240-get-stuck-in-ti-vs-tackle-harder-pi/
The tactic did amazing with Inter

I've tried this tactic with Tottenham and the results are really impressive.

Good job. :thup:

White Europe said: Any of you tried xbox version on PC? I had 2022 version but is not the same when you have to copy all tactics yourself manualy, i wonder if anyone have any experience with xbox version 2023 on pc?

I haven't tried an Xbox version PC but I think the experience it'll be more or less like in the past FM Touch version on PC.

I think you have to copy all tactics manually only if you play in a console or a mobile but if you play on a PC then it should be Ok.
Yarema said: "There's a lot of factors that come in to play e.g. movement speed of players, bravery, strength, body position. It's rare that two players with the same jumping reach will be differentiated by their height since its extremely unlikely that these other factors are also going to all be the same. Personally I just look at jumping reach when judging players, never really check the height since it's factored in."

That's the only post I've found from an actual SI guy

If I had fee time then I'll look for the post I mentioned. Btw, there's also a hint in the game, it appears on the processing screen and it also says that Height also matters. Of course, as I said it might make a very small difference like 1-2% but still.
Yarema said: Height doesn't matter in terms of aerial ability. 170 cm with 15 jumping reach is just as good as 190 cm with 15. However obviously taller players will tend to have those attributes higher.

That's not true.

I remember someone asked that on the official SI forum and one of the dev team answered that a 190cm player with 15 Jumping Reach should out jump a 170 cm player with 15 Jumping Reach.

So "Height" matters after all but the tests show its impact is very small, it's really not worth bothering, there're many other attributes that have much bigger impact on the game.
A quick test with Liverpool :D

kjordafen said: Can you share or link to the very low intensity tactic you used? :)

It's just a few tweaks

Mentality to "Cautious"
Time Wasting to "Maximum"
Removing "Counter"
Removing "Counter-Press"
Tempo to "Minimum"
Trigger Press to "Standard"
Line Of Engagement to "Mid Block"

Also, I moved the left Striker to the left AM position.

I usually used it when I was up 2-3 goals in matches or for friendly matches.
GROM said: you play in balanced mentality every match?

Yes, I didn't change the mentality.

But I also had a different version of the tactic with a very low intensity that I used when I had a comfortable lead in matches to save the conditions of the players.

Also, I removed "Get Stuck In" and used only "Tackle Harder" PI - https://fm-arena.com/thread/3240-get-stuck-in-ti-vs-tackle-harder-pi/
This tactic is rock-solid

It got me The Scudetto and Champions League Cup with Napoli

In the league I got 109 points ( only 1 draw and 1 lose ) and scored 146 goals :woot:

In the Champions League Final I defeated Man City 6 - 2 :cool: