TactocTestor said: Is finishing really necessary on shadow strikers? I notice in the important attributes table that finishing has the least effect on team result. So my SS won't improve much even if his finishing goes up from 11 to 14?

Yes, you are right.
@CBP87, I think your tactic is very similar to COMET V2 :)
Prutton said: Hmm... I will see if I can make some changes to improve the results for weaker teams.

In FM-Base testing the assistant manager picks the team. Your ZaZ - Blue uses Defensive Wingers and the assistant manager picks slow wingers with high defensive skills for these roles so your tactics is tested with slow wingers with high defensive skills and Phoenix tactic is tested with regular wingers. Something like that can't happen in FM-Arena testing and that's why it's my favorite testing. :)
Here's a good vid from @Tookajobs

Gracolas said: Hi all, Im quite new in this forum. I am trully sorry if this was explained before, but i didnt manage to find the answer to my question..

I keep seeing in other threads that you guys refer to this link: to understand which attributes are more important in each role, but all that i see in that page is an tactic "Phoenix v3.0" with different results... I mean, where can I see what is important for an DM, for example..


That table gives a good hint what attributes make a real difference in FM21 no matter what tactic you use.

If you look at the table then obviously, Acceleration, Pace and Agility attributes look like the most important attributes for every role then follow Dribbling, Vision and Balance.

So for DM I would look for Acceleration, Pace, Agility, Dribbling, Vision and Balance attributes.

Only for central defenders you don't need to look for Dribbling and Vision.
Prutton said: Pretty underwhelming. Anyone that wants strikers should try Fanatic instead, from @Maverick.

It looks like AFs work better than PFs
@Prutton, hi.

Are you going to update this for the 21.4 patch?

@Prutton can't wait to try the 3.0!
I won 6 trophies with Bayern Munich in my first with them :)

Jawad said: is it the best two st tactic right now?

for me this is the best two strikers tactic at the moment :)
Jawad said: did u change anything else other than the position? i.e DW to wingers

I can say that I've tried the tactic without any changes and it worked great so I don't think you need to change the DW.
Prutton said: I suppose we can now separate attributes in tiers of importance:
Tier S: Acceleration and Pace
Tier A: Agility and Dribbling
Tier B: Balance and Vision
Tier C: Anticipation, Jumping Reach, Decisions, Positioning and Passing
Tier F: All others

Personally, I will focus on the two top tiers, as well as making sure tier B is not too low.

P.S.: Edited to keep fewer attributes in top tiers.

I think for Central Defenders Jumping Reach, Positioning and Anticipating are more important than Dribbling and Vision.
All top tactics in the table have almost maximized "Intensity".

Of course, you need an alternative tactic to slow down things or you'll end up with a team full of tired players already somewhere in the middle of the season.

Ralle said: Like this :D

Yeah... :) it's working now
Ralle said: unfortunately do not know how to make it bigger :(

You uploaded your screenshot on this site - It looks like initially your screenshot was small or it might be that that site made it to be small after the uploading... anyway why don't you just upload the screenshot here as an attachment?
Ralle said: I have now tested Zaz-Blue and what results it has created!

all matches are played on holiday

- teams I was

Aston Villa
Brighton & Hove Albion
West Bromwich Albion

The screenshots is too small, I can't see anything :(
@tacttt it looks like this tactic has been tested already -
WOW! I just won LaLiga with Sevilla :)

Incredible work with the tactic, @Cyborg ! Thank you! :thup:

MGLO said: Indeed there is no big difference. The only real difference is:
In the no Loss version  there is no Pass into space

Ohh... so "pass into space" is the only difference between the tactics? Looks like I missed it... Thanks.
MGLO said: There are some different tactical instructions and the no loss version has better overall results.

Hmmm... when I looked at the tactics I didn't find any difference but it looks like I missed something... please, could you tell me what the difference?