Zippo said: Guys, I forgot to mention that if there're 3 central defenders in your tactic then Inverted Wing-Backs are also hard-coded to play as regular Wing-backs with "Cuts Inside" and "Stay Narrower" PIs

Ok... Ok... I agree IWBs are hard :D

We all should blame Pep Guardiola for that, it was him who brought them to live. :goofy:
LOL! I got 108 pts with Olympique de Marseille :shock:

PSG had no chance...

That's crazy!

that looks interesting :D

good old times
atomzero236 said: I have a fantastic club grown winger, but he isn't really good at any other role.  I've scoured the tables, but I wondered if anyone could recommend a tactic that incorporates a winger?  Would it ruin one of the great tactics here if I replaced on of the IFs with a winger?
Thank you for any assistance.

May I ask? Why it must be wingers and not inside forwards or inverted wingers? :blink:
White Europe said: Ah ok, how much is FMRTE?
White Europe said: I have a question related to editing, im new to any in game editors, i bought the official IGE and don't know if im missing how to freze things like morale etc. That's the only part of full game that i can stand is to keep everyone happy, with best tactic and good players always underperform at some point due to unhappines. Any one using editor can help here?

The official IGE don't have an option to "freeze" things like morale, conditions, only FMRTE can do that.
OpticFawn said: How do you narrow it to find players with the highest CA?

I use FMRTE or the official in-game editor to check the CA of players.
Daz said: 2) you use you method on every position? So you look at dribbling and anticipation even when looking for a CB?

No, I don't look at dribbling for CB, for CB I look at Jumping Reach and Strength instead
Daz said: It was 61, why is it now 59? Is it because more tests were added that lowered the score?

Daz said: Oh yea i know that, what i meant is that Haidara is so much better at things like passing, ball controll, vision, dribbling etc... that we all know are important for a midfielder

I can tell you how I pick players

First, I narrow it and leave only players with the highest CA then I look at 4 attributes: Acceleration, Pace, Anticipation and Dribbling.

It's really easy.
Daz said: Haidara is a lot better in basically everything else needed for a DM, passing, ball control adn every mental stat.

Ignore the role ratings because it's cosmetic bullshit like the advises that your assistant manager give you during matches.
Delicious said: Did a bunch of runs for you guys!

If you build your team around this tactic then I'm sure you'll get an incredible result.

But by default not many teams fit this tactic so 424 Alhamdulillah II tactic has an additional advantage over this tactic because it's much easier to fit any team into 424 Alhamdulillah II tactic.
The best defense so far. :thup:

Only 51 conceded in the testing.

opq said: Silva 53 assists, that's impressive

He might took corners and it also counts as an assist if there's a goal
Here's my result with Man City

106 points, 170 scored, 19 conceded

Haaland ended the season with 107 goals

Won all the Trophies

Only had 2 loses and 1 draw in the season

White Europe said: Thanks for testing, 2nd best 3 at back in fmarena

Gratz, it's the best defensive tactic tested.

Only 53 goals conceded. :thup:

Now, we nee to trial it by the 6К matches test!

It conceded only 62 goals, one of the best defensive records among 4231 formations
CBP87 said: Crazy the difference in score between the versions with very minor tweaks each time.

Changing IWBs to WBs or FBs or CWBs isn't a minor tweak, it's a huge tweak that completely changes how your team plays.

I suggest watching few matches in 3D to see the difference between IWBs and other FB roles, it's really huge.
Alan Bessa said: Results are updated.

Man City got 63 points? Is that for real? :woot: :D