Red Baron Attacks v3
Mbappe = Best player in the game
Quick look: doesn't look bad but certainly not up in Phoenix/Blue/Strikerless territory. Defense seems pretty weak. Surprisingly doing pretty well with the mid-level CA140 team.
Or you need a large roster :) I keep a 20 man roster that helps a lot
In my testing, players, their stats, moral and condition is frozen. I also test 80 matches in a custom league per run. The basis of the league is provided by FMB and I’ve modified it further. Is it perfect? No, there’s no perfect testing but it certainly is more accurate  than load tactic and press holiday.
What a tool.
freakin done with Knap and his shit this year. He's always been a multi-tactic guy but man his freaking 50 releases a day is a joke.
Milakus said: RNG can't be "beyond" or "above"... it is always what it is :)

As I can see in the 1st test both teams( Team A and Team B ) got 240 points, in the 2nd test they got
261 points and in 3rd test they got 285 points so the average points is 1.772 per match or 262 points per run after 456 matches played... it's simple as that :)

As this test shows if the tactic was given only 1 run then it might hit 240 points or 261 point or 285 points and if it was given only 1 run and it hit 240 points or 285 points then the result wasn't an accurate and I guess that's why fm-arena tests for 456 matches.

Actually you are incorrect. RNG doesn't mean it can be all over the place necesarrily and it certainly ISNT the case with FM. Yes of course there is a level of RNG but FMA's testing combats a significant amount of RNG already. Second, usually whenever RNG appears in a game, there's a spread. Loot chances or certain item categories, injuries etc. with FM. It isn't completely random but set within certain confines. So please, spare me condescending explanations you'd give to a 5 year old that doesn't know math or anything about how gameplay systems in games are crafted.

If you look at all 3 tests, twice it scores within 2 goals of each other, in the first test, it scores 30 goals less? That doesn't happen really. I test a shit ton myself so I'm in somewhat of a position to say this with a little more certainty. It looks like someone potentially forgot to freeze players or something of the like.
Sorry but what happened in Test #1 - that seems beyond RNG no?
Posting my latest tactical exploration that has shown promising results. Repeatedly scored 200+ goals in my tests with a great distribution of goals; very hard for the opposition to keep you from scoring as a result.

If you are very much an underdog team, I recommend dropping the IWB's for additional safety with obviously a tradeoff on the offensive firepower. I would also recommend shifting the mentality down to at least positive in those situations.

Looking forward to your feedback and the 2.5 rating in the FM Arena test ;)
Agreed - two strikers seems slightly stronger now. Either a lot of RNG or the fixes had some sort of impact
not super hot
not worth testing.
Red 2.0
quick test of Blue 2.0 - very impressive for the weaker teams, pretty similar in the test for CA165 to the original blue
ill give it a try but probably wont get to play much till tomorrow
Guidito said: @healmuth would you still say this tactic works better with AP rather than CM?

For me, Version 1 with AP/DM instead of the default setup worked best, yes
Tsubasa said: @healmuth I guess the shadow striker is the main goal scorer?
CM's closely behind