MisterCMS said: Hi @Cyborg ,

Electro still performs well in your tests with this new ME? I'm going to start a new save and I would like to use it. It has brought me excellent results in the past.



No, it doesn't perform well for me on the new ME.
MisterCMS said: Hi @Cyborg ,

any update of Electro for new patch?



I haven't found anything decent to share yet.
MisterCMS said: Hi @Cyborg ,

Given the new tests that reveal the fundamental importance of fitness on FM 22, could you release an "energy saving" version of Electro?

Any news to improve Electro even further?



I see that @Zippo made a very good guide how to make one, I don't think it's too difficult, anyone can do that -
Belladonna said: This tactic is excellent, i'm not sure why its not rated higher. I started as an unemployed journeyman with the lowest possible stats and badges, got hired by Cefn Druids and won the double first season and have just won the league title in the second season with 4 matches to go, overall won 59 drawn 12 lost 11 gf 184 ga 82 win rate 71%, most of the defats were in europe ;(
Excellent work thx very much ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

Belladonna said: This tactic is excellent, i'm not sure why its not rated higher.
Actually, it's highly rated. The rating of this tactic is 5.4 rating when the highest rated tactic is 6.0 so there's only about 9.8% between them and I find such difference is quite small.

Btw, there's like a 1.5% difference between a 5.9 tactic and a 6.0 tactic and like a 3% difference between a 5.8 tactic and a 6.0 tactic.

If someone beats 6.0 rating gets 6.1 rating then he only improves the performance for about 1.5% :)
MisterCMS said: Hi, @Cyborg

Is it possible to improve Electro? Have you been working on a second version?



I've been trying to improve it but no luck so far...
ClaudiuG said: Hi Cyborg, I have made a tweek on your tactic and with your permission i'd like to share it here. It's in early testing with the full game but so far looks very promising. Let me know if that would be okay with you.

sure, feel free to share it
MisterCMS said: Fantastic tactic, @Cyborg ! Do you think a good 3-4-3 on FM22 would be possible? Cheers!

I've tried something similar to 3-4-3 but it didn't work well, maybe something will change in the release
chiefknox1 said: What do you focus on in general training? I've been doing a lot of endurance, quickness, and defending from the front. But I wasn't sure if there was something else I should add to the rotation.

For the individual training I use the same positions, roles, duties as in the tactic and for the general training I use "Training Style - Balanced"
Gaksital said: It's amazing that this attacking tactic is defensively stable.

Maybe the creator is really Mourinho.

Hehe :) FM and the real football are totally different things. What works well in real life might not work at all in FM because FM is just a PC game.

In FM you just try things and see what works and what not. I never try using real life tactical approaches in FM because I know FM is far from the real football.
tom1972 said: Who takes corners in this tactic? @Cyborg

Inside Forwards or Shadow Striker
@Eric, the result seems solid.

Thanks for the test. :thup:
Milakus said: @Cyborg, hi.

I'm going to try your tactic with Barca. Do you think it'll work with them?


I think it'll work with Barca just fine. In general, I think this tactic should deliver a good result with any team.

Here's my new tactic for FM22.

It really works very well for me.

European Champions Cup Final vs PSG

GlynnLFC said: Which position would you sacrifice if you was to go down to ten men?

I'd advise you to remove the striker in that case.

This tactic is a tweak of HVS and Egraam tactics

I moved the wingers further up from the ML and MR positions to the AML and AMR positions. Also, I removed "Play For Set Pieces" Team Instruction.

Here's my result with Atletico Madrid
klokan said: Hi @Cyborg, thx for this overpowered goalscoring tactic :)
i wanted to ask you about positions.. how do you rate position attributes for this tactic? is it kinda similar to zaz tactic (only pace,acceleration agility and dribbling are important) or do you want other attributes in other positions to be good, for example, on CM-attack finishing,vision and passing? also, suggestions on player traits? thx


I follow the attributes testing table -

It's obvious that Pace, Acceleration, Agility, Balance, Dribbling, Vision are the most overpowered attributes in FM21 for any position. Probably, only central defenders don't need a high level of Dribbling and Vision.
TactocTestor said: are there no designated FK and corner taker roles?

Usually, I set the central midfielders or shadow strikers to take the corners.

For the free-kicks I prefer players with the highest FK attribute.
DeviAngel said: For example, would you recommend it for a team like Parma, Paris FC, Mainz etc.. or something like building a low league team into a powerhouse.

I think this tactic with any team will get you a higher place than the media prediction.

Btw, I'm sure the above is true for any tactic that rated higher than 6.0 in the testing. 

DeviAngel said: And how many goals does the SS score :) ?

The SS score a lot :)

DeviAngel said: P.S. Have you tried it with IWB's insteand of FB's ?

Yes, I've tried IWBs and WB worked better for me.
DeviAngel said: Do low level teams and underdogs preform good with this tactics? Because Its perfect for me cause I don't like wingers or dw, I'm kinda fan of the CM'S


Could you define please what you mean when you say: "low level teams and underdogs preform good"