I just tried adding Invite Crosses to my tactic and after that I got 4 wins. :goofy:

Yeahh, I know playing only 4 matches isn't a significant test but so far it's been working very well for me. :thup:
West Ham, predicted 10th

Holidaying till the end of the 1st season

CairozinhoXx said: Here is the Team Selection screen sorry xD

I'm sure that the mods will ask you to edit the OP and add the team selection screenshot to it. :)
Ze Henrick said: Can anyone share the player instructions for us console players please?

lol... it's just above your post.
Sharpy said: Im wondering if anyone has ever managed to increase a league's reputation to overtake the premier league as the highest rated league?

I'm sure many people have done that in their saves but they didn't notice that or didn't pay attention to that so they are unware of that.

I don't think there're many people who track that kind of things. :)
Kamas1 said: So what, for example search only players with pace and acc like 17 and more? regardless of other attributes?

In the lower leagues you just can't players who have that high level for Acc and Pace like "17" and you don't need to.

I play in English division 4th - Sky Bet League Two and the wingers there have about 13 for Acc and Pace and central midfielders have about 9 for Acc and Pace so if in my division you have central midfielders that are faster than 9 and wingers that are faster than 13 then you already can smash the league, so need to look for 17 Acc and Pace, epically, when it's obvious that you won't find anyone.

But the top leagues is a different story, the top clubs like Man City and PSG having incredible players like Mbappe and Haaland who have 18-20 Acc and Pace so to compete with them you need similar quality players and as you can see in this case even having 17 Acc and Pace might be not enough because they have 18-20.
I must say FM is the weirdest digital game I've ever played.

Almost, every tooltip and description in the game are so vague and misleading, honestly, I really can't recall I've seen something like this in any other digital game.
2 x DLFs instead of AFs looks interesting.

I wonder what score it'll get. :)
Grimlock said: Damn! I wish the game would explained stuff like that!

I really hope that some day the guys from SI will make a detailed guide about the game.

Nahhh, they'd better spend time on adding another useless feature that no one needs... that's how they've been working last years.
I've run a quick test with Tottenham on holiday

The team won almost everything :love:

Chriswin4 said: Hello all,

I know this question will probably be met with a chorus of 'go look through the thread' but honestly I have and the mountain of information is a little confusing. Anyway, I'm currently playing through my first FM23 save and been reading this thread to try and find players who are maximum value for the match engine. I've downloaded the ykykyk balanced thing for genie scout and I'm using the table of important attributes to search for players, however having great attributes in the heaviest weight doesn't always seem to match up with the genie scout rating of the player. Am i missing something, are there calculations I need to do? Any help with this would be much appreciated, I'm just heading into the 2023 summer window after somehow finishing sixth with Southampton. I need to start counting cards at the table because my best players will be poached and I don't have massive money to spend on the best individuals. Thank you


Look at this -

I think it tells everything about the attributes in FM23 :D

If you want to take a more broader look at the attributes then check this -
JPR said: .

IMHO, putting "a dot" as the description is quite rude.

Make some efforts and at least give a bit info about the tactic or what are you trying to test here maybe some new ideas that haven't been tested yet?
Here's what I got with Barca :D

100pts +117 G.D.

Also, I won Champions League :thup:

Usually, I play in EPL so 5 substitutions is allowed there.

I make 4 subs around 60-65 minutes and I also save one sub un case or red or injury.
I prefer playing FM Touch version, it doesn't have boring and annoying things such conversation with player.

I wish the full fat version also had an option to remove it.
Grimlock said: Let's summon this cutie :cool:

Buckle your seat belts, fellows.

It might be a rough landing. :D 


57 Points and 4231

Are you kidding me?

tom100000000000 said: It just seemed such a big difference for a small change, of course its possible.

To be fair, when I check the GD and see +5 GD improvement per 38 game season, suddenly doesn't seem so big a difference now

I really haven't checked the changes but I guess 'Tackle harder' and 'Dribble More' were added and these PIs make a huge difference.