fm arena user said: What if i want to use 3 man midfield in flat line 2 AP and 1 RPM and genie scout shows rating for CM only and i have 3 BWM's showing 80% rating in CM spot and 2 AP and RPM showing only 78% in CM spot, should i still play 3 BWM'S?

You guys really too much complicate things. :D

I've been playing FM for many years and I've had a great success in every FM version, I mean I'm always capable of winning the most challenging leagues including the Champions league without all this nonsense. :cool:

For me picking players is quite easy. I just try to get players with highest CA possible and if I'm looking for attackers then I look on Acceleration, Pace and Dribbling and if I'm looking for central defenders then I look on Acceleration, Pace and Jumping Reach.

I can say this simple approach has been doing wonders for me for many years. :thup:
Koopa said: is the tactic suited for underdog teams? ive had some good results with it in my first year in the prem (managing Blackburn), but it feels like my players have regressed and i'm giving up a ton of goals to big teams

take a look at this -
CR7THEGOAT said: This is the best tactic i used by far. But after the last update (22.4) the tactic seems doesn´t work with the same effectivity. The league test says the version of is 22.4 but before the update the same table was 22.3. My question is if a new test was done or if is the previous results.
Thanks by the way.
Keep the great work ZaZ and fm arena.
Observation : In previous  version i've been champion with benfica with 0 losses , 1 draw and almost 150 goals ... ''just'' 30 agains.

22.3 patch and 22.4 patch have the same M.E.(match engine) so the tactic works the same under both patches
It seems the IFs do great in this tactic, well done.
3.4 AW is very good

Here's my result with Leeds, pred. 12th

ZaZ said: I just added one version with Wingers in AML/R position instead of Defensive Wingers. Roles are as shown in the picture. I have tested all roles to substitute DW, including Mezzala and Carrillero, and that role/position has the best performance, with similar results. Depending on your players, you can also mix and have one side with DW and another with advanced W.

I would like to thank @Zippo for the suggestion, I would say it's also his tweak since I wasn't going to post it in first place.

That's awesome. It gives us more options.
I've had a great season with AC Milan

I'm looking into this.
fm arena user said: Hi Zaz, i have another question in terms of team building, which of those to Center Backs Would You buy?

CD 1

Marking 15
Tackling 15
Heading 15
Jumping 15
Speed 11
Acc 11
Dribling 11
Anticipation 11

CD 2
Marking 11
Tackling 11
Heading 11
Jumping 11
Speed 15
Acc 15
Dribling 15
Antycypation 15

You can safely ignore Dribbling attribute for Central Defenders.
Spanish La Liga

A. Bilbao, media prediction 8th

ZaZ said: It also depends a lot on the tactic. Blue usually divides the goals evenly among strikers, shadow striker and to a lesser degree with all other players. Meanwhile, we have some tactics that just concentrate most goals into a single striker at the front. In the end, team goals count more than individual goals, and points per match matters even more than that.

I totally agree with that.

If a tactic is built around one attacker then obviously, this attacker score more goals with this tactic than any other tactic that is built around 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 attackers.

I was just saying that the amount of goals some of your strikers score might greatly vary and that's a lot of RNG in that.
Metal said: it doesn't matter how much composure they have or finishing ability or how happy they are, they will waste simple opportunities by hitting it wide like a sunday league pub player with a hangover or hitting it straight where the goalkeeper is positioned, and the goalies regardless of ability all pull out Neuer esque performances as they save all these 1vs1 chances it ruins the game.

That's not true because it's obvious that the attributes make a difference, it might be not as big as some might expect but still.

Other question is that even with high attributes the 1vs1 convertation rate still look unrealistically poor and that's a valid concern.
POXZILLA said: I basically got the RNG of a lifetime on my last save? ^_^

Of course, it's the RNG.

FM just consists of the RNG.

The same tactic might easily have 20 points variation at the end of the season.

Or you can play a match and score 0 goals but if you load and play it again you can score 5 goals.
Metal said: I disagree with you both, there is a big problem with the 1vs1 finishing on this M.E to the point regardless of tactics, both human and AI players will miss 80% of clear cut chances it's beyond a joke. It's broken which is why you don't see any tactic achieve a high volume of total goals scored in a season. Unless you sim, your strikers will be lucky to get 40 goals in total in a attacking formation.

LOL... Are you disagreeing about what?

Where did I say that I'm happy with the 1vs1 convertation rate?

I just say that if your player don't score their scoring changes then blaming the tactic would be the stupidest things to do because the tactic has nothing to do with the 1vs1 convertation rate.

P.S. I'm also not happy about the 1vs1 convertation rate.
ZaZ said: The places where strikers shoot from also have some influence. For example, if the striker gets the ball inside the box without any defender nearby, he will have a higher chance to score than shooting from outside the box with a defender between him and the goal.

Yes, that's true.

That's why there are "Half Chances" and "Clear Cut Chances" in the game. Also, xG rates differently different chances.
POXZILLA said: So maybe players are still "learning" the tactic :]

Your players don't score their chance not because they're still "learning" the tactic but due to many different factors.

Let's say a player has these attributes:

Morale - "Ok"
Conditions - 90%
Decisions - 13
Composure - 13
Finishing - 13

And these attributes values give him scoring chance about 40%

Now imagine, a player has these attributes:

Morale - "Superb"
Conditions - 100%
Decisions - 16
Composure - 16
Finishing - 16

And these attributes values give him scoring chance about 60%

Also, we should take into consideration the opposite GK's "Reflexes" and "One one One"

That's how the game work and if your players don't score their scoring chances then the tactic has nothing to do with it.
Jet2 said: what skin are u using ?

It's TangFu 2022 skin
This tactic is deadly with Man Utd.

I did quadruple with them.

Wigo said: Sofor me personally very difficult to understand how come in the game of shooting the ball in to the net finishing is not making difference :/

It makes a difference but the difference is very small, especially, if you compare it with some other attributes such as Acceleration, Pace, Dribbling, Anticipation and other.

when you're choosing between 2 strikers, one has Acceleration 20 but Finishing 5 and other had Acceleration 5 but Finishing 20 then pick the first one, you'll get much better results
Kaczy said: And when I am training my player for that possition in individual training he will raise all important atributs for that possition and he will get used to that possition? That should I do?