@kly3654 did you upload a wrong tactic? "attackattack4" and the tactic on the screenshot have different Team Instructions... Could you check it, please?


Ozturk58 said: Clearer photos and tactical view added.


@Ozturk58 can you show the tactic?

Lapidus said: Hi there,

I manage Norwich City and after a bad run the morale of my players is very low. I'm wondering if there's a way to improve it?

Also, any suggestion how to improve my tactic is welcome. :)


I also recently had few loses with my Newcastle team and the morale dropped badly

but I went into the Team Meeting and picked the dialog that says "I'm really keen to ensure that our heads don't drop..."

and after that a miracle happened the morale greatly increase :cool:

As you can see the Team Meeting is a very powerful thing and I suggest that you learn how to use it properly.

Wow! A very nice result! :woot:

Hi everybody,

I've made a very interesting experiment and I think many of you would be interested to see the results of it :)

I made an attempt to measure the game RNG(Random Number Generator) and in order to do that I picked Southampton in EPL and played the 1st season 6 times using the same tactic.

I chose Southampton because the team is predicted to finish the 10th place so it isn't the strongest team in the league and also isn't the weakest which means there a good way to move up and down.

I used the default Gegenpress tactic 4231 wide tactic.

The 1st run: 68 pts, the 5th place

The 2nd run: 45 pts, the 14th place

The 3rd run: 59 pts, the 7th place

The 4th run: 45 pts, the 13th place

The 5th run: 57 pts, the 6th place

The 6th run: 47 pts, the 12th place

Using the same tactic the highest points I got was 68 points and the highest place I got was the 5th place and the lowest points I got was 45 points and the lowest place I got was 14th.

So in theory using the same tactic with Southampton you can get as high as 68pts/5th standing and as low as 45pts/14th depends on your luck/RNG/Random Number Generator. :woot:


Rossrodin85 said: Hello all,
i am still playing FM19 and looking for tactics.

Is there a link, where I can find the old table?



If you are looking for FM19 then you can try these... they worked great for me -

I like it


the defensive wingers idea looks interesting :)


RDF tries to recreate Gasperini's 3-4-1-2 -

Can you test it?


RDFs Gasperini 3412 Atalanta.fmf
Downloaded : 43 times
Uploaded : Aug 8, 2020

Ozturk58 said: It was the highest rated 4-4-2 lineup in the Fm arena test league, and thus the best 4-4-2 lineup in the game. Good games for everyone ;)

How about this 442 ? :)


I found this crazy looking tactic -

Can you test it, please.


Strikerless 3-3-2-2.fmf
Downloaded : 39 times
Uploaded : Aug 7, 2020


The author posted many good results with the tactic so I think it's worth testing

Alavanja Annunaki v33.fmf
Downloaded : 32 times
Uploaded : Aug 4, 2020


This tactic looks interesting, can you test it? -

532 wb Urotsukidoji.fmf
Downloaded : 52 times
Uploaded : Aug 1, 2020


Please, test this tactic -

415 crusher or suicid.fmf
Downloaded : 61 times
Uploaded : Jul 30, 2020


Please, test this tactic -

The results look good

Downloaded : 44 times
Uploaded : Jul 9, 2020

Victorhugo4222 said: I spoke to danwolf from fm base he cleared a few things up why my tactic hasnt been posted. my other 1 faired ok scored a 16.

that's good to hear :)

magicnut said: Well but lad if you recall the madness of fm 2018 where the ONLY formation to even THINK about trying was 5-2-3 they got their act together on 19 and fixed the madness up.
Im hopeful! It's our voice and discontent in the community that could influence this scripted madness of an "engine" to be fixed up.

I think that SI is already working on FM21 because they have only 9-10 months left and everyone's expecting they present a completely new game this year :)

I think there'll be some minor changes in the next patch but nothing drastically

magicnut said: Btw if we compare for instance 25th rated tactic on 20.2 1.542pts/game
vs 25th rated on fm 19 1.941 you can see systematically tactics just lost roguhtly 0.4 pts per game...

Yes, I see that but as I said I think everything is going according to SI plan.

They decided greatly increase the game difficulty and see people reaction to that.

Everyone's waiting for the patch but I'm sure that they won't change anything this year.

magicnut said: The problem is right now there simply aren't any worthwhile tactics and quite frankly there won't be on this patch until match engine changes occur. People desperately try to pretend or push a tactic but every time it gets tested the testing show there's not much special in the tactic .

I think, it's a new reality that we all must face and acknowledge.

I don't think there'll be any changes in the next patch.

SI decided to increase the game difficulty, they removed all exploits, I'm sure that everything goes according to thier plan.