arcnx85 said: nasıl indirebilirim ?,

English pls.
Sickbay said: Hello,
You are making a great Job.

I want to ASK, If you can Share your Test League.

I iwant to Test my own tactics.

After you have stopped Testing FM21 tactics, maybe you can Share a Savegame which Starts at the beginning of the League to bei able Test by my own.

Thanks your Feedback.


As far as I know fm-arena doesn't share any of its testing leagues even from the previous FM versions.
nator said: I heard that "shoots with power" and the " Likes to try to beat offside trap" helps and I wanted to know if there are more traits that work this good

I don't think there's any solid testing data that confirms that "shoots with power" or " Likes to try to beat offside trap" are mandatory traits so I weren't be that sure about them
nator said: My mistake, I wanted to write the best traits not attributes

I think the only you should care about is his traits don't conflict with his PIs

I mean, AF has "Get Forwards Whenever Possible" PI so you should avoid having for "Come Deep To Get Ball" Trait

Probably, it also makes sense to train him such traits that amplify his PIs, for example, "Movies Into Channels" or "Gets Forward Whenever Possible"
nator said: Do you know any free editor that can change "Chairman Status" ?

I don't think there's any free that can do that

Btw, if you're gonna use an in-game editor then I think it'd be much easier just changing the transfer budget :)
nator said: Is there anyway to improve the chances of a takeover? I am really strugling to compete in the league with the money I get for transfers

I think the only way to do that is using any in-game editor

There's such thing as "Chairman Status". You can try setting the value of it to something close "0". That will increase the probability of the chairman selling the club to someone else.

Or you can also might try somehow creating a huge debt but I'm not sure what consequences it will have.

Or just give your club money by any in-game editor :)
KOniGun said: Are the tactics tests paused?

It seems so but anyway, I don't see there's something worth testing... it looks like everything's been testing already :D
kjordafen said: Of course not, just weird that so many using narrow and strikerless tactics when most of the top tactics uses strikers and wingers :)

I think FM22 has few millions players and after you've seen few youtubers using strikerless and narrow tactics you conclude "so many" using them :D
kjordafen said: Seen a lot of streamers and friends using narrow tactics lately and performing well. But this keep being a top tactic. Have you tested something of a strikerless and/or narrow tactic?

Strikerless Tactics

Narrow Tactics
Honestly, having only 1 central defender never worked well for me.
@Koinu, add the league table, pls.
ZaZ said: Four matches left to end season, two from Premier League and two from Champions League. In the league, I managed to reduce difference from 8 to 2 points, but when I had the chance to take the lead, I lost to Manchester United. Now the difference is 3 points with two matches to go. In the champions League, I lost the first leg 4-2, but I believe I can turn things around at home.

It looks like you still have a chance of winning both trophies. Good luck with that. :thup:
ForeverEverton said: Can we test this tactic please?

I guess you need to post screenshots of the tactic and your own result with it.
Wardie37 said: I've noticed particularly after the latest update a lot of 65% possession and 48 shots to their 1 coming away with losses and draws. Do you have any tips on how to avoid this or changes shouts during a match where this is happening? Or is it down to the good old getting FM'd randomness?

It happens from time to time, it's just the nature of FM, you really can't do anything about it.
ta2199 said: I think Injury Prone also depend on the position the player is playing. Personally I feel that Winger get injured more.

Injury Proneness is an attribute that increase the probability of getting injured.

It makes sense that wingers get injured quite more often compared to other positions because they do much more sprints and get tackled more often than any other positions.
ArsenalHighbury said: What’s the most important hidden attributes? Has then been a test to find out?

I find the following hidden attributes are the most important:

- Professionalism
- Consistency
- Injury Proneness

"Professionalism" is how well a player develops and it determines his attitude and reactions on different events.

"Consistency" is how frequently a player plays at 100% of his ability.

"Injury Proneness" is how often a player gets injured.
Wigo said: hey Zaz, is 3.3 tactic has different set pieces then 3.2?

Yes, ZaZ changed the set pieces.
Rowsdower said: Hello,

Thanks for a great and well explained tactic. But vs Big teams (man city, liverpool etc) I'm really struggling to not concede 3-4 goals. I'm playing as Petersborough and last season I ended up in 5th place in premier division.
Flunshexmex said: Hey guys! could someone explain to me: I play for Leeds, I started using zaz-blue 3.2, but this tactic is more designed for strikers, but the strongest players in my team are wingers (Harrison, Raphinha)and the role of DW does not effective for them. What role can I set my winger in this tactic for maximum effectiveness?

Ignore the role suitability because it means nothing

if they can play on DL/R positions then use "ZaZ - Blue 3.2" tactic and if they can only play on AML/R positions then use "ZaZ - Blue 3.2 AW" tactic
Rince said: Has anyone tried this tactic in Bundesliga?

I played with Bayern Munich and had only 1 lose in the league and the team scored 127 and conceded only 21.

Champions Cup Final vs Liverpool