Man City

Erling Haaland scored 101 goals :)

Ruben Dias 48 goals from corners :D

TargetPerson said: How many goals for Osimhen :D ?

I think it was about 40 or 50 goals
It did incredibly well with Napoli.

The team won the title with 109 pts and had only 1 draw and 1 lose during the season.

I'm really impressed. :shock:

Unforutanlty, I couldn't keep Victor Osimhen. Chelsea stole him from me. :(

it works like a charm with Borussia Dortmund :)

Cryns said: i thought IWB played on the opposite side of the field of their preffered foot.

Nah, that's wrong thinking
A quick test with Man City :)

kulmatow said: Opposition Instructions ? please . I like this tactic

The OIs that @Delicious suggest using -

The test result of the OIs -

As you can see the test result of the OIs isn't great and @Delicious himself says that he isn't 100% sure about the OIs because he's still testing them and trying things...
Undefeated with Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga :goofy:

Cherknam said: Will this get a 5,760 match test?
I don't think so because it didn't hit the 1st spot.
Thank for the info Zippo, it's good to know.
We have a new challenger :)
It would be fun to try this with PSG :D
5-2-3 got 59 pts... it's getting interesting :D

I think people who like playing with 3 strikers are just happy.
I just destroyed Bournemouth 5 - 0 :)

opq said: Tbh I’d take just like that: guys it’s no need to play only with this tactic. Look, you can change this and that and result is +- the same if just this approach suits more to you. And yeah, sometimes it makes a tactic really better, and sometimes much worse xD

Anyway at the end all roads lead to one point and that point is the quality of your players. :D

If your team is like PSG and you play in a less competitive league such as French League then I bet you can easily win the league even using a tactic that got less than 30 points in the testing. :D
CBP87 said: He is basically saying you're a cabeza de polla

Ok :goofy:
keithb said: Ah the smiley face, the signature of a melt

I'm not a native English speaker so I don't understand what you mean.
CBP87 said: Wow, thanks dude

Something on the lines of 'the set pieces could be improved, check out this link' may have been a little more helpful, my tactics are scoring low? would say 50 is pretty decent

Sorry if I offended you, I really didn't mean.

For a wide diamond formation with DWs and IWBs 48-50 pts is a really low score... but it's only my opinion, feel free to disagree :)
@CBP87, your set pieces is a mess.

Your tactics use Long Throw-ins but they are terrible in FM23, no one uses them.

Dude, your set pieces are terrible that's why your tactics have been getting such low scores
Cautions mentality

523 formation

A striker on Defense duty

and it got 54 points!!