Yellobee said: Test Plz


Could you share some results with both tactics?

Thank you.

MeLLo said: plz test tactic me


Could you post screenshots of the tactic and some results with it?


Hi guys,

I've made a short video for those who haven't discovered the power of Long throw-ins in FM20 yet. :)

You don't always score after it or create a scoring chance, but I find long throw-ins work significantly better than short throw-ins.

@kly3654 Hi, can you share some results with the tactic?

@kly3654 Hi, the screenshot says that you played with "tiktok3" and the name of the tactic that you uploaded is "tiktok23" but the thread name is "tiktok4". All that looks very confusing... :) could you please clear it a bit?


kly3654 said: Could you test this please?


Is this your tactic?

Can you give it a name in English?


Lhomdorn said: I want you to test my own tactics. I hope the results come out well.


Can you share some results with it?


Here's what SI officials says about this MOD

"We had it raised to us previously and took a look at it. It doesn't actually change any of the match AI, just changes some of the physics within the engine.

We would very much recommend not using it. During our testing it was found to cause very strange behaviours and alter the balance of play outside real life parameters."

Chers86vn said: Knap tactic Test Please


It says that the author of the tactic is sunliang.

@AurionVII please, check that you posted a correct download link for the tactic because your screenshots show a different tactic.

@bekoylu I think you forgot to upload the tactic.

Hey guys,

I've made a small test to see how "Shoots With Power" trait works.

I edited the "Finishing" and "Long Shots" attributes of Mane and Salah and set the "Finishing" to "1" and "Long Shots" to "20".

Also, I edited their Player Traits and gave them "Shoots With Power" trait

They started to score like crazy after that :)

So if someone of your attacker's got low Finishing attribute then "Shoots With Power" could be the real deal for him.

@Vujevic Hi, it looks like you posted a wrong download link, it downloads a 3-4-1-2 tactic. Can you check it?

@bekoylu Hi, could you share any results with it?

@cadoni Can you provide a link to the source of the tactic?


@tacttt it's been tested already

eslaulau said: @Zippo Totally different

I checked the tactics and the only difference was "Much Short Passing" and "Much Lower Tempo". Am I correct? Is that the only difference?

Bazi said: Just changed very attacking->attacking

if it's the all changes then I'm afraid it's too small to make any difference.

@eslaulau this tactic looks the same compared to your previous version

Could you tell what changes you made?

@Lhomdorn it's been tested already