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FM Base | FM21 Real Name Fix by Darkness V2.0

added new sponsor licenses from competitions:

Sponsors removed Scottish leagues and cups
Liga Portugal 2 SABSEG
UEFA U-19 Preliminary Round
Taça da Liga Allianz Cup
Segunda División B Grupo


I guess we have to update the files after each patch or am I wrong?
Sevilla - the 1st season

Insane tactic! :)

Thank you, Zealot.

Away match vs Barca

Chuck Norris approves :cool:

Nabby1987 said: Bizarrely won the Prem with Villa

LOL... :D  Looks like FM21 ME is crazy at the moment...
Yes, FM is not only about tactics and to do well in the game you also have to manage the morale of your players...
Defo you did a great work, @Pulsar!

I destroyed Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund and also got Champions League Cup in my pocket, thank you. :)

@Ozturk58 can you upload screenshots of the tactic? thanks
Dan Hartigan said: Do SS works on this tactic? I notice a prevalence in the side functions in the FM and that leaves me a little disappointed. I like players like Messi, Maradona, Pelé, Zico [...] Runners and cratives.

I'm sure Messi, Maradona, Pelé, Zico will do great as SS in this tactic :D
Poacher said: I remember "Shots With Power" was an overpowered and must have player trait for strikers in FM18(or FM17). Have anyone tried this player trait in FM20?

I think training your player "Shots With Power" only makes sense if he's got a high Long Shots attribute or a low "Finishing" attribute
Poacher said: Is the Team Meeting useful only when the morale is poor or there's other use for it?

When your team is on a good run you also can get benefits from using it. Just pick an option that says "We've been playing really well lately and I'm delighted with how things are going..." and your players will get a morale increase.
Looks good :)
Hidden attributes Professionalism and Ambition have a great influence on the development rate so set them at the highest possible level(20)

The difference between CA(Current Ability) and PA(Potential Ability) also have a great influence on the development rate so set the PA at the highest possible level(200)

Players under the age of 24 develop much faster than players above the age of 24 age so the younger, the better.

A player won't develop without participating in competitive matches. Higher ratings in matches also increase the development rate.

Good training facilities also help to develop faster.

I hope this will help. Good luck this your league.
Solaris said: Can someone enlighten me?


Player traits don't cost any CA.

You can test it... just add all available Player traits to some player and you see that "Recommended Current Ability" won't change.

For instance, Kyle Walker's "Recommended Current Ability" is 151CA

and after I gave him all available traits

His "Recommended Current Ability" didn't change and stayed the same as before 151CA