Machismo said: I'm an end user.  And only a newbie novice.  I decided to by-pass time and 'go on vacation.'  I returned to the club unannounced in late December to see how things were going.  I had ticked 'use current match tactics' before exiting.  To my surprise when I opened the 'tactics' page to see who were the current 'a-team' I found the A.M. had the lads playing 4-4-2.

It's highly likely you messed something up. It might be you forgot to set the tactic or it might you forgot to tick 'use current tactic' option when went on holiday. There's also a bug(extremely low occurrence rate) when the assistant manager don't use your tactic even he's instructed to do so.

If you can reproduce it then upload your save where it happens it'll be interesting to investigate it.
CBP87 said: Sorry Eric, it should be support duty, I have uploaded the wrong screenshot. I will amend now but the tactic file is correct

Ok, thanks.
@CBP87, hi.

The screenshot shows the CM is on Attack duty but the tactic you uploaded has the CM on Support duty... which one is correct?
@infxamus, hi.

Is this tactic a tweak of VOID tactic?
Hazyjane said: Hi Chaps...Quick question, I'm an Xbox player this year. Do the players have any individual instructions?


Here's a vid which shows the PIs -
I've noticed that in Tookajobs's video the assistant manager picked this starting eleven for Chelsea:

The assistant manager choice of the best starting eleven for the tactic proves once again that unfortunately, even the best assistant manager can't properly pick the team for many tactics and testing tactics this way is a bad idea. :(

He picked very slow players for the tactic such as Marcos Alonso, César Azpilicueta and Thiago Silva:

But Chelsea's best starting elven for this tactic should look like this... Timo Werner, Mateo Kovacic, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Reece James and Antonio Rüdiger should be picked but they were left on the bench...

Marck said: want to try with man utd, who do you want to use as AMC?

Try this... I think it should work well.
Borussia Dortmund, the 1st season :thup:

ZaZ Blue 3.0 + ZaZ Dark Blue 3.0

Marck said: cool thx

Would you like to use Pedri as backup for Griezman? and fati as backup for coutinho?

that seems OK to me
Marck said: me and a friend have chosen to make an online game, he is real madrid i am barcelona, ​​what will the best start 11 look like with barcelona

I would go with this
A new leader! My congratulations!

Tsubasa said: WOW! :shock: This tactic got me 112 points with PSG in the league!

37 wins and 1 draw in the league, the team scored 164 goals in the league.

I'd say this tactic in insane with a top team.

Yeah... I've been having a great fun with this tactic too. I won everything with Inter and it was only my 1st season with them. :)

I've tried the tactic with Atletico Madrid and it did very well.

Even Barca had a very good season I still won the league with 100 points. Also, I won Champions League.

I really like this tactic. :thup:

here's a very similar tactic to your that has been tested -
salzby said: Pierluigi @Droid  - added sorry and THX


Why did you name your tactic AP & DM ? I see on the screenshot it uses BBM and RGA?

It might be you uploaded a wrong tactic or a wrong screenshot ? Or just the name is misleading ? :blink:
Panjalakuruchi said: Hi guys, was wondering why cant we only play attacking version only and why must switch between version 3.0 and 3.0 (attacking version)? I though play the very attacking throughout the whole game.. what are ur guys view?

The "very attacking" version has a better attack and the "default" version has a better defense.

If you want to boost the attack then use the very attacking version if you want to boost the defense then use the default version.

It's simple as that.
Usually, when my team leads by 2 goals or more in a match then I go for a very defensive tactic that implies very low tempo and time wasting to save the conditions of my players and I'm sure if you don't do something like that then you'll burn the conditions of your players very fast.
babemocni1988 said: HELLO Eric,the most assist coming from ML and MR positions,but overall assist coming from anywhere,this system broke ME that is for sure(huge thanks to you Magician),you dont need world class players but they need to fit in the system

Thanks for the reply.

I guess the shadow strikers score the most goals?
babemocni1988 said: This is how its played derby di Italia with PHOENIX V3 :cool:


What positions do the most assistance in your team?
ta2199 said: What a joke man xD - Newly promoted predicted 18th won the Seria A. Lucky for me that AC.Milan didn't want to buy Tonali


Did you play with V3?