Hold up ball , sit narrow added to IF. More direct to FB.
IF to winger, FB to IWB and more disciplined.
@alex Weird..
Cf to PF
CF to PF.
alex said: @Jae you should do this one with the latest tweaks from @CBP87 tactic

I'll give it a run now :)
Single DM 4 ATB.
Merc mixed with another tactic 'Osmo'.
AF to TF and crosses aimed to TF.
IF moved to CF
Attacking instead of balanced.
4231 but with BBM and RPM.
WB to Attack, Mez to Sup.
IF dropping to Mez.
433 with top instructions used.
alex said: @Jae this is derived from the top tactic right? Only change is that you added shoot less often. My god, what a difference this did...

Ye mate literally just that. Saw another 3 ATB benefited from using shoot less on wing backs so thought it would boost my other but my god the difference is mad.
Shoot less often on WB.
Already tested a lot of these instructions with this shape and didn't as well compared to the the original Merc400 but hope I'm proven wrong!
Cm instead of B2B, Cf and Af switched
Much shorter passing