Lapidus said: "Traits" are just locked PIs, it's a negative thing.

Why would you want to limit yourself and remove an ability to change the behavior of your players through out the tactical settings?

Wouldn't a striker with "Moves into spaces" perform better than a striker without such a trait in a tactic that uses "Pass into space", assuming that they have exactly the same stats? I always try to train my strikers into having "Moves into spaces", "Likes to try to beat offside trap" and "Knocks ball past opponent" - I feel like they really complement a fast striker.
Seems like you're doing great. Excited about the rest.

Do you ever change the team mentality late in the game? For example: you were leading City by 2 goals in minute 80 - in this situation could it be beneficial to change your team's mentality from "balanced" to "very defensive"? In theory, they should try less risky balls, translating in less passes being intercepted and thus less chances for the opposition.

I'm yet to play FM 23, but I'm doing this in FM 22 with your ZaZ - Green. If I'm up by 1 goal in minute 85, I just go Very Defensive (from Positive) and set time wasting to the maximum (from none).

Wonder what you think.
Do you use any opposition instructions?
Just to make sure I got it right - no Genie Scout allowed, yup?
Good luck, curious to see if you can make it.

Daz said: Can't wait to see how it goes! Also, do you think it's possible for a club like Bournemouth, with transfers, to win the league in the first season?

I was wondering the same thing. The logical conclusion I came up with is that the only way to achieve such thing is by adapting your tactic permanently taking in consideration the players you have available and the opposition . I really can’t see a plug&play tactic make Bournemouth win the title in the first season, although I’d love to because I’m not a great tactician.
Opposition instructions based on an assistant manager's opinion, as long as he has a high tactical knowledge, seem to do really well. It's hard to tell, but it did produce good results for me. Started using them more and more.
ZaZ said: Any feedback about the training routine? How did it feel about attribute growth and injuries, was it better or worse than other schedules you used before? (Just trying to get some input, sorry for going off topic.)

In terms of attribute growth is definitely better than what I was previously using - the training pack from BusttheNet. I had numerous cases when a certain attribute went up by 2 in 12 months or less. It works very well for the U18 squad as well.

When it comes to injuries, I am really not sure what has more impact - the training itself or the fact that they get rest days. I'd bet on the second one. Anyway, the difference is huge. I barely have any long term injuries. Before giving them rest days, as you suggested, the second part of the season used to be filled with injuries (and not short ones). Since using your advice, those don't exist anymore. One thing I noticed though, there definitely are more 1-2 days injuries from training - a small price to pay for the physical oriented programme I guess.
johnconnerson said: Does the 'Probability Of Development' mean anything?

I found a Fast Striker who was 73% rated at 19, but had 91% FS potential. His Probability of Development was 31%.

Two years later, after playing him 90% of the matches and using ZaZ's training, he is 83% rated and with a PoD of 45%. What I make of this is that if I keep playing him and take good care of him he will be able to achieve his 91% FS potential.

Probability of Development is not fixed. It is inversely proportional to the discrepancy between the current % rating and the potential one. It is also influenced by age. Meaning the older the player is, the smaller the PoD is; the bigger the difference between the current rating and the potential one, the smaller is the PoD.
Do you guys score a lot from set pieces? I feel like my team isn't scoring as much as it should. The board itself is unhappy with the fact that I am not making the most out of set pieces.

Are these loaded automatically with the tactic?

Thank you!
@saycarramrod @ZaZ  thank you kindly! Understood.
Could anyone please explain me why role rating doesn't matter?
I have guy who is 86% rated as an Advanced Forward, but only 79% as a Fast Striker.
Does it mean that someone who's rated 81% as a Fast Striker, but worse as an Advanced Forward will still perform better than my guy?

Another example - year 2026 in my Schalke save:
Vestergaard (CB) = 77% positional rating // 86,3% role rating as BPD
Katinic (CB) = 85,4% positional rating // 85,6% role rating as BPD

Who starts? Based on role rating Vestergaard is favourite by a small margin, but when looking at positional rating - bench warmer.

Why is the difference so big? Is there a thread from where I could understand this better? If not, could anyone ELI5 this please? :(
Thank you! <3
Was there a "ZaZ Squad View"? Can't find it in the downloads, on the first page.
Is there any tweak that performs better than the 4.0, but isn't different enough to be tested?

edit: please don't interpret my question in a bad way. I'm grateful for this tactic as I don't have the time to create and tweak my own.
Do you recommend using the same training schedule for the youth team?
Sorry if it has been already asked - what's the pitch size you recommend? I remember last year it was the biggest one available, but that was because the SSs were making a lot of runs in behind.
crazyfmguy93 said: Are there anyone uses FMRTE or Genie Scout with this tactic? Can u give me some advice? Pace, acceleration important but some slow people have Bette ratings. It is very complicated this Year.

Using Genie. Looking for SS with a potential rating of a certain % (depends who are you managing) and potential acceleration of at least 17. While I was managing my local team from Romanian League I was searching for a SS with a potential rating of at least 70% but 17-18 acceleration. Now that I am managing AC Milan, I look for SS that have at least 90% rating and 16-17 acceleration.
Magician said: If you play with "Instant Result" then you can create these match plans:

Really weird I don't get that substitution option (make subs after min 70). What do I have to do?
Definitely more suited for weaker teams than the other tactic that is rated 6,9.

Well done! Nice tweaks!
Great job!

Would you mind posting it on fmbase, too? I'm curious to see how it does on their testing as Phoenix really struggled on their platform.
ta2199 said: With a predicted 17th squad, I do think It's working well
And also Very Att not working well for me

How did you get the percentage % view of physical shape? I hate the new symbol.