I have added V2, I think its better than V1
The fact I made the tactic worse is bad... back to the drawing board.
I have added a V2, I think its better than V1 (not true)

EDIT: After it was tested, it’s NOT better than V1 so refrain from using
Solaris said: @infxamus, hi.

Where is the tactic? :)

Its your conventional 4-1-3-2-0 but the Tactical Styles and PIs are different

- Attacking Mentality
- Width is wider
- Wingers are not told to get further forward
- There's no Shooting, and Passing risks on Wingers
- Wingers are told to Close Down More

Using set-pieces used by Prutton and Magician

Results gotten by going on vacation for the whole season.

V2 Changes:
- Changed tempo to 'Much Higher'
- Change crossing to 'low crosses'
- Added 'Distribute to Center-Backs'
- Changed BBM to CM(A)
- Removed 'Close Down More' on CM(A)
- Changed SK(S) to G(D)
- Added 'Pass It Shorter' instruction to GK and BPDs
- Changed 'Pass it Shorter' instruction to 'Standard' on Wingers
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TheRealMasc said: Will Voila 3.5 be tested?

Highly unlikely because, they already "tested other versions of the tactic" or they think, the changes are "too small to make a meaningful difference"
Can you test this.

Tested with the top team and Midtable team

Man City 106 Points prediction was 1st place

Using Prutton's Set Pieces

The Set Piece takers have been put automatically in the Set Pieces setup, but there's a bug that doesn't allow them to take it so do it manually.
MR = Right Corner
ML = Left Corner
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Eric said: @infxamus, hi.

Is this tactic a tweak of VOID tactic?

No, more of a combination of the Fearless & Strikerless tactic on FMBase and Egraam’s Waterfall tactic.
Sandro said: Hey,

It looks like VOID 2.0 -

What's the difference?

His passing using Direct mine uses standard, ticked down by 1
For pass distribution I have roll it out
Instead of 3 SS its 2 SS on the outside and a AM in the inside/middle
His tactic has 'Mark Tighter' on all outfield players, mine don't
I use Sweeper Keeper (Support), his keeper is Sweeper Keeper (Defend)
I'm using the ZaZ 3.0 set pieces
Can you test this?

Very Attacking 4-1-2-3-0, Liverpool won all cups, called it a Christmas Tree because it looks like Ancelotti's 4-3-2-1 Christmas tree but the Striker is pulled down to the midfielder role. The drawn games could've turned into wins if the AssMan was playing Salah instead of Georginio Wijnaldum in those games lol
Certified Christmas Tree.fmf
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Can you test this tactic.

Its Bossanova but the Strikers are pulled down to Shadow Strikers with the Attacking Midfielders and the DLP is pulled up to the middle of the field. Man City 101 Points all cups, Fulham 78 points just missing out on Champions League football. Credits go to Prutton for the setpieces as I can't optimize em :getlost:
Bossanova (Strikerless).fmf
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Can you test this tactic.

99 Points with City, 86 with Fulham, City went to the final of every cup possible, won UCL but lost FA Cup and Carabao Cup on penalties in both games
Problem Solvin (1 SS).fmf
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Can you test this tactic, got over 90 pts with Man City and Fulham secured UCL football easily
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Seems that the effectiveness of Long Throw Ins have been nerfed. Has anyone tried using mixed throw ins for their set piece?
babemocni1988 said: Hahhaha yeah I would sad the same thing for all of you who thinks that AI doesnt read the tactic 🤣

In my RTG Nottingham Forest save I was using Phoenix 4.0 the whole time, not one change to the tacitc, unless we had injuries to the team (this was before the new patch)

In the championship we finished 3rd, but we got promoted

1st season in the Premier league: 6th
2nd Season: 3rd
3rd Season: 3rd (Europa League Win)
4th season: 2nd (Won UCL and FA Cup)
5th season: Won the league (Won FA Cup, lost in UCL Final)
6th season: Won the league by over 15 points (UCL,and FA Cup secured too)

In all of those seasons, we always went through a rough patch during December and January as that is when the players start getting tired with the amount of games played in such little time and it is the peak of injuries, sickness as well, it even got me thinking the CPU knew how to go against my tactic but we were back in form by the beginning of February

Can you test this tactic.

Its a 4-1-2-2-1/4-5-1 and it did really well with Man City, even got a UCL spot with Fulham
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It’s crazy that this is the only tactic that doesn’t use Mark Tighter on midfielders, Shadow Strikers and Wingers and still does extremely well
Prutton said: I am not sure, but I think this formation gets stronger when CM is pushed to SS.

Nah didn’t work as well as putting the role on AM, maybe it’s just the instructions I put.
Prutton said: I am not sure, but I think this formation gets stronger when CM is pushed to SS.

I will try to test it later tonight and see the results
2 Striker tweak to ZaZ 3.0

Changes I made:
Changed DW to Wingers
Added Mark Tighter to all Midfielders and Strikers
Remove Close Down More from Wingers

Had good results with Man City and finished in a Europe spot with Fulham

Can you test this?
Kickback v4 (ZaZ 3.0 Tweak).fmf
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