ZaZ said: I usually use Solid Blue when winning by one or two goals. Gonna upload it to main thread.

thanks :)
Is there any SUS tactic when i have a lead for 1 or 2 goals?
Do you have a SUS tactic for The main tactic?
ZaZ said: I am currently trying to give defensive stability to Blue. The version I am playing is similar to Blue DM, but has IWB-Su, DLP-Su and SK-Su. For now, it seems more balanced, but I am working around the SS and strikers to see if I make the attacking movements more consistent.

Which tactics of yours is The best right now?
The DM rating is so bad what do i need to do to get it better
Kyle said: Na, was modified one of a tactic from reddit. Guy had some really nice results from it but just wasn't that strong for me so I used a lot of things you've put in this post.


can u share the link til reddit?
ZaZ said: They are very similar now, because most people got a bit from each other's set pieces. Maybe one will work better for a specific formation, or have some tradeoff between goals scored and goals conceded. For my tactic, my set pieces are the best I tested, but that doesn't mean the set pieces from Egraam, Magician, Zealot or Cyborg wouldn't work better in my tactics if tested in FM-Arena.

okay thanks
which one is the best?
ZaZ said: Set pieces from 3.0 are the same from 2.1. If you want to use it with another tactic, you can download 3.0, go to set pieces and choose the option to save all routines.

okay thanks, I was down 1-0 first half changed from caution to offensiv and won 6-1
is there new set pieces in that upload?
what about training to this tactic?
do u have a saving condition tactic for it
which one is the best
does is still work?
Rince said: Look few posts above. Pulsar said that it's a tweak of Phoenix 4.0

art okay
is the same as phoenix?
ta2199 said: Is it me or get GK to distributed quickly seem to improve results ?

Added "Close Down Less" to CDs and DM

which tactic?
which one Is the best?
infxamus said: This is a combined tactic with using the Phoenix v4.0 and using ZaZ's Set Pieces, can you test this?

how many goals on set pieces