@Delicious, obviously, AM(S) doesn't work well in this shape :(
Zippo said: Once more, Inverted Wing-Backs have a very unique behavior when "in possession" which can't be recreated in any other full back's role but to reveal that unique behavior a specific condition must be met and that specific condition is a free DM slot near them but if that condition isn't met then they as act as regular Wing-Backs with "Cut Inside" and "Stay Narrower" PIs so they're loosing their unique behavior.

So there's no point in testing Inverted Wing-Backs if there're 2 or more DMs present.

sitting narrow is the only what distinguishes IWBs from WBs?
Thanks, @Zippo. It's good to know. :thup:
sponsorkindest said: I love this tactic but for some reason it’s not as effective as 424 extreme volts IV. I am noticing a difference of more than 2 points in my gameplay between the two tactics and I always do holiday with a very good assistant manager (high player ability and tactical knowledge) to manage team selection.

Read the 2 threads below, it should give some insight:
@SAHIPKIRAN this what I get when I download the tactic

but the screenshot you posted shows a different tactic

MadsDanish said: ATALANTA

I guess, you meant Patheonope(Napoli) because obviously you played with them instead of Atalanta :D
TommyToxic said: I don't think you understand me.

1) Lets say you submit a tactic with an Advanced forward, low crosses, and passing into space. The teams in the test league are well suited for this because all the striker have high pace/dribbling/finishing. This means that the tactic will be tested under conditions that allows the tactic to work as intended.

2) You submit a tactic with a Target Forward. You want him to win aerial duels both for link up play and in the box to score goals. This will not work in the test league because all the strikers have 9 jumping reach, 11 strength and all the CBs have 15 jumping reach/strength. This means that the tactic will not be able to work as intended, and thus not be tested properly.

This is based on the save file that was available for download in this thread. Unless the file has been changed I see this as a major flaw.

In FM23 a strong and tall striker is a much weaker option than a fast and short striker.

Here's you can find a test result of Strength -

And here's you can find a test result of Pace -

No doubts, that Pace + Acceleration is a much better combination than Strength + Jumping Reach so there's no point in testing with a tall and strong striker as he always will be much worse than a fast and short striker
OMG! I just won EPL with Newcastle! :D

Also, I won English FA Cup va Man Utd 6 - 2

Delicious said: Zouma King of the Valley

I've noticed in your new corner setup ( far post ) the left and right corners are directed to the right central defender I guess that's why he scores that many.

But in your previous corner setup ( near post ) the goals were split between both central defenders so each of them were scoring less but together they scored more.

I find the goal output of near post corner is higher than the goal output of far post corner.
Falbravv said: I think we can say that PAce and Acceleration are some basis for all posts, and it's seems logical.

Because even if you're defender is the tallest and the better header of the championship, it means nothing if he run too slow.

All other atributes are for me some "bonus", which are cosmetics like 90% - 95% of the game.

Tests made here show us the way every year.

I would not agree that it's only about Acceleration and Pace, no doubts, Acceleration and Pace are the most important attributes but there're at least 12 attributes from this table that I pay attention to:

- Acceleration
- Pace
- Jumping Reach ( only for CDs and DMs or might be like bonus for any position )
- Anticipation
- Balance
- Agility
- Concentration
- Finishing ( only for attackers )
- Work Rate
- Dribbling ( excluding CDs )
- Stamina
- Passing

I'm sure if you pay attention to these 12 attributes then you can easily build an invincible team. :)
I've just noticed that FM-Arena has reached 1,000,000 matches simulated for 23.2.0 Patch :D

Well done! :thup:

Probably, it explains why I always end up with a team full of unhappy players after going on Holiday :D

It works like a charm for Man Utd :cool:

Delicious said: Congratz i guess,but i won't hear people complain to me ^^. I have just have ultra-long queque.

Can't wait to see those tactic tested.

I bet there'll be a lot of them at the top. :cool: