ZaZ said: You can find those player instructions in most tactics these days. I say they are instructions from Blue because it's the tactic that made those instructions popular, but I have no ownership over instructions. They just got so close to optimal that it's very hard to create a top tactic without them. If Blue didn't exist and I had never made any tactic, people would still have reached a similar set of player and team instructions.

Ok, thanks. I got it. :)
ZaZ said: since player instructions are also from Blue
Hi, ZaZ. Apologize, if I might sound stupid but what do you mean when you say player instructions are from Blue? Where I can find those player instructions?

CM93 said: Here you go


What's name of that skin?
ForeverEverton said: How is it going season 3?

Keep us updated :)
yeah... it'd be great having more insight on that matter
lol... where to find that many wingers for this tactic ? :D
@C05y, you should add screenshots of the tactic.
Harrison said: I wonder if having low Punching is more important than high Agility. Both are maxed in the table but the table doesn't go negative. Has anyone looked into this?

I think Agility is more important than Punching
No doubts, with proper players this tactic is unstoppable :)
Manidaro7 said: a guide to screams

ZaZ said: It's a good habit to give some rest to your most tired players after every match, especially when you have only 3 or 4 days in between. It not only recovers their condition but also prevents injuries and fatigue.

It's a great thread, pal. Keep up the good work! :thup:
@CBP87, hey.

Any screenshots of the tactic?
nijak05 said: @ZaZ for tough away games would it make sense to start out with cautious mentality and then change back to positive at/after HT? or should it always be kept at positive.

And if chasing a goal would it make sense to switch to more attacking mentality or is it better using touchline shouts etc.?

I don't know what would @ZaZ suggested but I suggest when you're winning and you want to protect the score then you can try to turn ZaZ Blue tactic into this tactic because if you look at the testing result this tactic has a better defense it conceded only 57 vs 74 ( ZaZ - Blue ) in the test, also the defense of it can further increased by increasing the Time Wasting Instructions and doing other adjustments.
Pip said: I am going mad or have the 3.4 versions been removed from front page?! Is there a reason for this?

Yes, it was removed. As far as I know there was some issue with the set pieces.
I wonder will there be any further M.E. this year? Or SI are done this it?
channibalism said: "Ask you assistant manager to make substitutions only after 70 min."

Hello mate, how do I do this setting?
I didn't see this setting in any of the options.

You need FM Touch version of the game for this to make it work properly. It doesn't work in the full version of the game.
WALTON1981 said:

As I can see an early rad card happened for Argentina so it was 11 vs 10 most of the match, also, it was a home match... so I don't think the stats in that match should be taken seriously into consideration. :)
ZaZ said: Gonna upload a version with those set pieces in a moment.

Ok, thank you.

Let me know when you're done.
@ZaZ, hi.

Have you tired the new fm-arena set pieces and short throw-in exploit? If they're any good would add it your tactic?
Hazyjane said: Guys would anyone be so kind as to post individual player instructions for Xbox users? Thanks in advance.