No one wants to be bothered with buying and developing players everyone wants this:

WoW! I didn't thought there was such a big difference between Natural and Accomplished ratings. :blink:

The Corsair has been working great for me, I've played 10 matches and got 10 wins. :thup:
crizeKOS said: Nope man, there is transitions on football. When u lose the ball u may be catch up in a ball over the top.

you're right it might also affect the transition phase at some degree, I was just pointing that the wide instruction for CDs is supposed to work when the team has the ball and should not has any effect in the out of the possession phase
crizeKOS said: I dont like to open unnecesary gaps for through balls, but BPD with drible more is kinda breaking the match engine atm

But they try to stay wide only then the team has the ball, it's a with the ball instruction, it doesn't apply when the team is out of possesion.
Delicious said: It was just a test i might actually forgot to remove it... gonna run some test w/o it later!

I think the wide instruction for the CBs is actually a good thing
I remember Max EBFM tested 'Step Up More' and 'Drop Off More' and found they were doing nothing :)
Great idea! I'm looking forward to more of that stuff. :thup:
ZaZ said: Anyway, I just started testing again. I was a bit busy last week and didn't have much time, but let's hope good things are coming.

I'm looking forum into it! :thup:
crizeKOS said: As u may realize I won the trebe with Spurs, but I lost Carabao for Brentford.

I meant did you noticed its presence were doing anything negative for the DMs?
@crizeKOS, why did you took off "Mark Tighter" form the defensive midfielders?
Jeffdekker said: Sure no worries.

If this site atleast tries to test tactics provided to them in the correct way ;)

no one forces people to upload their tactics on this site and no one forces them to believe in the test result and no one's going to convince you of anything, if you don't trust then move along and end of the story
Jeffdekker said: Ever heard of Google?

Not many sites started testing yet on FM23, when they do, I'll show you ;)

then we'll talk about that when you have facts on your hands and not just empty words
Jeffdekker said: It is though.
I've seen many tactics perform the same over 3 testing leagues, yet others not.
Care to elaborate?

those are empty words

give links I want to check it
@ZaZ, do you find the AI managers have become much tougher in FM23?
@MakeSuRE, what training do you suggest for the tactic.
Milakus said: Hey,

I'm a very lazy person and I find doing the shouts is boring as hell so I always leave to my assistant manager and it seems he's been doing great :)

I'm glad to find out that I'm not only one that lazy :goofy:
@ZaZ, what does "Low" mean in the tactic names?