A Smile
Some other setting adjustments
Good holiday results
Good luck with the best holiday results.
The reason why it was named difficult childbirth,Because this tactical goal is more difficult,But its control is still good. It should not get high marks, but I still look forward to its performance.
Some changes,The result is stable.
433 sailing
41122 broken wing
Droid said: @A Smile, the name... again :( it must be any human readable word

ok, I'll change it.
Although all cup,It doesn't feel so good.
Droid said: @A Smile, Again the same story here. The name of the tactic isn't Ok. Please, change it. - https://fm-arena.com/find-comment/20695/

Ok, just change the name, and it is very similar to ZAZ4.0.
It seems very similar to ZAZ4.0. . . . . . This is not plagiarism, ZAZ4.0 has influenced a generation of tactics, and I unconsciously set it like this.
I think this tactic may be more suitable for powerful teams.It's still Delicious's corner kick setting
luisanjao said: Can you adapt the corners for the strikers to score?

Delicious setting is the best, I don't think there is any way to surpass it. What can be done is to change the ball contender from central defender to striker.
Although this change is unreasonable,Although the result was not stable, I won the championship twice in three holidays,See how it behaves.
Traditional 442 tactics,Still based on Delicious's tactical style.
Droid said: Tactic names like "HG-41131THS", "4-4-1-1", "4-4-2 HYREG", "JHT 4-3-2-1 JJRJ", "5-3-2 GG" are difficult to read, distinguish and recognize.

Please, edit the name of the tactic and change it to a more human readable name. Something like "4-4-2 Unstoppable Attack" or "4-2-3-1 by Smile v1.0" or "Unbreakable Defense" or "The Bombardier" or any other human readable name.

I see, I will be more standardized.
Droid said: @A Smile, I understand that English might be not your native language but there are certain requirements for naming tactics. Look at this - https://fm-arena.com/thread/2733-how-to-get-your-tactic-tested/ If you want your tactics to get tested then you should start naming your tactics in accordance with the requirements.

Sorry, I really can't speak English. I can only translate it through the web. Because the translation of web pages is very rigid, the translated words often fail to convey the meaning and even lead to misunderstandings, so I usually don't introduce my tactics.
The tactics I uploaded, I have passed more than three holiday tests, and I will upload them only when the results are good. I will try my best to reduce the number of uploaded pictures under the condition of meeting the rules, because my own test is not professional enough, which will lead to too much chance of results. So what's my mistake this time? Is there a problem with the name of the tactic?
Good holiday results.
Delicious said: Really good attempt. That's open new horizons! Really good job

Thank you for your recognition. Your tactics are the unsurpassed peaks at present, and the details are almost perfect.
Still based on Delicious's tactical style.