A Smile
How will the 4-3-3 tactics used in league matches perform?
The position is changed to better fit the left and right Settings.
The more extreme stance, but combined with the effective setup of the version seems just as good.
Changed some detail Settings to see if it gets better.
Overlap right -> Underlap right
DL may be better if it is right-footed, it will play a good attack and coordination role.
The traditional parallel 442 formation, which flies on both wings, is not stable enough, but its offensive ability is still not weak.
DMD does not seem to be able to fully compensate for the defensive problems caused by the left, but fortunately WBA enhances the overall offensive force.
A more aggressive position.
Keep up the offensive.
Maybe this is what no front should look like.
Compared with II:
The IW was changed from "Hold Position" to "Get Further Forward".

Let's see if a more flexible attack would work better.
No striker version, remove overlap Settings to make the attack more direct.
It seems that the IW sticking to the position works well, but pressing forward allows for more complete coverage of the area function in the center, so that the attack line is not limited to the wing.
Use L to make the middle play richer.
It seems good,the three strikers guarantee the quality of the counter-attack, the three central defenders guarantee the defensive intensity, organization and penetration, and there are different styles on the wings.
Make the attack stronger.
Make way for AP.
Rigid side and center play.
Irrelevant style.