klokan said: what is dynamic youth rating? would you mind explaining it to me? :)

Dynamic youth rating is supposed to allow a Nation like Finland who is not a powerhouse start to produce better youth talent if the clubs and national team start to climb up the ranks. They annoucned it was going to be a feature in the game but so far lots of people have tested and even in 200-year simulations nation hardly ever change.
Yea this update is seeming more like a QoL patch more than anything. A few of the tactics I'm running now are using the IW/IF. So, I'll be doing some eye test to see if how they run different.
Since the 22.3 patch is now live on steam, I wanted to start an open discussion on the new patch with things people are seeing. I am excited to see if the dynamic youth rating is actually improved.

Below are the patch notes from SI.


More than 4.4m database changes are incorporated within the Main Winter Update, including various transfers, the managerial merry-go-round and changes to player data based on their performances in the first half of the season.

Even more excitingly, the Main Winter Update brings with it the return of Versus mode for PC/Mac gamers. You’ll need to be an FMFC member to access Versus - log in via the FM22 start screen to get started and compete against your friends. More information on Versus mode’s return and how to get the most from it is available on The Byline. If you want to find likeminded players, please visit our Versus Mode Game Requests thread for more info.

This update also contains fixes and improvements across multiple areas of the game. All gameplay adjustments will take effect in current careers, although you will need to begin a new save to take advantage of the data updates or competition and rule group changes.

Most updates of this nature should download automatically but if yours doesn’t, just quit and relaunch Steam or the Epic Games Store to prompt it to do so. If you’re playing via the Windows Store or Game Pass, you may need to manually search for the update.

The Final Winter Update follows in a few weeks, covering data from windows that closed in February, including MLS and China.

22.3 Changelist (includes but not limited to):

Database and Research
- Main Winter Update which contains over four million changes since the release of FM22, including thousands of player transfers and tweaks to player ability

- Number of stability and crash fixes
- Fixed rare issue where in some circumstances saving to the cloud would cause issues with saving locally
- Improved support for touch screen laptop
- Fixed examples of hangtime on ‘Awaiting Media Reaction’ page

Match Engine
- Tweaks to inside wingers/forwards and how often the cut inside with the ball when attacking
- Improvements on how pre-set user match plans are implemented in game

Comps and Rule Groups
- Format structure and rule changes for nations including (but not limited to) Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, England, Norway, Switzerland, USA and Wales
- Improvements to Continental Competitions rules and addition of European/South American Super Cup
- Major progressive format and structure changes for Argentinian competitions from 2021 to 2026
- Added English U18 Premier Division Cup, Central League Cup and U23 Division 4
- Corrected playoff seeding in the English National League and National League North/South
- Removed incorrect Promotion/Relegation playoff in Croatia
- Changed Russian squad registration rule to correctly apply to U22 players rather than U20 players
- Format change for Welsh Cup
- Homegrown Belgian player display and recognition
- European/South American Super Cup has been implemented
- Fix for seeded playoffs in determining home team and stadium
- European Group Stage tie break rules

Art and Animations
- Fixed rare issue where matches could play on the dressing room and not proceeding to show the match environment
- Added an option to remove 3D eyebrows when using photofit face so that you can have just the eyebrows from the photo
- Multiple kit clashing fixes
- Multiple scenarios where 3D background kits and badges were slightly incorrect have now been fixed
- Fixed wrong logos and colours on some press conference and pre-match tunnel background board panels 
- Fixed main issue with TVs in stands appearing blank and not displaying
- Manager clothing colours now look the same when picking them as they do in matches
- Improved manager beard visuals when in some lower graphics settings

- Tweaks to how Dynamic Youth ratings work, including some rebalancing and allowances for smaller nations to receive boosts within realistic parameters
- Fixed issue where user could not set assistant manager to take control of certain staff responsibilities
- Fixed issue where trialist leaves and no report card is generated
- Tweaks to when a player will demand promise to play in certain position/role in contract negotiations
- Change which will see councils block stadium expansions less often now
- Fixed cases of stadium expansions not being completed correctly
- Fixed cases of transfer budgets being set before playoff final, and not boosted if promotion achieved
- Improvements to squad registration logic
- Fixed issue where player on loan would show as being unavailable incorrectly
- Fixed issue where unsuitable players were being nominated for the NxGn award
- Tweaks to player valuations in certain leagues due to teams being unwilling to sell mid-season
- Fixed cases of being unable to sign non-EU youth players in Italy
- Fixed taxation on wages being too high in Portugal
- Fixed issue where text refers to user's team instead of the selling/buying one when arranging a loan back
- Fixed issue where player is linked to their own club on deadline day
- Fixed issue where transfer or contract date incorrectly shows as 1900
- Fixed issue where loan with future fee is not correctly remembered when making a transfer offer
- Tweaks to loan negotiations when adding in a buy back clause
- Tweaks to when a player will be willing to enter contract talks when they have decided to leave their existing club on a free transfer
- Tweaks to player exchange transfer offer logic
- Fix to when a New international manager is under immediate job security pressure despite good start
- Some adjustments to Club Vision scoring
- Fixed example where there could be blank interactions with unhappy B Team players

User Interface
- Goal captions now always showing correct number of goals scored by player
- Stopped proposed friendlies duplicating on the arrange friendly screen
- Added captain icon into some touchline tablet views in-match
- Fixed scroll position resetting after visiting a player profile in various list and table views
- Fixed player value displaying as 0 on some inbox items
- Data Hub pop-ups will now close if user clicks anywhere outside the pop-up
- Added “Last Match Analysis” to be viewable after one match is played, rather than having to wait for three matches
- Fixed issue in match where live league table was not displaying correctly in Assistant Advice
- Fixed some scenarios where touchline tablet options were changing from match to match
- Fixed cosmetic only issue in match where player condition indicators would reset to full when user navigated away from match screen.
- Fixed issue where users were able to modify transfer offers for their own players through the Player's Transfer screen
- Fixed issue where the sidebar icons would disappear for unemployed managers in certain display modes
- Fixed issue where dugout notification would appear for an opposition player towards the end of matches

- Fixed freeze when adding teams to club continental competitions
- Fixed instances of fixture and discipline rules being lost upon saving

If you encounter any crashes or issues launching the game following the update please contact our support team directly at https://fm22.info/SupportTicket

For any bugs or issues found following 22.3, please raise them via our forum Bug Tracker.
tracking the results
Maybe I should go back and look at the save files for my strikerless might explain why test scores are what they are.

This is a new shape I am trying out and have found some success within my testing league. The idea is to find a three at the back tactic that will provide high output scoring with overloads in the middle. Name comes from the Carnotaurus which I feel like resembles this shape as the goal is just to eat the other team alive and the shape of the Attacking Midfield Reminds me of the bull horns of the Carno.

Set Pieces from @ZaZ

Test Format
Collaborated with MomentaryBlink to share a testing database.  Top 20 teams in the world, 76 game season, no continental or domestic cup competitions, all teams have injuries and suspensions wiped at the start of the test.  Upper mid-table Inter and lower mid-table Napoli were used for the tests to most closely mirror Team A and Team B in the FM-Arena tests.


One of the keys to this tactic as well are trying to find IWa that are able to use both feet as you will find them moving out wide and sending crosses in towards the middle.

Find pace and jumping/heading ability in the middle as they will be receiving a lot of crosses.

Please let me know feedback or your test results would love to see others using strikerless this season.
CBP87 said: Just ran a quick test with Celta, predicted 10th finished 2nd

Good results. Like I said Strikerless is strong just not in the arena testing format at the moment.
I think especially in the testing league at moment strikerless is kind of capped. With how the ratings are at the moment I don't foresee it scoring very high. Strikerless is totally fine in the ME and if you get the right players, it is very strong. I have run many tests with many shapes all test well just not in the Arena testing league.
Dino said: I have uploaded a new Version of Rush. V6 is the version I have been testing and using so far with 22.2. Results have been really good for me and others who have tried. Let me know if you run a test and would love some feedback.

One Thing I've noticed if you can get an AMC or CMs with some ariel ability it helps as a lot of crosses come in their way.
I have uploaded a new Version of Rush. V6 is the version I have been testing and using so far with 22.2. Results have been really good for me and others who have tried. Let me know if you run a test and would love some feedback.
Pretty good in my test.
You need to post images of the tactic, results you've had, and more info in general for testing to happen.

This is a Tweak of @ZaZ FM21 Blue Strikerless

I used this tweak of last year's Blue in the shape a lot and now with 22.2 ME updated I wanted to revisit and see if more Non-Very Attacking style tactics would work.

Major changes/Features

Off-set Shadow Strikers to one side and moved the CMa to the other. This creates miss matches with the CM arriving late.

DLP -> RPM (I feel the RPM is better this year over the DLP but can be interchangeable)

Counter-press -> Regroup (early testing is showing promising with Regroup)

Set Pieces from @ZaZ

Testing was done with a 10 Team testing league with Results below.
If anyone has done any testing would love to see some feedback.
Dino said: Running Test on Rush 2.0 from above. With the changes to defense and aggression I figured this would be a good one to run again.

Results were extremely positive as you can see up top! An extremely defensive tactic at the moment. Will continue to play around with it and try to tweak before posting a new updated version of it.
Running Test on Rush 2.0 from above. With the changes to defense and aggression I figured this would be a good one to run again.
saitjerome said: u might want to share some screenshots

edit: my bad, i didn't see pictures

No worries I'm trying follow the guidelines and keep tactics info at the top when I upload them.
I have uploaded a new version of Rush. This Rush ASYM has been performing very well in my testing league and scoring lots of goals. If you use it in your save switch side depending on where your personnel strength is of course.

If anyone has been using the Rush Strikerless tactics and has any feedback, please let me know.
You could maybe take like the top tactic from the AI in one of those tests and see what it scores out.

Follow the format of you want testing