This tactic is based on tactics by @Delicious, @Blau, @Steelwood and other great tacticians here.

All credit should go to these great guys for their amazing work, I just made few tweaks here and there.

I hope this tactic works well for you.


srdmeister said: My only problem is with red cards, I get them a lot. Which position should I swap when I am down to 10 men? What do you recommend?

I think removing one of the 3 strikers would be an option decision in that case.
dzek said: He is moderator in SI official forum named "Rashidi". Everything he drops out it's confirmed by SI, at least the most out of them. You can test it by your own. I just try to help.

He is just a moderator and not SI employ, he gets the information in the same way as we do and we don't know we did say to him and how he understood it.

Also, what he's saying on the video is very vague and you really can't learn anything specific from it.
dzek said: @Delicious, as SI has confirmed

Please, no need to confuse people saying that SI has confirmed anything when they don't.
dzek said: @Geek & @Delicious you can see here.

First of all, the guy on the video isn't an SI employ.

He just says his vision on the subject.

He was asked whether SI confirmed his "theory" and he didn't answer anything.

dzek said: @Delicious, as SI has confirmed, "Take More Risk" is more about the decision that the individual player makes about how risky his moves and passes will be. So given that, we could add this PI(at least to the strikers) to improve "Pass Into Space" even more, of course with the downside of passing the ball unnecessarily forward if you don't have the right players to do so. :)

Where did they confirm anything?

I still believe that "Pass Into Space" and "Take More Risk" do the same thing, they encourage players do more pass into space

opq said: or even stay with this 433, but don't be greedy and protect the lead :) just dropping mentality and make some player going support\defend or even deeper on pitch usually helps

Nahh... the shape is too attacking, dropping mentality won't help, it requires changing the shape to something more defensive and 4-4-2 fits very well because only what you need to do is subbing one striker for DM and that's all.
FreddyAdu said: Awesome stuff! Do you use some other tactic to close down the game in the final minutes? I just used this tactic to go 3-1 up against PSG in the 86th minute only to the concede 4 goals on stoppage time... I'm playing with a Swedish side btw so a 2 goal defeat was still a good result but it was quite the collapse at the end there.

You can use this tactic when you need to close down the game -

It conceded only 47 goals which makes it one of the best defense in the test

Also, if you want to make it even more defensive then change the duty of the Volante to Support and drop 1 Striker to AM
Floppyaams said: And I am sorry, but what is a OI?

Some people believe OIs can help and some people think it's a placebo

Btw, the OIs have been tested -
camcaio said: i am not sure what you mean...
this tatic was created and tested on the version 23.0, right?
the 23.3 had some changes on the gameplay and how some things work, so I believe that my question was fair enough
i am starting now on this forum, not quite familiarized with all the procedures yet

This tactic was tested on 23.3.0.

Go to the 1st page and check it.
TargetPerson said: oh well at least I can use them as corner kicks targets :D

Tsubasa said: Ronald Araujo scored 38 goals from corners so I think it means that the corners worked very well

Ok, thanks.
Tsubasa said: FC Barcelona

1st season

Pew Pew Pew Pew Laser Gun! :D

Did the corners work well?
Positive Tiki Taka - Shadow Striker Tweak
Positive Tiki Taka - Complete Wing-Backs
Positive Tiki Taka - CMs ( Attack )
goughton said: Do you amend your instructions when you're looking to see a game out, when youve got a decent lead? Similarly, do you do anything different with tempo to preserve player fatigue?

Here's a good guide that I tend to use, take a look -
This tactic is a tweak of Positive Tiki Taka ( IWBs + RPM Tweak ) by @David.

All credit should go to @cptdoggo for the original tactic - and @David for his tweak -

Credit to @ZaZ for the set pieces, I took them from ZaZ - Blue 4.0

Man Utd


This tactic is based on ZaZ - Blue DM ( Tweaked ) tactic by @Snoop and as he said his tactic is based on ZaZ - Blue DM by @ZaZ so I want to give a big shout-out to @ZaZ and @Snoop for their amazing work! :thup:

As I said this tactic is based on ZaZ - Blue DM ( Tweaked ) and I just did few small tweaks. I changes one of the Advanced Forwards to Shadow Striker, added "Shorter Passing" Instruction, removed "Dribble More" instruction from the central defenders and that's all.

The tweaks I made have been working great for me.