Kamas1 said: so if i play a weaker team i should use 4-2-4 and if i play a stronger team i should use 4-1-3-2? For example, these two formations

424 is way more balanced than most of tactics atm

going with defensive approach with triple BWM (de)
low d-line w/o drop off
Kamas1 said: 54 points and so great results with West ham ?? How its possible?

also bear in mind you would highly likely overachieve with any tactic which suits your team with smth like 48+ or even less pts from Arena test league
also double CMs with any roles score way less then DMs on current M.E., but we can't make anything about it, just wait for patches with possible changes to CMs or wait next FM :)
but I'd better wanted smth besides AF that would work as forward (pf or f9 would be my wet dream)

p.s. ah, and also count that Arena has one overall rating, but some kind of tactics are still supposed to use with top sides or underdogs, like it'd be just stupid to play 4132 with Forrest (funny tho, but still), and it's pure fun with smth like PSG or ManCity

finishing with mezzalas
more attacking setup
IFs to stay narrow to be more dangerous than stay wide
FBs with forward runs
downtrio v4
downtrio v2
toyfigure 442 v2
toyfigure v3
toyfigure 442 v2.1
toyfigure 4411
toyfigure v3 af
toyfigure 442
toyfigure v2
toyfigure 4231
prochazka narrow under
some guy from ufc narrow (poirer xiv tweak)
some guy form ufc wide under (poirer xiv tweak)
some guy from ufc steps up (poirer xiv tweak)