Droid said: @opq, the name isn't ok

is at any better now? :)
trying 3atb with flank duty fully on running WBs

trying IWs (a) + 1 running SV
underlaps + WBs cutting inside

trying a direct narrow approach w/o passes into space

@A Smile  did you test underlaps with CWBs instead of WBs?
great work!
and balanced mentality is a bonus imo, especially if ur playing for a mediocre team
sort of Pep's 433 recreation
LB and AMR roles are quite questionable tho

just a quick run of @A Smile's 4231 to check the difference in the output between double pivot + AM setup and DM-CM-CM on the current ME
guess this one should perform worse, but I'm ok if the difference won't be too high

still an overload to a right flank
mentality Att -> Balance
DLP + DM on central trio
credits to @A Smile  and @letsgo9

433 with overloading only on right flank
created mostly for Pool due to Trent's "switch flanks" PPM, but since my test save is created with City I leave it as it is
4231 with the latest trending PIs
passing on standard since I don't see much difference this year between shorter and standard + Work ball into box  TI

checking out new horizons for wingers with "cut inside" PI allowed
plus basic CMs with only "Move into channels" PI
letsgo9 said: AS Roma lmao, the team has no wingers

@Delicious will be happy xD
Stuaret said: This is true most of the time, we have found a tactic that does not respect this behavior, as discussed here:
Over 100 Attacking

or that's just randomness due to just 1200 matches being played currently
trying to find some balance with supporting midfield and attacking WBs
plus overall team width on 3/4

@Zippo 4k tests won’t happen during beta or?
hope that working attacking mentality ain’t a some beta fluke
just trying one of the last two tactics from the latest patch of FM23 in FM24 beta
this one is 433 with an inverted central trio

Middleweight165 said: What is the etiquette of testing tactics published by other authors on different sites? Of course referencing them as the author and not claiming the tactic as my own. I'm thinking of the well known names in the community who always publish successful tactics and it would be nice to compare them against the tactics here. Is it allowed?

there's an option for this

and it looks like this: https://fm-arena.com/thread/4882-stephenhk-s-shaolin-4123-v5-1/

p.s. can't speak about etiquette, but it looks OK to me to put a tactic for testing, if some author doesn't post here
attacking mentality just to check if it will be huge drop from balanced & positive or will stay the same