just trying positive mentality as it suits this formation for fast breaks

IW on hold
WB to IWb w/o run forward

iw on support with hold position
dm on support

5 men on attack
dribble more and shoot less for wb

BBMs on move forward + channels
BPDs on def + cover
no flanks and overs/unders

xmas formation with MHD and step up more

classic 3421 formation with double AM
DMs on hold
MHD, overlaps

play out of D, through the middle and work ball into box
+ F9

overlaps, narrow IW + wide WB

both CMs on attack + roam

IWB on both sides, left AM moved to IW, another AM to attack

some weird asymmetric 5131 tryout with attacking WB on one side and IWB on another

Ajax said: You should test on less strong teams to know if your tactics work correctly

There’s no reason for it actually, since rng factor is too high on sole non-freezed holiday run. Testing with City, Brentford or WH doesn’t give any difference beside the fact that some formations don’t suit a team at all. Like testing 3stc formations with Chelsea (but they’re a great for strikerless :D )

P.S. and if a tactic doesn’t score too high, but don’t fail totally in conditioned testing league with what I like to see it’s more than OK from my point of view :)
overlaps + flank plays
one more try with BWM and classic narrow IFs

I'd suggest swapping STC with CB on corners' focus for testing purposes :)
@Zippo  can this be added to a testing queue?
a tweak of @Delicious  structura x (or ix w/e)
volante to support w/o runs forward
fewer risks
lower d-line

vol (at) -> vol (su) w/o runs forward and channels
removed some dribble more instructions

changed DWs to wide IWs, one DM to Volante
+ fewer risk
D-line to lower

fewer risks for all except AF
lower d-line