But what about the official in-game editor? Have you tried it?
Gerrard said: or do you mean with MCs?

Yeahh, I think he meant MCs.

But in FM MCs have been "cursed" for many years already, they've been the weakest positions in FM... and still no love from SI. :cry:
Good luck with 4,000 matches test :)
A quick test with Man Utd :thup:

pixar said: How much did he buy with 1200? I couldn't see it, I missed.

It got 62 pts after 1200 matches
dzek said: Without ‘Pass Into Space’ 👑

Also, someone should test it with "Mark Tighter" because it seems that PI also does the trick
twistedheat said: Edit: Tested it with increasing the 1s to 5s and the results were drastically different. Crazy.

sponsorkindest said: Thanks for testing this and i agree with you conclusions right, we need a baseline value for other attributes before focusing on the important ones and you can read my thoughts in detail below

Because value "1" is an extreme attribute value. I don't think there's any player that has value "1" for an attribute.

If I'm not mistaken attribute values from 1 to 5 are "free" which means it doesn't cost any CA points.

So I think the minimal possible value for an attribute is "5" and not "1".

And when you set an attribute to "1" then you do a crazy thing and the result might be crazy as well.
Kamas1 said: So what, for example search only players with pace and acc like 17 and more? regardless of other attributes?

Just use a common sense.

It works great when:

- Your Strikers are faster than the opposition Strikers
- Your Wingers are faster than the opposition Wingers
- Your Midfielders are faster than the opposition Midfielders
- Your Defenders are faster than the opposition Defenders

But as @Lapidus said there could be a significant difference in speed between the lines because for example, in the game an average Midfielder, usually, is much slower than an average Wingers.
letsgo9 said: omg, everything I hypothesized about the game was wrong

lol... the same here :D
I'm rally impressed how it worked out in my Atletico Madrid save.

Winning the league and Champion League with them in the 1st season is a great achievement, especially, considering how strong Barca and Real Madrid are.

Awesome tactic! :love:

gohan said: hi delicious, can u show me player instruction. please

take these, they are the same -
WOOOT :shock:

good job as always Zippo
dzek said: Did you test it on holidays or as a normal run?

it was a normal run
Adix said: This work for weaker teams? like Wolves?

I haven't tried it with a weak team but I can say with FC Bayern the tactic works great.

I had only 2 loses in the season.

toonarmy0511 said: @Delicious thank you for this tactic. Do you have any good 433 tactic by any chance?

Have you looked at this one one - ?
I've been doing amazingly well with Napoli using this tactic.

We managed wining the league with 109 points and Champions League Cup, only had 1 draw, 1 lose in the season.

No doubts, this is the best 4-3-3 I've tired in FM23

This is the CL final against Man City

What a great tactic!

I've managed winning La Liga with Atletico Madrid :)

Barca and Real Madrid bite the dust :goofy: