saitjerome said: Yup, i got your point. I like 3 defender formations too but also very *depended* on table points, dunno why. It always felt me like i'm going to lose because i didn't pick the best tactic... Whatever i think you got my point too :P

You really can win everything in FM even using a 30 points or lower tactic from the test.

Just look at this -

it's possible to build a monstrous team that will destroy everyone on its path even with the worst tactic in the game.

And if you like 3 defenders formations then it's possible to win everything with them.

But if your team is the weakest in the league then even the best tactic won't help you winning it.
saitjerome said: is this possible? I mean tactics are tested in 2.8k matches to find the best but this guy said "best tactic so far". Isn't the best tactic is who gets most points on the table? Just curious

Dude, no need to be a downer.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

He might like how it plays and that's the major factor for him.

Or he might just had a great winning run with it (it could be luck but it doesn't matter) and now he's happy and just came to thank ZaZ for this tactic.

Or it might be his team is perfectly fits into this tactic and that delivers a very good result.

Anyway, I think you got my point. :)
Chewbacca said: As I always thought, you can spend weeks or month on improving your tactic to boost your results by 1%-2% or you can just buy players with "proper attributes" and boost your result by 100%-200% :)

I think the same as you, pal.
LOL :D  SI removed exploits and made the AI manages to be smarter and everyone started complaining that now it requires having the best players if you want to win against the best team in game? No one is ready for such  twist :D Everyone expect for a tactic that would allow then to defeat Man City with Nottingham Forest 10 - 0 :D

And if you also mention that now it requires carefully managing the morale and condition then everyone "WTF? No way, go to hell! I didn't sing up for that"
ZaZ said: I'm trying my best, sorry if my tactics are not good enough this year.

How can it be your fault if this year there aren't any exploits and the AI tactics and the way AI plays  have been greatly buffed.

People just should stop thinking that a good tactic is the only what you need for winning in FM, there are many other factors that are more important than tactics.
ZaZ said: Thanks! I'm not demotivated, just a bit frustrated with balancing attack and defense. Getting loads of goals is not hard in this engine but adding a good defense to an aggressive tactic isn't so easy. I mean, I can add two DMs, but since people already did that, I prefer to explore other directions. Maybe the best layout is just with two DMs, but it's hard to know. Also, everything can change with the next patch, so I'm not exactly in a hurry.

keithb said: I think the other poster might need to chill out a bit and possibly gain some more knowledge of FM!!!

That guy's been posting the same sh*t in every thread "I just tried your tactic few games and lost so your tactic is bad, make a new one"

I sure if you have a bit brain in your head then it's should be obvious that a tactic is only about 10% of the success in FM23 and other 90% is the quality of your players, how well do you rotate your team to keep the morale and conditions and the highest possible level.

In FM23 we don't have any exploits and if you want dominate then get the best players in your team and learn how to keep the morale and condition and the highest possible level.
Jack Kemp said: can i have the player instructions, im on fm touch. thanks alot

You'll find it under a spoiler
Enok said: Which tactic are u Using?

Corsair IF
Love it :love:

ouch... it seems 'dribble less' is a quite nasty thing and shouldn't be touched :D
Awesome stuff! Thank you!
Lsully95 said: I've made some tweaks to this tactic and it seems to be more effective but can't say for sure without running a few tests! Thanks!
If the tweaks you made are significant enough then just upload it here and I'm sure it'll get tested but don't forget to attach screenshot with results
Solaris said: Hmm... is it me or tactics with 5 defenders doesn't look as a viable approach in FM23?

they were quite weak in fm22 and I'm afraid nothing has changed
oliverupnext said: Hi everyone. Now that encourage as a shout is gone from the console version, did anyone manage to find a good replacement for it? As far as my results, praising the team after leading is still working very well, but now I'm not sure what kind of shout to use when a match is tied or I'm losing, I've been experimenting with the other 3 (demand more, focus, fire up) but none of them seems to be working consistently.


I'm a very lazy person and I find doing the shouts is boring as hell so I always leave to my assistant manager and it seems he's been doing great :)
toonarmy0511 said: ah and of course when on vacation you can't attend the meeting..

I guess we have to wait when the official in-game editor is released, it allows you to become "unsackable"
toonarmy0511 said: just curious when you guys test this tactic did you simulate the season or play it through? I simulate this tactic 3 times with newcastle (ass. manager picks best 11) and every single time I got sacked after finishing 6th, 7th and 7th.
Sandro said: It looks like in the fm23 beta this tactic delivers a weaker result than in fm22... sad.

I think every FM22 tactic needs just a few tweaks here and there and it'll should be fine.
sangarios said: yeah, i got your point and actually i knew it already but i am so freaking frustrated by close calls(losing in finals 3 times in a row) that i wanted to find a excuse :)

I'd say if in your domestic your team is only predicted 7th but you reach the Champions League final with such team then it's already an incredible result. :cool:
sangarios said: i have read it already, what i am trying to ask is if you have a team ,that predicted 7th before the season, should you win the title with this tactic or is it ok being 2nd? i have seen a lot of screen shot that people whose teams weaker than mine(by pre-season prediction) won the premier league with this tactic.

No one can tell you that for sure because in this game nothing is certain

The stronger your team, the better your chances for winning trophies but nothing is predetermined and that's how FM works

Sometimes, I'm so lucky that I can manage winning the title with a team that is predicted 10th and sometimes, I can be so unlucky that I can't win the title with a team that is predicted 2nd or even 1st.
sangarios said: is this results ok or am i doing something wrong?(my pre-season prediction was 7th last year)


Check this out, it might be helpful for you -