MisterCMS said: Hi, @Magician ,

Will you produce tactics for FM 22?


I haven't bought FM22 yet but I hope I can sink into it soon.
crazyfmguy93 said: it seems like you add more direct passing to very attacking tactic. Thats why i wanted to ask. i will only change the mentality.

Oops, it could be true and I just forgot to mention it.
crazyfmguy93 said: @Magician If I draw or lose with Phoenix v5.0 tactic after the 1st half then should change the mentality to "Very Attacking" at the beginning of the 2nd half or should i use very attacking tactic that you made?

You can just change the mentality to Very Attacking.
ZaZ said: I can't talk by Magician, but I believe Phoenix was born as a tweak of Red before going his own direction.

Yup, you're right. It was inspired by Red.
Gaksital said: @Magician, Your new throw-in set piece works really well on my tactics than on my old ones. Thank you.

I'm glad it works well for you. :thup:
Manidaro7 said: @Xeno94

this is exactly what I cannot decipher .... if the important attributes role by role are written here I will start creating filters that will help all those who need them

You really don't need any filters.

Here's a good guide by @Rince how to find players -
pixar said: Hello bro.
How to craete match plans?

I cant set subs time. I cant see this area.


I use match plans only in the FMTouch version and really don't know if that setting is available in the full version.
Zomba said: "IMPORTANT: Ask you assistant manager to make substitutions only after 70 min."
You said this in the opening post, how to do that? My ass man 2min into the game subs my striker. WTF


In the match plans you can instruct your assistant manager to make subs only after a specific time.

I know that the match plans feature works correctly in FM Touch version and I don't know whether it works correctly in the full version.
Exsodya said: Thank youuuu so much bro!!

Can you Pls share set pieces too?


The PIs in v4.0 and the PIs in v5.0 PIs are the same -

The only what I changed in v5.0 is the attacking throw-ins -
Keakiwi said: Hey @magician... just so I know, what would you do if you get a player sent off or lose one to injury after using all your subs? Doesn't happen often but I've found in the past if you know which element you can sacrifice 10 can play as effectively as 11.


if the defense is your priority them remove one of the shadow striker and move the other to the center and if the attack is your priority then remove the central midfielder.
@babemocni1988, I'm really not going to convince you of anything.

In my long term save with Southampton I won the EPL 5 times and during that period I won ECL 3 times and I did that with the same tactic.

So for me there's no such problem as using the same for multiple seasons. :)
BeRe said: when playing against teams that sits back (cautious,defensive) how do you adapt?are u doing any changes?

When I want to become more attacking and I think I can take more risk then change the mentality to 'Very Attacking', it greatly increases the attacking power but the same time it weakens the defense so I suggest using it carefully.
c00kamunga said: Since Inverted Wing-Backs are so hard to find, is there any way to change the DR and DL to Wing-Backs or Full-Backs, without sacrificing too much? Cheers

Just use regular wing-backs, they work fine.
Panjalakuruchi83 said: Hi sir. Need ur assistance. Version 5.0 is very good but can you share the condition saving for the version 5.0 cause my players are very tired and condition saving can help a lot. I saw a version 2.0 but i will like to have version 5.0 pls?


The conditions saving tactic and the very attacking version have been updated.
MCotton said: Are there any player traits that you recommend players should or shouldn't have?

I don't think there are any 'must have' traits but players should avoid having any traits that conflict with their PIs.
babemocni1988 said: Won double with Bologna first season!
12 points advantage!
Never done before
Congratulation Magician1

that's a great, pal! :thup:
kvasir said: Really weird I don't get that substitution option (make subs after min 70). What do I have to do?

If you use a custom skin then it might be what causes the issue.

crazyfmguy93 said: some slow people have Bette ratings. It is very complicated this Year.

Those ratings are completely useless... I suggest ignoring them.
babemocni1988 said: Magician what do you think?:cool:
I am in the dreamland :D

That looks very good. :)
Sane said: Hey @Magician , how much do you think the hidden characteristics of players influence their quality and score in a match? Such as important matches, consistency, professionalism, etc. They are visible only with the help of the editor.


The 'Consistency' attribute determines how often a player plays at 100% of his CA. For example, a player with "20" Consistency plays 20 of 25 matches at 100% of his CA and a player with "10" Consistency plays only 10 of 25 matches at 100% of his CA.

The 'Important Matches' attribute works similar to the 'Consistency' attribute but it only comes into play during Cup Finals or other important matches.

The 'Professionalism' attribute determines the development rate of a player and whether he's able to reach the maximum value his of his PA ( Potential Ability ) or not.
famulor said: So i should just leave it as it is? :D

Just assign the wingers or the central midfielder to take the corners.