famulor said: I read somewhere that we are supposed to change who takes corners on 5.0? Is it just left corner for LW and right corner for RW?

I didn't change anything in the attacking corner set pieces for v5.0. It still works great if the wingers of the central midfielder take the corners.
Keakiwi said: Hey @Magician do you still use the conditions saving tactic in games?

Sure, sometimes it can be very handy but it must be used wisely because it's much less effective than the default tactic.

Keakiwi said: Does it make too much of a difference? I find I still get quite a lot of players in the red heart by the end of a game regardless.

If you use it only for 15-20 mins in a match then of course, you won't see a significant difference but still in those 15-20 mins the conditions of your players are burned at a significantly lower rate than with the default tactic.

Also, if your players already were very tired and jaded before a match then they will end up the match having very low conditions despite you were using the conditions saving tactic.
Prysiu said: Hi,

does it make any difference if my SS's are left- or rightfooted?


I don't find it matters much
Here are few more examples:

Here are few examples how the throw-in setup might work:

JTC said: If your opponent's GK is worldclass like Edeson or Alisson of course I bet 99% of the time he catch the ball. But for weaker opponent players it is fun seeing (from time to time, albeit sparingly) the players mixing up in the box for one of your players (not necessarily the tallest one) to flick the ball into goal.

ZaZ said: What was exactly the change in this patch? Are they throwing longer, shorter, more precise, trying to pass into space? Any clue yet?

In the 21.4 path the distance at which a player can throw the ball has been greatly reduced so players have stopped to throw the ball into the opposite GK hands.
Bolvan said: When I say that it doesn’t work, it means I have played more than one ONLINE (not only matches with a bot) match, and I can say that with this positioning of a throw-in, I did not get a single dangerous moment at the opponent's goal - be it a computer or a real player


If you want you can send me your saves and I'll take look what's going on.

But please note that if you play with a very weak team like Fulham and you play against a very strong team like Liverpool then you'll get a little or none scoring opportunities after the attacking throw-ins and when you play with a weak against a strong team then you usually get very few attacking throw-ins so it's not enough to create even a single scoring opportunity.

The stronger your team, the more attacking throw-ins your team gets in a match and  the more scoring opportunities your team gets after the attacking throw-ins.
DeviAngel said: :bow:

Bravo, you are really fast.

I have a question is there a way for the SS to score more? What it is the most goal you encountered scored by your player? :)

If you play in French Ligue 1 and manage PSG then you can have some crazy amount of goals scored at the end of the season because your team is much stronger than any other team in the league and you greatly dominating your opponents winning and scoring 4-5 goals in every match and if your shadow strikers don't get injured during the season then each of them can score about 30-50 goals in the league but if you play in English Premier League then usually, your results are more modest because English Premier League is much more challenging than French Ligue 1 and there are 4-5 teams that can compete for the title and even with a very strong team like PSG you won't dominate your opponents in English Premier League like you would do that in French Ligue 1.

Also, having a proper attributes is very important for scoring goals but that subject has been discussed many times already.
DeviAngel said: You updated and the game updated, 21.4 is up :)

the tactic's been updated for the 21.4 patch
I've updated the tactic. Tweaked the attacking throw-ins set pieces.

It seems SI has changed the way long throw-ins work in the 21.4.0 patch so here're attacking throw-ins set pieces which I find works very well in the 21.4.0 patch. I updated my Phoenix tactic with the new throw-ins -

Please note, that this long throw-ins setup is designed to work with my Phoenix tactic and if you play with different tactic that use a different formation/roles/duties then you have to adjust this setup to fit your tactic.

Throw-in delivery: Long

DL should take the left throw-ins

DR should take the right throw-ins

Here are few examples hot the throw-in setup might work:

Exsodya said: Mate can you show In possesion, in transition and out possesion too because Xbox tactic setting is kinda hard. Thank you in advance

The team instructions are on the vid I posted.
infxamus said: for the Set Piece takers, do I leave them empty or do I add takers, and which positions should do them?

The left winger should take the left corners and the right winger should take the right corners.

The right inverted wing-back should take the throw-ins from the right side and the left inverted wing-back should take should the throw-ins from the left side.

The other set-pieces aren't that important.
Exsodya said: I'm playing the xbox touch version so I can't download the tactic. Can someone help me and share the screenshots for V4?

Here you go:

Kidshiva said: Hello, just a quick question

Do you still recommend changing the mentality to very attacking during the second half on v4?

Yes, when I desperately need to score then I change the mentality to Very Attacking and it's been working great for me.
KOniGun said: Hi @Magician ! for the position of nine and a half, it is better to convert attackers to this position, or to take real number 10? (Version 4)

thanks a lot


Having proper attributes is the only what matters. There are many wingers, inside forwards, strikers and midfielders who will do great as the shadow strikers in the tactic.
v4.0 is available
ta2199 said: Yes that was from 3D mode. I wasn't know about that because I use Instant Result with Match Plan. Till today, I was really reading the advisor from the AM and know what the Match Plan does to the Match

Hmm... I didn't know that Match Plans work in the Commentary Mode / 3D, especially, in the Full Version. Later today I'll check that and report back on what I see.
ta2199 said: Yes, When the AM changed the mentality and Formation he tell me those things like changed to tactic A with Mentality B, etc

Does the AM tells you that when you play matches in the Commentary Mode / 3D Mode?
ta2199 said: 1.Some skin provide the extra function, that why I can used Instant Result and Match Plan in Full Version.

Yup, I know that you can get such functionality by using 3rd party skins but as I said that functionality isn't officially supported for the Full Version and no one can give guaranty that it works properly in the Full Version so don't think suggesting to people using it would be right thing to do.

ta2199 said: 2. To tested if Instant Result worked in Full Version or not I can changed the 3rd Tactic to different formation and check the match later to see if It really changed the formation or not

Yes, the formations changes can be easily spotted if you watch the match later but how can you find out what mentality was used? If I understand you correctly then you said you found out that Balanced mentality was used instead of Attacking or you was talking about something different?