I just pray that this tactic won't get "fixed" in the full release because it's amazing :)

I easily won Serie A with Napoli, got 94 pts

Well done, @Pulsar.

I've tried the tactic with Man City and won everything. :cool:

Here're my results since I started using the interaction thing, it's been working amazing... thanks you...! :thup:
Ozturk58 said: Although the lineups are similar, the results of each tactic are different

thier ratings are 6.3, 6.5 and 6.7... so the difference between them is about 2%-3%

and the only difference I see in your new tactic is the AMC's duty so the diffirence will be like 1% or even less

why wouldn't you try something more original?
@Ozturk58 c'mon, dude! It's been tested many times already!

I've also tried the tactic with Man City and got a very good result :thup:
Bogeyman said: @BJT Hi, why don't you use Long Throw-ins in your tactics? They are much more effectite than Short Throw-ins and gives a lot of goals... it's kinda cheat... I see that all the tactics top tactics use Long Throw-ins :)

Every tactic that I've tried so far was doing better with long throw-ins than with short throw-ins so I think if you are looking for the best result you need to use long throw-ins
This PPM has resurrected my dead striker... thanks! :D
I remember "Shots With Power" was an overpowered and must have player trait for strikers in FM18(or FM17). Have anyone tried this player trait in FM20?
Is the Team Meeting useful only when the morale is poor or there's other use for it?
Obviously said: I left it all to assistant manager

Got it, thanks.

Any recommended training for the tactic?

@Tsubasa Thanks, pal! Appreciate your help. :thup:

I'm new to FM and my question might sound stupid so I apologize for that :angel: but can someone explain what "Shouts" actually do... do they alter my tactic or something like that? Should I use them or better leave them?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.