Lapidus said: Thanks! That's good one.

I guess, 'Pass Into Space' and 'Take More Risk' also do the same thing?

I hope it also will be tested soon.
alex said: Are you also the mr hough with the 433's (triple striker) back in the old fm days? :)

yeahh... that was an awesome tactic

@Mr Hough83, do you anything special for FM24?
Gerrard said: Mr H is correct

Wow! I'm a big fan of you tactics, pal. Nice to you see here and this tactic is really amazing. Well done! :thup:
Great tactic!

Thanks, @Blau.

I easily won EPL and UEFA Europe League with Liverpool.

I got only 1 lose in the league during the season.

There can't be different opinions that the design behind the role attributes is terrible and should be redone long time ago and it's really embarrassing that we still have it.
Man City :)

I also find that the number of appearances, the difference between CA/PA and the hidden attributes Professionalism and Ambition are the major factors when it comes to the development of players.
Nahh... I really don't think that very high "Free Kicks" and "Corners" attributes are necessary

Of course, it's always good if someone your players has it at very high level but I'm sure it isn't tragic if it's not.

I find somewhere 12-14 level is fine.
This tactic is just incredible. :thup:

I achieved 103 points with Atletico Madrid.

@Delicious, I think adding Focus Down Flanks and Overlaps to this tactic could make it tactic number 1... what do you think?

Ohh... I just found you already summited it :D  - https://fm-arena.com/thread/3542-4132-extreme-diamond-volts-ii/
ZaZ said: It might be a good way to end a run of bad results. Hard to know what is more efficient during a season.

I guess that's why people test tactics for thousands matches here to find out what is more efficient and not be distracted when a bad run happens in their saves

There's even an official hint in the game:

"Constantly changing your tactic and making dramatic alterations to the style of play will not help your players settle or find their rhythm and is likely to have an adverse affect on the team's performances."

Probably, by putting that hint into the game SI was trying to say that s*hit happens don't rush to change your tactic because it might be a very good tactic but bad runs happen and changing your tactic might do even worse.

I guess same goes for the players, if a player did poorly in 1st half then he might do great the 2nd half, I've seen that many times.
ZaZ said: Poor performance is a good indicator that players got a bad roll for consistency. They can obviously recover with a goal or some good moves, but I would rather switch then for someone with a possible better roll than keep then at the risk of having them in a bad day.

Nahh, I don't think it's about the consistency roll.

I've seen many times how 2-3 players had 5.8-6.0 ratings in the 1st half and then 7.5-8.0 ratings in the 2nd half.

It's just players might have a very bad RNG for their actions in the 1st half but in the 2nd half they might a very good RNG for their actions.

We all know even with a very good tactic sometime you can hit a bad run ( few loses/draws in a row ) but we don't change our tactic after that because we know it's good and it was just bad luck that happens. The same goes for the players in a match, they might have periods when they have bad RNG for their action but it won't last forever and as I said if a player did poorly in 1st half then he might do great in the 2nd half and subbing him you just take away his opportunity for a good RNG.

That's my philosophy. :)
ZaZ said: Usually I sub any player performing badly (6.3 or less). Then, if anyone is tired or has a yellow card, I give it some thought about changes. I try to make 3-4 changes at half time, and save at least one just in case of injuries.

Poor performance in the past doesn't mean a poor performance in the future.

I've seen many times how a poor performer in the 1st time becomes the man of the match in the 2nd half.

Also, how ratings works in the game is a joke. Looking at the rating you really can't say for sure whether the player is doing well or not.

That's why I always prefer subbing players exclusively on their Conditions because the Conditions level makes a huge difference - https://fm-arena.com/table/20-condition-morale-testing/
Let's make a petition asking SI to bring back FM Touch to PC platform. :cool:
McFly said: how to use in game? When i play with leakly teams i have to use attacking training?

Just use any training that keeps your players fit and happy and also, develops Acceleration and Pace attributes and you'll be golden.

The stats are crazy :shock:

Champions League Final vs Man City

A new best 4-2-3-1 tactic

WOW! Superb tactic!

It's really a good analysis, Zippo. Thanks.
Falbravv said: But i'm not sure we can do what we want about this. I think there is a potential for all players, if they reach CA? they reach some attributes, but can we really change attributes ?

I find in FM you really can't change attributes of players, the training is kidna useless BUT you can buy players that have overpowered attributes.