TactocTestor said: So i guess it depends on your preference because no one knows exactly how important each goalkeeping attribute is?

Reflexes, One On Ones, Handling Agility, Command Of Area, Concentration and Communication are the most important attributes for GK
Man City, the 1st season

The team scored 142 goals in the league :woot:

Prutton said: It can be Volante as long as it's not in the center.

Yes, you're right.
Machismo said: I don't have a volante on my FM21.

As far as I know you can choose the volante role for a DM position only if there are 2 or more DMs positions in your tactic and if there's only 1 DM position in your tactic then the volante role isn't available.
BulldozerJokic said: Have you seen the formation of the time wasting tactic? It doesn't replicate VOID at all

Yes, it has a slight different formation but it doesn't look like a problem to me at all because if you can fit your team in the default VOID 2.0 then you also can fit your team in the time wasting version without any problem.
BulldozerJokic said: The VOID tactic is awesome, although it is not flexible with its "very attacking" mentality. The author of VOID claims that toggling the mentality down seriously affects the performance. So there is almost no way to keep the lead in tough away games, for example. Would love to see how this tactic performs in tests.


Recently, Cyborg uploaded a time wasting version of the tactic, which can be used to protect the lead.

krozan said: Ofc, here is the screenshot which has me finishing 7h this season.

krozan said: Media prediction for this season has me finishing 7th

Having 7th media prediction with Leeds in the 2nd season is kinda crazy... could you post a screenshot of the media prediction I want to see it. :)

Probably, in the 1st season you overachieved at a very extreme rate(got very lucky I think) and in the 2nd season you are still overarching but at a lower rate than in the 1st season and that's a quite normal thing.
Nikko said: Superb tactic! :thup:

I went undefeated with Borussia Dortmund in the league and also, won the Champions Leauge Cup, DFB-Poka-Cup and German Supercup

In the league the team scored 137 goals and only 18 goals conceded :)

I also play with Borussia Dortmund right now and Haaland is just a goalmachine :)
WOW... 7.2! :love:
The tactic fits very well Atletico Madrid.

I had an incredible season with it, won everything. :woot:

dannyroberts96 said: please can someone share a download link for 4.0?

just go to the 1st post of this thread
Prutton said: I hope my set pieces work there, because I am doing over 50 holiday runs to optimize it.

I really doubt there'll be any significant changes when it comes to the set pieces. I think they'll just make strikerless tactics to be less effective.
Lapidus said: As the testing revealed the Dribbling attribute is an important attribute but I'm sure its importance varies for different positions.

I don't believe Dribbling is very important for Central Defenders or it's more important than  Jumping Reach for them.

It had a significant impact on the result in the testing because there are still 8 positions in the tactic(except Central Defenders) that depend on Dribbling attributes and I'm sure all that also apply to Vision attribute.

I agree, such positions as GK and Central Defenders have an unique behavior, it's very different from other positions and it's obvious that such attributes as Dribbling and Vision can't have the same importance to them as to other positions.
Prutton said: Also, the difference of 0.08 points per match is basically the difference between a 7.0 and a 6.8 tactic here, so it shouldn't be considered negligible.

That's true... but the difference between 7.0 rating and 6.8 rating is about 2.9% which means a 7.0 tactic is about only 2.9% more effective than a 6.8 tactic
Prutton said: Blue 2.0 wasn't selected for testing. It doesn't appear in the table.

IMHO, the changes between Blue 2.0 and Blue 1.0 would make a 1% difference at the most :)
Mark said: I think ZaZ Blue 2.0 is a clear winner for lower league management

@Mark, if you'd ask me then I wouldn't say there's a clear winner

ZaZ Blue 2.0 tactic: Avg. points per game = 1.916

Phoenix 3.0 tactic: Avg. points per game = 1.849

The difference in PPG is less than 3.5%

I guess you tested without eliminating RNG factors like in the fm-arena testing, I mean freezing the morale and conditions and so on. In the fm-arena testing Phoenix tactic has 2.114 PPG and Blue tactic has 2.092 PPG so in fm-arena testing the difference in PPG is less than 1.1% and I'm sure if you were eliminating RNG then you also had like a 1.1% difference in PPG and you really can't say that there's a clear winner when the difference is less than 1.1% :)
Obviously said: anyone else think the new ME is a bit funky?
some results im getting are weird to say the least lol

I haven't been noticing any difference. It works the same as before for me.
healmuth said: It baffles me that the testing results of FM-Arena are SO vastly different from FMBase and from Holiday Testing with Frozen players.
In FM-Base testing when the season isn't over yet many teams change their managers due poor results and that has great impact on the result for every tactic but that doesn't happen in FM-Arena the AI teams don't change their managers until the end of the season.
ForeverEverton said: This seems to happen in all CM/FMs since I can remember but it appears to be more common in the later FMs.  It is highly frustrating.

So last night I went on a good run of form, won 7 games straight en route to getting to the top of the National League with Weymouth but at 3am I decided enough was enough for one night.

When I switch on today the 1st game was against Dover who sit in the bottom 5 of the league table and we lose with all players rating 5.9 to 6.2, by far the lowest all season and we have been rating 7.0 to 8.0 for most games.  Obviously form shouldn`t fall off a cliff in that way!

A quick restart and everything continues as before, is this a glitch?  Do others have this problem?

I hasten to add I`m not one to quit and restart if I lose a game but on start up each day I find that 5/10 times this happens.  Is there a reason to this?

you can lose 3 matches in a row and then reload and replay the matches and win them all and there'll be nothing unusual in that because it could be that your chances on winning in those matches were 50% / 50% and the first time you were unlucky and the second time you were lucky

Your winning chances are about 100% only when your team is like Barcelona and only when you play vs amateurs teams and even that you still have a very small chance to lose :)