@Mark, hi.

You forgot to upload the tactic. :)
@goodskillman, hi.

Please, add screenshots of the tactic and some results with it.

Thank you.
@fmkoreasimo, hi.

Please, add screenshots of the tactic and more result with it.

Calvino said: Is it possible to download save for tactic testing?


At the moment we don't share it but that might change in the future.
@CM93, hi.

Please, post some results with the tactic.

Prutton said: Fixed.

Thank you.

I'm sure no one would argue that people tend to consider the latest version of a tactic as the most recent version and the most effective version at least in the eyes of the author :) so handling the updates in any different way would create a lot of confusion.

It's common practice and there's nothing wrong in updating your tactic to revert the changes that was made in the previous version.
@aysqan, hi.

Please, upload screenshots of the tactic.

Prutton said: Fixed. Sorry for the trouble.

Pal, it's still very confusing.

Higher version number should indicate a more recent tactic.

If you think that some of the previous versions(e.g. Blue 2.1) is the best for the 21.4 patch then there's nothing wrong in uploading it once more but with a different name(e.g. Blue 3.0).

Please, let me know when you sort it out.

Prutton said: Sorry, I thought it wasn't useful anymore since you can't roll back to previous patch. I will get it back immediately. I deleted because I thought it would confuse people to have a version 2.2 that is outdated while version 2.1 is considered the one to be used in this patch, so I thought it would confuse people to leave them there.

No worries, thank you for your comprehension.

The previous versions are far from being useless because it's always very useful to know what worked well for the previous patches and how you've been changing your tactics from patch to patch. Also, there are some people that keep their Steam clients in 'Offline mode' to avoid updates so they are still on the previous patches.

Also, having different tactics with the same name is extremely confusion. Imagine, people were discussing and positing results for a tactic that was called Blue 2.0 but you've deleted it and uploaded a different tactic with the same name. Now people are discussing and uploading results for a tactic that's is also called Blue 2.0 but it's a different tactic. Could you imagine how confusing it will be for people that only recently stumbled across your thread? :)

Please, check this -

Prutton said: I've removed Blue 2.2 from the first post since it now performs worse than 2.1. If anyone still wants to use it, it's the same as 2.1, but with "Use Tighter Marking" option enabled.

I'll keep Blue 2.1 for this patch since my attempt of 3.0 was also performing worse than 2.1. Unfortunately, Phoenix became too similar to Blue, so I'll probably set it aside for a while to work in different formations. @Zippo can test Blue 2.1 anytime.

Hi, pal.

Please, check this -

Prutton said: Updated for this patch. Since I Blue 2.1 performed better in my experiments, this one is a variation of that tactic instead of 2.2 or 3.0 (which failed).

Hi, pal.

Please, restore the 2.2 version which was tested.

Deleting your tactics, especially those which were tested, creates great confusion for everyone and nullifies our work. Please, never do that.

Tell me when you sort out your threads and I'll add your new tactics in the queue.

@igorlc10 hi,

Is this your tactic?
Prutton said: That's funny, because I can swear the way matches unfold changed a lot. I mean, there are way more crosses now and less through passes. Maybe it's just a cognitive bias.

The Placebo Effect :)
@Bolvan, hi.

Please, give the tactic a more appropriate name.

Also, please add screenshots of the tactic and some results with it.

Thank you.
ElTurco said: Thank you for your comment. I changed my Essyy tactical name to ELTURCO.
I will post more regularly in my next updates ..

Please, tell what is the actual name of the "ESSYY2" tactic that we tested? Is it ELTURCO V2?
Hi, @ElTurco.

Please, restore your "ESSYY2" tactic that we tested.

Don't remove your tactics or we won't test them.

Also, please could you give your tactics a bit more appropriate names because "ESSYY2" or "ESSYY3" doesn't look cool. :)

And the last request... please, keep all your tactics at the opening post. Also, if you update your tactic then it would be nice to see what changes you make.

Thank you.
Egraam said: Thank you very much for the test :thup: I'll try not to post anything to similiar to other tactics anymore, this one was an exception because I've been trying to use everything I know works in this meta. Thanks once again :D

Pal, feel free to post whatever you want. Even a small tweak could be very useful for someone.

Of course, it should not be expected that we'll test every tactic posted and every small tweak posted but you know people still can use tactics that haven't been tested. :)
salzby said: Hi Are you going to test it @Zippo


Everything in the tactic has been tested very well already so there's a very low chance it gets tested.
Hi, @fabix99

Please, add screenshots of the tactic.

Hi, @tacttt.

Please, add screenshots of the tactic.