We try 433 classic good shape but wanted to try in new fm arena league the iwb w which irl is 90% of teams right now so looks good.
If i am not here 352 is dead so lets see this in this new test format
Maybe a dumb question but how can you buy or get fm 13 now just curious, FM big problem is there is 1 way to really win and be strong this has been since forever, but ME feel wise the 24 is the best apart from some bugs.
Trying the 4312 based on this, changes on PI and some roles https://fm-arena.com/thread/9067-big-truck-4312/
Suprising the CM sucks in this ME, DM SV in attack can even attack better cause he is more present in build up while good going forward
Tried the CM version, seems better in attack but i expect very similar result.
There is a huge lack of support for 352 so i basically return here to return 352 in spotlight even though it is far far from meta but love this shape.
A Smile said: Can PFS really replace AF?

Interesting take on 3 PF on support really interesting, tbf PF plays like AF but presses bit more and can be little bit more involved in build up, would you recommend two PF-S or one on support and one on attack in a 2 striker partnership ?
Fantastic result with a 4312 big difference that 3 DM makes in this shape compared to 1 DM and 2CM especially defensively
Trying a 325 with the ball, IW seems better than W in terms of variety of attacks they come and pop in different places sometimes, testing this more realistic shape that today is meta in real football.
Another for fun test, mid block mid def line, removed step up more, CM to DM and removed focus play on flanks.
Trying this shape for fun will score very bad but i think is cool, in FM what we see on the screen is the defensive shape and this is how most teams play who play 352 maybe just moving the CM in DM but thats it.
I am also interested in this stuff.
Based on this https://fm-arena.com/thread/8734-352-3xdm-bprinciples/ so because i also tested this and noticed a 1 point drop when using focus play down flanks so i think removing it will improve the tactics, also many PI changes to mimic my tactics also with 3XDM very solid i think and very great football in terms of balance.
juwow said: Thanks! Its still not hitting the required 58 points but I feel like we moved forward with the shape itself even for future versions.

How FM works the 352 is very very underrated dunno how can a ME have 343 with 3 AF better than 352, even 3421 irl is inferior to a good 352 here is opposite dunno why, i think maybe try to change PI in this see my PI in 352 amaterasu which had good sucess 56 with CM, and remove focus play and i think maybe can get a suprise but ofc cannot survive 2k matches
Great score, seems balanced is better with this shape i tried the attacking one got 53,54 remove focus play on flnaks on me it dropped 1 point so i think 56-57 is possible very solid
detroitrex said: what we need is a bwm role in the amc slot! (also maybe a targetman)

The vidal role in juventus in 2013-2014 CM/DM without the ball and AM with the ball, i would love to play a 442 without the ball a pure 4312 with the ball impossible in ME, the bs 442 can be turned into whatever doesn't work WP is very very wide never goes in primary central area so 4312 without the ball is nonsense in football you can destroyed
Added the focus down both flanks.
This time first test on 3 DM in a 352 which in this case maybe can do better defensively will see which of the 3 versions is better CM, AM, or DM ones.
detroitrex said: I have spent a lot of time thinking about why diamonds are so crappy this year but the box is strong. They should be pretty similar systems, right?

-clearly, double dms are very strong
-2 strikers + 2 ams is also clearly very strong. I think it just overloads the defensive ai with numbers. If you get enough dudes in the box, someone's going to find a pocket of space
-cms just don't seem to do enough relative to other options. It's hard to get any system to score well if it has 2 actual cms: 433, 352, diamond, flat 442--all missing from the top of the leaderboard
-lack of defensive cover on the wings prob. ain't helping either. inside forwards or even amcs that aren't dead center will put at least some pressure on fullbacks during buildup.
-stylistically, the match engine this year just doesn't seem to like quick, intricate passing which a diamond should excel at.

so what can be done? You could maybe try to mimic a box setup and see how that goes: dm on some kind of support role, an mc on defend and one on attack, amc on attack or maybe even an ss, two strikers on stay wider, and fb(a) to maybe be a little more solid on the flanks. I haven't had the time to test it myself yet but it sounds reasonable.

Good write, but i think overall the reason why it is not strong is not offensively because both are not that far apart i have had some 51-52 diamond here tested and maybe can push a bit more, problem is defense the diamond is very bad at covering distances the AM is useless in the center, i had a 352 turned into a 3511 diamond and did worse and the AM was very useless in defense in the center, while outer AM do very well, also the 2 DM is very strong compared to 1 DM even 3 DM are very strong this year too they cover the half spaces much better than CM