Made some PI adjustments from v2.
A complete overhaul of v1.
Scored 100 goals in PL as Luton:cool:
Infinity said: hm personally im getting better results with TH P97...any ideas why?

Same here:(
Also as I have tested with different teams, using the same PIs for FB in this tactic results in rather poor results for non-424 formations:shock:
Same as v3 but removed hold position from DM.
2nd in PL as Luton.
CF to right side, IFa -> IFs.
mehmetgs7 said: This is a really good tactic.

Thank you!

You're welcome :) Glad you like it :D  I am still working on improving it further
Well done!
Based on v2, but removed take more risks from FBs.
5th in PL as Luton and won both cups.
Made some minor PI adjustments.
Based on https://fm-arena.com/thread/10775-4213-striker-madness-v5-fwxm-tweak/ , but CFs -> PFs.
3rd in PL and won FA Cup as Luton.
MrGreen said: This looks remarkably similar to https://fm-arena.com/thread/10537-ton-424-v9-hub-th-p97/ :getlost:

It is exactly the same tactic, as it was tested that "Run At Defence" TI and "Dribble More" PI does the same job (except for CBs, which are unaffected). In this case, the original @Gerrard 's tactic has "Dribble More" PIs only on CBs and this "new" tactic has all positions with "Dribble More" but removes "Run At Defence" TI.

@Zippo is this allowed?
Based on @alex 's 4213 Striker Madness V5.
Change: PFs -> CFs, added invite crosses, some PI adjustments.
2nd in PL as Luton and scored 98 goals with 50 GD.
Same as v1, but right DMs -> CMs instead of the left ones.
Trying a 4222 with two CWBs.
Scored the most goals in PL as Luton.
Based on 433 feiwuxiaomei v2 but mentality to Attacking.
Based on 4222 feiwuxiaomei and inspired by @dzek 's Samba V1.
5th in PL as Luton.
Based on v1 but cautious mentality, let's see if it works in FM24.
4th in PL as Luton.
Based on v2 and IFs -> IFa.
6th in PL as Luton and won FA Cup.
Based on 424 feiwuxiaomei v2, but changed left DMs to CMs.
Won FA Cup as Luton.