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Mentality to attacking

teambash said: nice. what about attacking, defending and corners brother?

I didn't upload it with set pieces mate, have a look at this thread from @Mark https://fm-arena.com/thread/8935-set-piece-testing/
Bradjc94 said: What would be your reasons for preferring POS V1.39?

I just feel like it controls a game much better. More stable than attacking and it also achieved the highest score over 4800 from my 4231. Can't remember the figure, think it was 68.3
MrGreen said: @CBP87 oh you got me, rascal πŸ˜‚

MrGreen said: Surely, there can't be 2 of you?!?!

πŸ˜‚ There's not mate, it's me. Just wanted wind you up
I'm not on discord pal πŸ˜‚
Dallas said: Any chance you could share this SUS tactic with PI please, I’m on console so can’t download it, thanks

All but tackle harder on the CB, FB and DM. Removed take more risks from AM.

Thats it pal
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Mirrored formation, switching PF and IFa to right side

Y15ARG said: it's not just the shape though

Pretty much every tactic has the same back 6, the only variations you see are the front 4 and everyone has:

short passing
high tempo
hard tackling (which is the 1st thing I turn off on all of them, makes very little difference to results, makes a huge difference to bookings and suspensions over a season)
pass into space
counter press
distribute fast

etc etc etc

For the love of God, somebody do something different :|

PS for record, I do like your Katana 4231, 104p v3.11 is my favourite, but maybe do that with something other than ST-IF-AM-IF - I adapt it a little to the players I have available, but love the concept

I've tried mate but it simply doesn't work as well as the other ones pal, what change's are you making?
Using this in my Bolton save, 2 promotions in a row and 2nd place finish in my first season in the premier. Predicted 20th. Amazing results towards the end of season beating City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea

I concentrated on acceleration and pace when recruiting players. Dorgu, Wanner and Addai are beasts, highly recommend signing them if possible
Based on this - https://fm-arena.com/thread/7520-fm24-preset-433-tiki-taka/

Quite a bit of an increase, so I thought I'd tweak it to match the OP roles, FBa, AFa, IFs etc..

Added the usual team instructions and players instructions.

Holiday tested, best XI selected.

MrGreen said: Feels, the amount of stuff i've done and tested to be different, just doesnt stack up to whats on display, its annoying as the same stuff occupies all top spots across numerous sites, its boring.

I agree buddy, unfortunately its just the way the game has gone this year. There'll be different shapes that dominate hopefully going forward or a more variety of shapes
Y15ARG said: to be fair there is not much to differentiate any of the top tested tactics, it's getting a bit dull

Need somebody to come up with something very different, a good 3 at the back system, or a change of tempo, or something more direct, just something different, come up tactic geniuses :)

We've tried mate but these types of tactics aren't as effective as these ones, trust me, thousands of tactics have been submitted, all different shape and sizes but nothing it topling the 424 at the moment
Manidaro7 said: ok,i will start using it too! i couldn't find it in plug&play tactics so i was still using the offensive version 1.9

it won't be in plug and play as that table is for the highest rated formations, https://fm-arena.com/thread/10654-katana-4231-pos-100p-v1-39/
Manidaro7 said: so now the 4-2-3-1 to use is this?

I prefer the POS v1.39, not saying its better but I prefer it
Manidaro7 said: @CBP87 I concede too many goals with this tactic,would it be indicated to switch to the positive tactic or do I continue to use this offensive one?

I'm using POS v1.39 and I'm doing well with it
FinsFootyManager said: I'm planning on using this as a decent team in a league, but there's two teams considerably better than me. Is there a more defensive option, or some tweaks when playing against stronger opposition? Im concerned about how high up my defense will be against a stronger team.

lower your defensive line to something you're defenders will be comfortable with
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Dribble more to all applicable roles