I wouldn't normally get involved in all this shit but I've compared the tactics and team instructions are the same but one tell tale sign is the set pieces, the set pieces are identical.

Now whether its a coincidence or not I don't know but the amazing hindle set pieces have been tagged with the exact way Knap stamps his set piece routines, so hindle is definitely based on a Knap tactic
I've seen this before in previous versions, It normally got resolved by inputting your tactic holidaying until the next day then saving again
Baz said: Please test with a lesser team.

You test it with a lesser team
Metal said: Not just 'bad' he will also say if the tactic is 'very very very bad' with a test table showing how bad it is.

So yes I don't need an essay explaining why some tactic is bad, plenty of tactics out which look good on paper then we test them and then we find out the hard way how bad they are

I didn't say he needed to provide an essay did I? For all we know his testing league could be biased. But by stating "bad" without any further feedback is pretty turd in my opinion.

He may as well not share the results, what's the point in replying if he isn't going to be constructive about it?
Metal said: I find it constructive, straight to the point, no beating around the bush so we know not to touch the tactic.

So you find someone saying "bad" as constructive??
@Lampochka97 stop being a nob and offer constructive feedback on the tactics you are testing instead of just saying bad. I mean this tactic finished 2nd with Chelsea in what seems an elite testing league and yet you state there are better tactics. How about saying "nice going, did well in my test league"
Well written but one thing that stands out for me and I don't mean to ruin your parade is that you won the title in 2030 and UCL in 2031. For me personally, when I see people posting results so far forward, I can't take the tactic as seriously as someone posting results in 1st or 2nd season. You've had time to build the team, staff, facilities etc...

As I said, I'm not saying this to have a dig at you as the tactic looks good, but have you got any results from season 1 using this tactic?
Their natural instinct should be to get further forward
To add to point 4, there seems to be a lot of coaches whose preferred job is HoYd, you can still hire these as coaches, look for coaches with high attributes in level of discipline, motivating and determination, you will usually find some regen HoYd but they'll be up for a coaching role as long as the money is right
I always train try first time shots and place shots. It works for me, but as well you need to make sure the players have attributes for the traits. No point training tries first time shots when he anticipation, composure and finishing are dreadful.

Have a look at this guide https://www.guidetofm.com/players/traits/3/#finishing it will tell you which attributes are best suited for each trait
wixta79 said: so more of a complete forward? was thinking of converting a couple of my wingers

You can try it, just train them as F9s in individual training. Focus on players with food dribbling, first touch, passing, technique, composure, decisions, off the ball, vision, acceleration and agility.

you essentially want a creative forward, below are the results of the above attributes set at 14, I would probably look no lower than 13 in each hey attribute
wixta79 said: what kind of player makes best f9?

I would say have a look at players similar to Harry Kane, probably not going to find one with similar attribute values so probably drop attributes by -2
nator said: After some matches I am sure that tall players are better . Its because they score a lot from corners but also because they get crosses from fullbacks. My striker has 14 goals in 5 matches

I have to disagree with you I'm afraid, Mbappe has 7 heading and still managed 91 goals. Salah isn't a tall player at all and managed 97 goals.

Not saying it won't work with tall players, but I don't think its as important as you're making out
Very impressive with Liverpool, undefeated in the league, won the treble and Salah scored 97 goals in all comps. Well done :thup:
right for right and left for left