Dude I review your career from time to time. Something caught my attention. I observe that he rarely takes advantage of rental transfers. I, on the other hand, add at least 5 players to my team on loan every year. I especially benefit from the young players of the team in a higher league and they make a significant contribution to me. The only problem is that you can only use 5 of them in the match squad. That's why there are a few loan players even in my rotation squad.

Did you really specifically avoid this situation? :shock:

This is the situation in my career right now. (First year, I'm in a level 12 league, now 3.)

Myteam: https://www.instagram.com/goldfingersfc/ :)

You inspired me. I also run a team from England Level 12 League.*. I am making a career similar to this.

*with a patch
good luck bro. :woot:
What kind of training program did you use during and before the season when you were a semi-professional?

edit: now i see this post. sorry :)

Cong. bro. :woot:
Very nice ZaZ.
Can you share your scouting filters? of course if there is :)
Doesn't the adventure continue? :woot:
Where is blue 4.0? @ZaZ

Edit: i see. im blind :)

The file you requested has been deleted
Hello genius.
It's no surprise that you have your signature on the top 7/8 tactics in fmarena. :cool:
hello new champ :cool:
Blue 3.1 :angel:
ZaZ said: I prefer not to say anything because I never did an experiment to see what traits are better for each position. Anything I say would be just a personal opinion that could very well be wrong and mislead lots of players. What I know for sure is that traits that enforce the player instructions are good and traits that contradict those instructions are bad.

Well then let's list the features that match the player instructions :)
Bro, would you consider giving clearer suggestions for player traits in your spare time? For all positions.  :blush:
Why are there 2 leaderships in the spreadsheet? Teamwork below I guess? :)
Bro can u share your squad view? :blush:
I am not surprised by this result. But you should definitely test tactical familiarity as well. I think there will be an important result.
So is a test on tactical familiarity possible? For example, what would happen if the value of each player in this regard decreased by 50 percent?

@Zippo @Alexander