ZaZ said: It was just an example.

By the way, I am testing the schedule below right now. Keep in mind that it requires training with half intensity, else it will lead to a high number of injuries. I also discovered a glitch on training that allows you to "super rest" players (almost 40% more recovery of condition and fatigue than just full rest schedule), but I am still investigating it to understand exactly how it works.

"super rest" caught my attention. I hope you get results from your research :)
Guardian said: Could you post a picture of how the set piece screen looks in the game, when I try to import the routines, they do not show up although I put them into the set piece folder

look this post: https://fm-arena.com/find-comment/32242/
This tactic is actually a tactic created by @Delicious . In order to be tested according to FMArena standards, I took a holiday test with his permission and the results are as follows.

I am opening this topic so that @Mark can test the set pieces routine, which I came across in a post by @CSTG KANE on the forum and from which I was very efficient (58 corner goals in a 34-game season).

Original post: https://fm-arena.com/find-comment/29689/

In a season in which I scored 191 goals, I scored 58 corner goals with this routine Jonah Kusi-Asare, with 20 jumping, scored 80 goals in the league that season (:

Downloaded : 304 times
Uploaded : Jan 18, 2024

I definitely recommend you to test this. In a season in which I scored 191 goals, I scored 58 corner goals with this routine. Kusi-Asare, with 20 jumping, scored 80 goals in the league that season (:
CBP87 said: Eh?

Tactic doesn't use IWBs

Oh right. I think I got confused while looking at tactics in another tab. My fault :)
IWBs are not supposed to work like this under normal circumstances. I was surprised at such a result. Congratulations anyway.

letsgo9 said: can u share with us this shortlist? :angel:

I am in the year 2047. Most of the players on this list are regen. If you still want, I can share :)
In my career as a player with a +400k database, there are only so many players who are pace-acc-jumping-dribbling, attributes +15, and 3 of them are in my own team (Samsunspor, in 2047).

Again, in the same game, there is only 1 player with pace-acc-dribbling attributes +17.

Again, in the same game, there is only 1 player with pace-acc attributes +18.

CSTG KANE said: Here's a summary of my seasonal stats, the numbers at the markers include corners and set pieces, but of course I use more than just the 4231 formation in a season

The statistics I got in the first 12 matches in the league are great. (12 matchs corners 12 goals)
My defender is in 3rd place in the top scorer race.

How many corner goals do you score on average in a season in the league with this set piece? With Delicious, I score an average of 25-30 goals from corner kicks. If this is as efficient, I would like to try it.
low g.d. good point. It seems very difficult to survive the storm. I would like to be wrong
I think we saw the positive effect of more matches for the first time. The tactic, which received 62 points with 2400 matches, received 63 points with 4000. Interesting :)

How much did he buy with 1200? I couldn't see it, I missed.
CBP87 said: It was the top tactic though so surely it should've been tested for 4000 regardless of the result at 2400 but then again probably best leaving it as another 1600 matches could see it drop further down the list

It was the best tactic for 1400. But why should the tactic that wasn't the best at 2400 be tested again at 4000? I think this method is quite logical.
CBP87 said: @Zippo @Droid Morning, will this tactic be tested with 4000 matches or is it just 1200 increments once a certain score has been achieved? apologies if you've already answered this elsewhere

Since it's tactic HOF, it was probably tested with the 2400 first. If it was still at the top tactic after 2400, it would probably be retested at 4000.

look zippo's post: https://fm-arena.com/find-comment/28453/
BOK said: whats the difference between this and the 4231 Death Star?

first of all, ds attacking. this is balanced.
wow. Sharp decline after the storm. I think you'll need to change the amount of matches made in tests. A 5 point drop is a serious amount.

I think the amount of 4000 matches in each test may tire the system. I'm not too sure about that, but it can be considered to be at least 3000-2500 matches.

Delicious said: FM24 Tips and trick  | Ultimate Set Pieces |  Near Post

I've been using this since you posted it. But with 24.2.0, I feel like its efficiency has dropped by half. Does the same thing happen to you?
bwig said: Giving this a try.
how do u set training intensity here?

from the rest submenu within the training menu. Actually it is visible in the 2nd image
sponsorkindest said: lol, just for fun, this tactic could be called as "what is right side of the pitch?" :D

:angel: :angel: