Zippo said: Ohh... it's that thing. Ok, I'll check whether it can be tested or not.

Great. I hope you can test it easily.
Zippo said: Hi,

Please, clarify a bit what you mean, I don't get it.

I meant to say that every day the first post receives a new like notification. I think this means that these people are willing to have this test done. This is what I meant. (:
Zippo said: 7 Mental and 1 Technical attributes get +2 points boost

+2 Anticipation
+2 Composure
+2 Concentration
+2 Decisions
+2 Off The Ball
+2 Positioning
+2 Teamwork
+2 Vision
+2 Work Rate
+2 Passing[/center]

Actually, you mentioned 9 mental + 1 technical attributes. Why did you say 7?
@Zippo  please see this. A new like notification comes every day :)
Is it possible to conduct a test on the advantage of collective bonuses? @Zippo
Meta 424 featuring two-way midfielders and full-backs

doru228 said: do you use the same schedule for youth also ?

No. I don't like keeping players in my Under 19 team. I usually loan my players.
I wanted to see how the Raumdeuter and the inverted full-back wing worked.

elynem said: Oh my bad, I see it now.

That's a very nice growth for your players I will actually try this schedule out.

Just one more question. Do you train your players in position and role you play them in and what do you set as additional focus, like do you use quickness or any individual focus at all?

I use positional training. Depending on the tactics I use, of course.
But I do not use additional individual training. Including the goalkeeper.
Could the results change if we tested the base tactic with a different formation?
alex said: @pixar i think this was already tested :) https://fm-arena.com/thread/10067-424-classic-1-7/

Thanks for the feedback. @Droid please delete the topic
I would like to see the results of this amazing tactic with the invite crosses instruction added.

Tweaked version of https://fm-arena.com/thread/8898-424-icebreaker-cf-underlap/

Changes -

Added invite crosses

MeanOnSunday said: Are you actually doing what ZaZ said, because you also say you don’t manually rest players?  If you just have 3 rests in training and the players are “in training” then they recover substantially less than 3 rests plus manual rest for the day.  It’s still better than scattering the 3 rests on different days but not a “super rest”.  The strangest thing in the testing done by EBFM and ZaZ is that players on manual rest, no pitch or gym work, or even holiday, are affected by the training that the rest of the team is doing.  This has to be a bug, but doing even one training session on the day makes all the players, including resting and on holiday, recover less.  I suspect this bug is also part of what makes recovery sessions useless.

I do exactly as I explained before.

No manual resting. The training intensity is half when in perfect condition mode, in the other state there is no training and as shown in my program.

- As I said, I play with rotation. I have 2 different elevens.
- The main goalkeeper plays in all matches, the other 10 players are subject to rotation.
- I play in the local cup with my reserve squad and in the European matches with my main squad.
- I usually play league matches with my main squad, but if I play at home before and after the European match, I play with my reserve squad.

I've been playing this game for more than 20 years (since cm 01-02), and this is the first time I've had a period where I've had so few injuries.
elynem said: What does your Training -> Rest tab look like, is it all besides the last one set to ''No pitch or gym work'' or do you keep it on default settings?

And what's the growth like for your players?

I shared your first question in the last image of my post you quoted. Check it out again :)

For the second question, I can give examples as follows.
These two players have been in my team since they were 18 years old. They are now 22 years old.

Glennson said: And if you have a match you just let the 'match focus' replace the physical trainings?

Exactly. The game does not give you the opportunity to change the match focus training before the match anyway.
ZaZ said: I thought "super rest" was a fitting name, because it is around 30-40% more effective than just resting, for both physical condition and fatigue. If you incorporate that in a training schedule, with three rest sessions + holiday once a week, after the match, then you will also have a nice reduction in injuries during the season, as well as allowing to repeat the main team more often, and completely avoiding fatigue. I am currently testing if it is better to do it once a week, or something like once every other week.

My friend, with your method, my injuries have decreased significantly and my players continue their physical-mental-technical development. I do not give my players individual training. I only provide weak foot strengthening training for my eligible players. They usually solve it in 1 season.
I do not give my players manual holidays. But I play in rotation. I play with my main squad in Europe, with my reserve squad in the matches I play at home before or after the European matches in the league, with my main squad in the remaining matches and finally with my reserve squad in the local cups.

The key to this program is to give players full rest (for 3 sessions) the day after match days. If there is no match on Wednesday-Saturday, it is just a corner routine or shot stopping training for goalkeepers. Additionally, if there is no match on Wednesday, I added team bonding training to the evening session to boost team harmony and motivation.

I played 6 seasons with 24.3.0 using this method.
I play my matches on Wednesday-Saturday.

Below is a preview of the training program and download links.


Downloaded : 191 times
Uploaded : Mar 8, 2024
This results may also be related to the jumping abilities of the forwards in your test league.
ZaZ said: It was just an example.

By the way, I am testing the schedule below right now. Keep in mind that it requires training with half intensity, else it will lead to a high number of injuries. I also discovered a glitch on training that allows you to "super rest" players (almost 40% more recovery of condition and fatigue than just full rest schedule), but I am still investigating it to understand exactly how it works.

"super rest" caught my attention. I hope you get results from your research :)
Guardian said: Could you post a picture of how the set piece screen looks in the game, when I try to import the routines, they do not show up although I put them into the set piece folder

look this post: https://fm-arena.com/find-comment/32242/