He'll probably get his share of the tornado. The same thing happened with the original tactic.*

*after tornado 68>66
Lol. Try with full def mental :)
Inspired Tactic: @Delicious's 4123 Extreme Diamond undervolt XIII
Set Pieces: @Delicious


DM (DLP,su) > MC (BWM,de)
MR & ML (DW,su) > AMR & AML (W,at)

Tested in full holiday mode. (with Fulham #18 media pred.)
Finishing the season 4th, gets a champions league ticket.

Inspired Tactic: @Delicious's 4123 Extreme Diamond undervolt XIII
Set Pieces: @Delicious


(IWB,su) > (WB,su)
(DLP,su) > (DM,su)
MR & ML (DW,su) > AMR & AML (IW,at)

Tested in full holiday mode. (with Fulham #18 media pred.)
He was chasing 3rd place until the last 5 weeks.

Zippo said: Guys, I forgot to mention that if there're 3 central defenders in your tactic then Inverted Wing-Backs are also hard-coded to play as regular Wing-backs with "Cuts Inside" and "Stay Narrower" PIs

I feel that if we gathered this kind of pill information about match engine coding under one title, we could get closer to the perfect tactic. :angel:
Delicious said: I am extremely happy that you are posting tactics :love:

Certainly. But I can't edit the topic title.:blink:
Inspired Tactic: @Delicious's 4123 Extreme Diamond undervolt XII
Tweak Tactic: Mine Musslera
Set Pieces: @Delicious
Tested in full holiday mode. (with Fulham #18 media pred.)

wide centre-back (de) > bp defender (de)
Backs now inverted.
DMs moved forward be MCs.

Top 6 (city, united, lpool, arsenal, chelsea, tottenham) achieved remarkable results against the team.
EFL runner up. FA semi final.

22 of the 73 goals in the league came from corners. After all, it is clear that it has a very serious effect. Diop amazing!

Inspired Tactic: @Delicious's 4123 Extreme Diamond undervolt XIII
Set Pieces: @Delicious
Tested in full holiday mode. (with Fulham #18 media pred.)

4 defender >> 3 defender. 2 wide centre-back (de)
Backs moved forward and not inverted.
The wings were pulled center for DM.
All players in the center take more risks. (except the side strikers)
Side strikers and fullbacks dribble more.

The results were astonishing than I expected.


Zippo said: In case you put IWBs into WBR/L slots then it still only checks the state of DMs slots.

The sate of CMs slots is irrelevant in both cases.

Delicious asked a question that occurred in my mind as well, but frankly, I was surprised by the answer.
sponsorkindest said: is there a way to upload training schedule for a season instead of a week? or the copy paste is the best way to get this done

I guess not. Just c/p
marbola said: I'll give it a try

does this method increase injury risk?
i got this mail from assistant coach

Of course, it increases the risk of injury. That's why I reduce the risk of injury by doing every match practice training and regeneration training after matches.

vitoco said: got any file to download?

Put the Onur.fmf file in the documents>sports interactive>football manager 2023>schedules folder.

Then import it from the game.

When you apply the above program to any week, a program like the one in the red area below will appear. Here you can make all kinds of edits without limitations. You can then copy and paste this edit you made to every week.

Downloaded : 125 times
Uploaded : 6 days, 19 hours ago
Looking at the table, more strikers seem to mean more goals. so more points. :devil:
Adix said: What is "tornado" :shock:

As standard, tactics at the table are tested over 1,920 matches. But the top-of-the-table tactic is being tested over 5,760 matches in order to minimize the RNG factor. This event of being put to the test over 5,760 matches is called "Tornado", although it has no official name.

Rince said: It did. The G.D. decreased from +21 to +19 :)

I meant about points.;)
Lapidus said: @pixar, I think it's been tested already


Oh thanx for info. I didnt see.
Tornado did not affect him. :cool: @Blau
This formation has been tested before. However, this tactic does not need to be tested. Sorry for the waste of time.

This tactic is based on @Steelwood Blau Diamond Tweak. The tactic is adapted from the lineup of the Diablo tactic, which made it famous in the Championship Manager 03-04. For this reason, only the following changes have been made to the base tactic.

AMC (Shadow Striker, ATT) > MC (Central Midfielder, ATT)

The following teams have been managed in full holiday mode.
The results with the teams Man City (#1 prediction) and Fulham (#18 prediction) are attached.

2 points dropped after tornado. :shock: