Choco the Dog
This is Tweak of @chef's 4123 Pressure Cooker

AF > AM, PF > SS

Screw V1.5
TT 4141 DM V3
TT 4141 DM V2
Credits to @ZaZ, Set pieces from @ZaZ.

New version (V3) added.
Credits to @ZaZ , @StephenHK.

Set pieces from @ZaZ .

Credits to @ZaZ, @StephenHK, @Geek.


Changes : LCF→CF, RCDM→CDM, Team Instructions, and Roles.

V1 is just idea test, V2 is position test, and V3 is V1+V2.


Changes : LM→LW, RCM→RCAM, CF→LCF, CDM→RCDM, Roles and Set pieces.

Set pieces from @ZaZ.

Another idea test.


Just idea testing tactic.

Focus on defence.

This is Tweak of StephenHK's CHICKEN WING 4123,

Changed Wing , Mid and Play out of defence.

Credits to

V1 is FB, For Underdog
V1.5 is IWB, For Topdog
No Set piece setting

Holiday Results Mancity, Norwich

Credits to @Gaksital @super korean and our great @ZaZ

I wanted to mix the good stuff of different tactics.
There were good results of their own, but this is not enough.
I can not speak English. So, this is google translate.
No set piece setting, and just holiday results.

Wow new formation!
Zippo said: @Choco the Dog, hi.

Please, add some result with the tactic.

Thank you.

I'm sorry. I can't speak English.
And, I didn't know the rules.
But I'll try.
Coming soon update on results
Thank you.
This is Google Translate.
This is Tweak of ZaZ's Blue 3.0,  For using ST.

I can't speak English.

So, this is Google Translate.

Thank you.

This is the result of the holiday test with Man City and Fulham.