I saw this on Twitter, i think it's a good idea, but i also like the "easy" side of all the tips.
But trust me, i will be the first reader of this guide.
No problem for me here to win Ligue 1 with Marseille the first year. Beat PSG on domestic league, on supercup, and europa supercup (because of PSG CL winner, and i Europa winner).

With my own experience and all the great great great advice from Zaz i find it easy now to perform as you want.

I also take a large part on youth development, to do what i really want to obtain for young men
I think it's the most immersive way to play.

I've gone through all the ways to win on FM but I think on FM 2023 I'm going to start one and only game in order to manage every aspect of my club. and get a lot more fun out of it than winning the CL as quickly as possible like with every club.
Thanks a lot, i try it now !

Mark said: I noticed you are managing Holstein Kiel. I play golf here in Australia with a mate who was born in Kiel, so I have played them a few times as well. Good fun getting them to Bundesliga and then challenging Bayern for the title. Good luck and let me know how you go.

It's my actual save yes !

Promote and win B2 first year, challenge Bayern second season and finish 2nd, actually 2nd and 1/8 of CL
Thanks a lot, i try it now !
If you want to test something to go close, i promise you to use it :woot:

Thanks for the answer
Hope it'll help

The information exist on GS, but i think it's impossible to see it in columns.
It's my only request.
I don't think I explained well enough.

In GS, when choosing the columns to see the player's level on a POSITION, this number is affected (decreased?) by the position rating. It can be very useful but I don't want this note to be affected by the position note.

So when I go to the player's file, there is indeed an OVERALL RATING, which presents the ABSOLUTE rating of the player on the position, without being affected by his ability to evolve, and it is exactly this rating that interested, but no column seems to present this.

I therefore have to go and visualize player by player his ability to evolve in this position, even if his position score is 0 or 5 or 10.

I hope I was clearer, sorry again.
Middleweight165 said: Why do you think the balanced filter leads to misinformation?

because for me (based on all the informations here and my experience), some attributes are clearly more important, and i don't want to have a player with a good rating because he is medium in all atributes, i prefer a player with a good note in a very important attribute, even if he is bad on the other. I know filters are made to give an overall view, but i love Zaz filter with minus for this reason.
Hi all, i have a simple question.

I've read it all, many times, here and on other sites, I'm passionate about the work done by the members here, but I have a simple request.
My way of looking for players on Genie Scout is as follows: I use the 50 minus 25 zaz balanced by Mark, as I much prefer a filter that maximizes important attributes rather than a balance that can lead to misinformation.
Now I encounter a problem with this magnificent filter: I would like to have the raw rating (general rating) which does not modify the rating according to the affinity with the position.
Because I want to be able to manage this problem on my side and decide to teach the player the new position. But I would like the general note to come out directly, I find it easier to find players who can stick to several positions.
I hope my request is clear, and if this filter already exists, I apologize, I'm not English and I may have missed a subtlety.

thank you again for the exceptional and exciting work done here.

Edit: i haven't mentionned that maybe the problem is the choice of column in my GS, but i haven't find a column which gave me this General Note without balance of positionning.
Zaz, i've a problem
I'm using asymetric tweak, because when i switch to 3.2 or today 3.3, i find my team really less efficient. No goals, hard to win... You tlak a lot about set pieces improvement, the fact is, my players are generally worse for throws, corner etc... is it an answer of bad form when using 3.3, which is logically better than asymetric tweak ?

Tx a lot for the work, and for the answer
Zaz, well done
You say it doesn't work, but all results are not so good. With West Ham i can win EPL with Zaz Blue, it's not against you, but trust the table, you're not at this level.
These guyz try hard to obtain such nice result, your tactic is good, but keep working !

have a nice day