Ouch 66 :blink:
Han106 said: I mean so it doesn't matter the order of the better/worse striker?

i think if you have two good striker with important attributes, it will work like a charm.
If you add to this a nice group of set pieces, no matter if the better header is a striker or not, but it can add somme goals in the season
Han106 said: Also, anything I should consider when playing/recruiting the two different strikers?

Like always, Pace, Acc, Jumping reach
Zippo said: Hi,

We dropped that feature because the demand for game saves was low and the cost of hosting them was too high.

But we still keep all the game saves in an offline storage and I can provide them by a request.

Hey Zippo, do you think it will be possible to test hidden attributes ? I want to know if Regularity for example is so important ?
Chriswin4 said: Interesting, that's a good achievement. I think we've all been able to do something similar, but I'm looking to maximise how cheaply it can be done.

The answer is always ont the same thing, you need low CA player, because the game only take in count the CA to adjust Transfer fee and salary
Chriswin4 said: I’m going to try and take a new job in my save and not spend over £5m on a player and don’t pay more than 50k per week salary. Reckon you can build a team with those rules and win the European Cup?

I made it with TOULOUSE in FRANCE, EUROPA CUP, and next year, CL. 5 CL in 7 years, but without the rules here. But for 2 first years it was near that.

All that with my own Genie ratings.
This tactic is an absolute beast, good job
Chatin said: Is 4000 games better than 1200?

4000 games with 58 pts is better than 1200 games with 63 pts?

I don't think... But to be honest i don't understand how we can lose 5 points, even with 2800 more matches. 1200 is already a nice amount of match, we're not on a single season. Very strange.
ZaZ said: It actually follows this kind of curve below. The peak, zero, is the exact point where it changes from "Fresh" to "Low", so the ideal is to stay in that point of balance.

Anyway, I am still collecting more data to consolidate those results, as well as checking the changes in numbers caused by playing and training.

Incredible Zaz, keep this work on, always follow your good advice and vision.
I love this one :D
Seems more interesting than previous year
Ah, sad news, it's the thing i'm waiting the most too
I've a lot of problem (like every years) in Away games, don't know if drop back mentality can resolve this
Hey all, is it planed to have Atributes testing ?
I confirm it's pretty good, 3rd division in Portugal with badest team, 1st at half season
Yarema said: I didn't say it's worthless. But people expect massive changes because of it and it is simply not true in practice. From my experience you can get maybe 1-2 additional points in the selected attributes over the course of whole career. If you are lucky. Some focuses work better than others, some I'd argue don't even work.

To be honest, my individual training is always on QUICKNESS, PACE AND ACC are beast, no need to improve something else, i'm agree there is no need to work a lot on this part.
And don't forget if you haven't a good note in Professional, you can forget all expectations.
BadA said: @Falbravv I'm pretty sure natural fitness was tested and found to have no effect on the degradation of stats due to age whatsoever.  I don't remember where I heard/read it, but I remember it was from a reliable source (Mark or ZaZ here or EBFM maybe).

I think you're right, to be honest i just check my key notes, when they start to be smaller than a young prospect, it's finish for my player lol
Yarema said: I feel like individual training is vastly overrated or rather people obsess with it way too much. The effects really aren't that large. You won't get someone with 6 positioning to 16 over the course of his career because of it. He'll naturally go from 6 to lets say 11 just with GK/SK training, and if you put him on individual training that involves positioning throughout his whole career you might get him to 12 or 13. All of these numbers apply for a guy from intake with great development and high potential. If you buy him at 18, develops less than ideally and/or just doesn't have elite potential you can easily half the numbers.

Totally agree with that, you have a player with some notes, these notes have a potential, and you can do what you want, the road is already done for him.

The PA will be reach if Professional and AMbitions are enough, and if the age is not so old.

Other things are totally useless.
Here we go for the same game another year :angel:

But will buy it :woot:
Need to see AGE, NOTE, or other parameters. To be honest i've never seen something like you, if my player is in age to develop, and have a nice prof/amb, it develops like always