ZaZ said: @valerienismael, I have uploaded Yellow 3.0, as you requested.


Could you post screenshots of the tactic and result? Thanks in advance.
G1102 said: But then i made the switch tot ZaZ 4.0 Solid and just started to spam NO Pressure and praise after goals and that did the trick.
Results started to look good again.

I would call it "a coincidence" or "placebo effect" :)

From my experience in EPL you really can't expect any good result on consistent basis until your team in top 3 strongest team by CA so you have a long way to achieve that target until then your results will be random as hell and I would not pay much attention to it... you just need to focus on improving the team every season until it becomes as strong as the best 3 teams in the league by CA.
Great thread, ZaZ. I've been enjoying following it. :)
ForeverEverton said: 1st season results.....

Could you add screenshots of the tactic to the 1st post?
Metal said: It's not in english thats why its not being tested

I don't think the reason is the screenshots not in English.

I've checked the tactic and there's nothing special in it, everything it offers has been tested already - different 4-3-3 tactics that have been tested

People really should check what has been tested already before offering their tactics for the testing.
Filer974 said: No everything is there, it's a good presentation, it can only be an oversight

Having a good presentation isn't the only requirement to get tested, there are many other requirements, you should read the link I posted above it explains everything.
fabix99 said: Hi All,
I imagine that there is a waiting list or something, but will my tactic be tested?

I guess if it hasn't been tested then it might be it doesn't meet the requirements to be tested -
Good post.

Experienced FM players understand that there are about 10-15 factors that have a huge impact on the result in the game and your tactics is just one of them.
luisanjao said: thanks for this, my AF's dont have good vision

I would not pay too much attention to Vision

You should look at Acceleration, Pace, Dribbling, Anticipation and Stamina
Verdilo said: Thanks for reply. I checked both reputation. Sancho has about 8500 and Fati 9500... Also, Fati has 5 years till end of the contract. Dont know anything now... League reputations are close. 180-181 for Premier League.
are you talking about Home or World reputation?

ta2199 said: Does Club ranking or reputation gonna affect the price ?

I think only club reputation matters
Every player in the game has "Reputation" which is hidden (you can see it only with help of in-game editors) and the "Reputation" greatly affects the price. When a player wins high reputable competitions, wins personal rewards and gets high ratings then his reputation increases.

Also, the reputation of the league has impact on the price too.

And of course the remining length of the contract makes a contribution to the price.
The match engine changes don't look significant to me at all.
Manidaro7 said: Is there a guide to screams from the sidelines and pre-game, halftime and end-of-game speeches?

Just get a good assistant manager, delegate everything to him and forget about it because I find it's not fun, repetitive and boring and if you'd ask me then SI should made all that stuff to be optional.
There's no such mod/skin to allow this. It's only available in FM Touch game version.
@pistolevich, could you add a screenshot of the tactic that shows the tactic's mentality and other instructions?
I find ZaZ - Blue 3.2 AW also works well with weak teams.

I've tried it with Norwich, predicted 20th and got 67 points which I find a very good result.

Btw, I didn't make any transfers.

DeviAngel said: BTtw do you know why some tactics have a different grade on different forums ?

Because testing tactics isn't a simple thing to do and if it was a simple thing to do then everyone easily could do that and what's mostly important everyone would get the same result but as you can see many people and different sites test tactics and they all get different results, sometimes their results are quite similar and sometimes are very different.

The methodology of testing determines the quality of testing. Different tactics testing sources use different methodology some of them test without FMRTE and some of them test only 38 matches thinking it's enough and so on... that's why everyone gets different results.
Snoop said: I've added a new tweak "Triple Tweaked"

There's only 1 small tweak compared with "Double Tweaked" - Force Opposition Outside instruction and that's all.

The tweak seems slight improves the defense.

Nice One!

Here's my result with Triple Tweaked.

Leeds, predicted 12th

@Sebastian33, upload a screenshot of the tactic, please.