@Sebastian33, upload a screenshot of the tactic, please.
ZaZ said: I assume they mean this:

I just noticed this tactic uses Team Instruction "Distribute To Specific Team-Mate" like in this tactic - and I haven't seen this team instruction in any other tactic. Also, it use the same set pieces and most roles matche so obviously, this tactic is based on this tactic - and I guess @JohnSariman should mentioned that.
JohnSariman said: I FORGOT TO GIVE CREDITS @cptdoggo MY FRIEND

I think not only @cptdoggo deserves getting credits...
Alinix78 said: Is it possible to test also 433 Total War X ?
the previous version got a decent rating 4.7, and this new tactic gives me even better results and play

check this -
ivanolo5 said: Did anyone test to put the striker with more offensive role like advanced forward or poacher? Because I'm starting a fiorentina save and my striker this season will be Dusan Vlahovic and i want him to score as many goals as possible. So I would like to know if with any of those roles I would ruin the tactic.

A different role for the striker doesn't work that well for me.
babemocni1988 said: You should ask themself,everyone knows why 😉

I'm sorry but I still don't get it. You said that "a lot of people stopped testing tactics here", please, could you give few names... I wonder who are these people.
babemocni1988 said: Many examples,a lot of people stopped testing their tactics here

Can you give at least one example?
babemocni1988 said: Its also bit of weird that only on this site people have bad results in testing and on other tests results are amazing....

Any examples?
@babemocni1988 and @DoubleR

I've checked the latest Will1981's testing league and found that all the AI teams in the league play with the same formation 4-3-3 DM

Don't you think that it's a bit weird test tactics in a league where all the AI teams play with the same 4-3-3 DM formation :D

There are no 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 formations which are among the most popular AI formations in the game:

CBP87 said: I'll be honest, I'm not expecting it to do well in the test but its did well in my own testing, so I thought I'd put it out there to see how it got on

Btw, I don't say strikerless tactics aren't good this year, they are decent but nowhere near what they were in FM21... sadly
Good luck with it but to be honest I wouldn't expected much because strikerless tactics have been nerfed greatly this year and I find AMC is one the weakest positions this year.

Strikers and Inside Forwards/Wingers really shine this year.
Any results?
ta2199 said: bruh why tho

things are complicated in China I guess :)

they don't have an accesses to Google, Facebook and Twitter, they need VPN to access them
coach bird said: how to test my tactic:shock:

I guess now you have to wait till it gets tested.
I've managed winning La Liga with A.Bilbao, the prediction was 8th.

Superb tactic, tnx! :thup:

Tsubasa said: Hi,

Do you think F9 is much better than AF in patch 22.2.0? Or it deepens?

I think F9 has been buffed in 22.2.0 but I don't think F9 is better than AF for every tactic, for some tactic F9 is better and for some AF is better.
Kaczy said: But can someone tell me how to find Roaming PLaymaker in lower leagues?

Just look for Acceleration, Pace, Dribbling and Anticipation. It should work like a charm.
"snow halation v3" tactic works like a charm with FM Bayern. :thup:

Thanks, this info gives me additional 10 points per season. :cool:
ZaZ said: Size doesn't matter, it's all about your tactics.

The size matters!!!