ApeShyitt System 1.0 SORTED SETPIECES

Hey lads I was cooking up a new tactic MethGravy.
It still needs work but on the latest version I managed 89 pts second place finished and fa cup semi final with newcastle first season.

Hey there lads.
I was working up on a New tactic and to spice it up I wanted to use 3 strikers.
Tried it with Fiorentina media prediction 8th and I was able to win seria A first season.
As usual general training to assistant and OI also to assistant ,
corner takers with foot opposite of corner (preferably fullbacks or roaming playmaker).
Get 2 fast advanced forwards and a targetman dominant in the air (something like the good ol' Lorenzo Lucca , or I personally used Vedad Muriqi for instance).

Wingbacks take throw ins so preferable that your wingbacks decent at throw ins ( though not essential).

For a 4-2-3-1 formation it tested quite high , even higher than say PARIS KNAPPar1sLVER4231SSIWP110CC
, in fact only 4 tactics out of about 18 tested higher than it. So i'd say quite a success :)
Introducing Hoodcheese 4-2-3-1 v1.6.

After my friend Arnold told me he has a passion for the 4-2-3-1 formation I decided to try to create one myself. At first the results were utter **** but after some tweaks I came up with this version that gets incredible results. Villareal first season won la liga with 3 games to go. General Training to assistant , OI to assistant , fullbacks or amc take corners with foot opposite of corner flank. Enjoy.

Wingers with foot opposite of wingers (inverted).
Advanced forward fast and good technical attributes like dribbling and also preferably decent in the air but not essential.

Hey Lads.
After being unsatisfied with CrackWaltz 1.6 I have made some tweaks to it in new version.
I decided to test with barcelona.
First season I won quadruple La Liga + CL + Copa Del Ray + Supercup.
The changes are a bit subtle but this tactic is CLEARLY better than crackwaltz 1.6 and I would like plz to be tested if possible.

Hello this is my new tactic won bundesliga + dfk pokal and cl finalists with dortmund.

Hello I had given the tactic a brief run with Arsenal. I have to say very dissapointed with the results but the run was only about 12 games. Would we please have the tactic tested though?
Hello there theres a Lad on fmbase claims he has a tactic where he won like 5cl in a row and he had a season where Halland scored 154 goals of which 94 league goals.
Its a run of the mill 4-2-3-1 formation but seems to perform rather according to the lad's description.

Hi heres one of my tactics I was testing won the league with barcelona first season 93 pts.Second season went undefeated with 110pts.

sorte said: So far the tactics seems to work very well - eventhough the score of my matches doesn't always are good i consistenly out perform the opponent in XG - I just need to get my players to cenvert my chances better :)
Hey lad would you care to post your results so far (or at least some of them) using the tactic?
If you are getting decent results it would help me a lot if you could comment on my fmbase post also (not mean to self promote but it is helpful :D )

Hello this is my tactic that I was testing out on a test Newcastle Save.
4-3-1-2 formation where all 3 in the midfield should be capable of doing defensive work with the trio AMC and strikers do most of the scoring. The AMC effectively acts almost as a shadow striker but not quite (there are certain individual instructions for example move into channels).
Very good results on the Newcastle test. Among notable results beat arsenal 5-1 away.Over the course of the season I tweaked out a seemingly very efficient corner and throw in set up. Make sure your wingbacks take the throw ins.

GIANLUCA MANCINI 17 **GOALS** from corners.


Spent shitton on transfers 400m+ euro in monthly installments.Nevertheless results have been amazing as of late and secured title with 3 games to go.
Hello , this is the masterpiece work by vujevic for fm 2021.
Here is the tactic formation and results with Blackburn, PSG and also some Arminia Belefield save results by another user.
First season no transfers with Arminia : 3rd position , media expectations ...relegation-ish?

Tactic Source :
I think I stumbled upon a key problem in the tactic which was : the line of engagement was way too high , as a result the pressing was hardly effective. That and some other tweaks will get it polished soon  :woot: :thup: ;)
Btw if anyone wants to try my long throw setup it seems to be working incredibly well.. Just scored 2 long throw goals vs leeds :)
ZaZ said: If you allow me to comment on it, I think you should remove the team instructions to overlap left and right. Those instructions tell your winger to hold the ball and wait for a marauding wingback to run from outside and reach the byline, crossing the ball to the center. However, inverted wing backs are set to cut to the inside, meaning they usually do underlaping movements instead. They are also set to cross less and from deep, creating a conflict in those instructions. You are also focusing the game through left and right, meaning you are enforcing that conflicting behaviour, which in turn makes your team perform worse. Play much wider is also negative, the inverted wing backs cut inside to the midfield and actually favor a short passing game, increasing your numerical advantage through the center.

Another thing that I would change is the instruction to force opponent outside. Inverted wing backs are set to sit narrower, meaning they leave more space outside that can lead to crosses. You would do better removing it or forcing opponents outside instead.

Another solution for those two problems above is to simply change inverted wing backs to wingers or full backs, instructing them to stay wider and move forward to do the overlap. That way they would do the overlap properly, benefit from playing wide and from playing through the flanks.

Overlap is a paradoxical instruction that not often does what it is nominally meant to do.
For example vujevic used overlap instruction in his 5-3-2 formation without any wingers to do overlapping runs at all.
The width of the team was picked when I noticed that the team played extremely narrow and there wasn't enough space to move the ball around. I actually found that even on maximum width with this tactic the team sometimes is too narrow for my liking.
The nature of the match engine is such that sometimes instructions have a effect on them different from its nominal describtion. For instance overlap instruction in vujevic tactic I believe helps the team involve the fullback in the game even if no "overlap run" occured.
That being said I'll look into your suggestions and think of something better eventually.
I am only making the tactic for fun after all ;)..
If I wanted to make a tactic compete with top masterpieces I'd make a no striker formation and run like 20 different variations in a test league before posting .

Btw the main purpose of using an inverted wingback as far as I know is they tend to be more solid defensively (at the expense of coming forward ofcourse).
Test results very dissapointing.
That being said I am not sure if I uploaded correct file!
I may have saved a earlier tactic as v5 by mistake.
I will rework the tactic now to try to make less Ass hopefully brang it to minimum 5 rating.

Hello I was cracking up a new tactic for testing if possible.
Testing on Tottenham.
The name HoodHerkules v5.
Starting from Preston game I was testing the v5 version (earlier version was played prior)
I want to know how it compared to my previous tactic , certainly seems promising , probably even more efficient.
Won Liverpool away 0-4.
I feel that :most useful changes I discovered in the last tweaks were : whipped crossing seems more efficient than low and most importantly : with this formation defending narrow is NOT the way to go so I removed it.
Well , my best tactic for this patch so far . Shame didn't make the first page but only by a bit!
I knew it would be better than DopePhenom! Very promising tactic and I might make a tweak or two to improve even further .