CBP87 said: In fact I might be getting reputation and personality mixed up

don't trust a word I say haha

Ha ok, I don't know what to believe now :)
CBP87 said: Reputation plays a part, the better the reputation the more likely you'll get an excellent intake. Ill try and find the chat on the SI forum which confirmed it. The other things you've listed there are important too especially personality

Thanks, id appreciate that because like I said Ive not seen anything conclusive but doesn't mean its not out there
CBP87 said: I'm not sure the head of youth development (hoyd) coaching attributes will impact youth intake, I know reputation and formation are important, well formation is important as its best to get a good hoyd whose preferred formation is similar to yours so that he brings in youth players for them roles (hopefully) but I've not read anything that suggests coaching attributes impacts the attributes of players in the intake.

I like your thinking though

I am not sure HoYD reputation has an effect. I've heard conflicting info. Personality is the most important element.

I always struggle with formation because of the uniqueness of the tactics shared here, so i just try to tick as many positional boxes as possible

This is my intake checklist from the research I've done:
Nation Rating and Game Importance defines quality/quantity in the country
Highest Youth recruitment brings best talent in country
Club repuation sperates same recruitment level
Youth facilities and junior coaching decide CA and PA
HOYD = position and personality
As we know pace and acceleration are the most important attributes in players. Is it possible to bias those stats in youth intake? Would hiring a HoYD whose coaching style is fitness (which as far as I can tell just means he has a high fitness attribute) have any effect? Is there another way?
ZaZ said: Don't trust me blindly, lots of people here have way more knowledge about the game than me.

Anyway, a guy from China made a study about the importance of attributes to Blue 3.0 DM using machine learning, and his findings are in the first post of Blue thread, under "Important Attributes". I'm not saying it's a definitive thing, but I prefer to trust some robust test like that or FM-Arena's than just following my personal feelings.

Interesting. So the results of that indicate Agility is more important if I am reading it right? Do the results of that correlate with the tests done on this site regarding attributes? Im assuming this is more specific to position and then specific to position in your tactic
ZaZ said: Agility and reflexes.

How have you come to that conclusion? Im ready to trust you blindly after the tactics youve created :) Just interested in the why

GK1 - Reflexes-18/Agility-13
GK2 - Reflexes-15/Agility-16

Which one are you signing?
How do you guys choose GKs? Which attributes do you look for? If you could see CA would that be the deciding factor?
ZaZ said: Sorry, I don't know what ATB means (probably another language?). Can you post the link, please?

3 at the back, the 3 x CB tactics. There has been a few posted recently. I have used yours and some tweaks of the original ones posted. 3-1-6-0 and Queen Sacrifice
@ZaZ What is your opinion on the 3ATB tactics that have been posted recently on the site?
ZaZ said: I actually change tempo to neutral, but in the file I added there it's Extremely High Tempo. Other than that, it's what you said, with no change in player instructions.

Change the tempo to neutral in Blue or Light Blue?
@ZaZ Are these your only changes from Blue 3.0 to Light Blue 3.0
- Cautious mentality
- High Tempo from Extremely High Tempo in possession
- Time waste in possession
- Slow pace down and stay on feet In Transition

Were there any changes to player instructions?
Metal said: Yeah I had an incredible season with this tactic.

My favourite definitely. It's so defensively solid yet so deadly in attack, perfect balance

Now just looking forward to FM22 even though there doesn't look like there's much changes but looking forward to messing around with new tactics and the new wide centre back role to see how that comes into play.

Better than your Wavez 3-1-6 tweak? Thats what I am currently using
@Metal do you make a changes based on the quality of opposition you are playing?
Metal said: They performed better because I was in my third season and made signings and was playing it

Liverpool no signings and standard test.

I think like Stan said too many instructions why it performed slightly worse, some changes are vital though because I definitely feel the defence is better and attack is more direct.

Will do another test later

Thanks, thats clear
@Metal This doesnt look like you've improved @Stan Seymour tactic. Your Utd team in the other thread performed better than Liverpool in this no?
Stan Seymour said: I told you long time ago :) Remember my first reply for your first thread. Test results can be deceiving. To me,  in this case, the important thing is what's happening on the field, and what's the experience of users having!

Yeah I know, I'm just interested why. Obviously the testing values something that your tactic doesnt satisfy and I'm just interested to know what that is
Metal said: hahaha 6.3 and I'm getting better results than my other tactic I created which got 6.5

I never got these kind of scores against the big teams. Total obliteration

Why do you think this scores lower?
@Stan Seymour Is there a difference between the profile of Stopper and Ball Playing Defenders or can the same players play in both roles?
Kippa9 said: New champion tactic of Kippa9 Tactic Test Encyclopedia - test results there and on Kippa9 FM Tactic Testing on discord.

Kippa9 TT Discord

Kippa9 TT Encyclopedia

How does your testing differ from the testing here?
Metal said: Tested this out myself and achieved better results than my own tactic which got a higher rating which shows rating on here can be deceiving because on the pitch this tactic is so dominating moreso than any other tactic

Why do you think that is?