babemocni1988 said: Season 2 done.Again won everything(0 loses)unbeaten season.This is insane!!!

Are you playing the games or instant result?
ta2199 said: I think that application is for scouting. Not for the things you want to do

Ok thanks
ta2199 said: Till now I don't see any free option out there. There are people who want to share fmrte key for cheap price.

FMSE21 not the same?
ta2199 said: FMRTE is the answer

I have to pay for this right? Are there any free options?
I want to try testing. Can anyone tell me how to freeze variables such as injuries, morale, etc?

For those you have used this and ZaZ-Blue, which is better?
ZaZ said: Not really. When you can't score against smaller teams, it's usually because of complacency. It's usually more effective to yell at them at half time than changing tactics.

Also, I usually use train three tactics: Blue when I want to maximize goal difference, Solid Blue when I want to minimize goals conceded and Light Blue to save energy and take less cards. I don't use a tactic to maximize scoring. Dark Blue is a very attacking version that was added because people asked, not because I use it.

What do you do when you need a goal because your are losing?
ZaZ said: Yeah, that's how they do here.

If you make both sides have maximum morale, for example, then you know no side is taking advantage of higher morale. That means morale is not influencing the result of the match for either side, or in other words, the tactic and morale are now two independent variables.

The same can be applied for injuries, happiness, fatigue, condition and fitness, for example. That way, you know the thing being evaluated is the tactic, and not player management. Since the same is also applied to the opponent, then no team is taking advantage of having a better or worse management (or larger squad).

There are different ways of freezing those things, but you can easily find about it with a Google search or creating a topic asking that here.

Another variable you can remove is making sure all teams have capable players for all positions, so a tactic doesn't fail because some team doesn't have good wingers, for example. That is one of the main differences between here and FM-base, if I remember correctly.

Thanks, I'll ask in the general forum about the freezing
Thanks @ZaZ. How does one isolate the variables? I'm assuming this how the tests are run on this site?
ZaZ said: Team Report -> Analyst Report -> Scoring -> Assists.

However, you shouldn't look at throw-ins only by assists. In my setup, it usually gives no assists at all, but put players in position to make key passes. Unfortunately, you can't check the stats for pre-assists.

Yeah I guessed that, how do do test the impact of throw-ins then? Eye test? Just interested to know how i can test if adding different throw ins like @Nebuuuu has a positive effect
Is there anyway to see how many goals I've scored from throw-ins?
@Pulsar Can I swap the sides of the AM and ST? My AM is left footed and ST is right footed. If I swap the side is there anything else I need to do?
ZaZ said: @ta2199 just answered for me. Also, Fanatic seems to be working better than Comet, so if you want to use advanced strikers, that would be a better option.

The reason I said Comet rather than Fanatic is because I want to play with an AM and a ST. After the first season I will change to ZaZ Blue 3.0 and sell the ST
ZaZ said: Also change the player instructions to match. However, I feel like Fanatic and Comet are possibly better than what you would achieve with a Tweak from Blue.

Why do you think they would be better?
ZaZ said: I don't think it will be much different from Fanatic, but running to post results.

If I wanted to tweak ZaZ Blue 3.0 to be more like Comet (1xAM, 1xST), would I just move one of the AM into the ST position and change his role to AF? Are there any other changes I should make?
ZaZ said: I don't play with hidden attributes revealed. I used to play like that before, but the gameplay changes completely. With everything visible, I used to think only about the future and building a perfect squad. With those stats hidden, I can think more about the current season, trying to guess the player hidden attributes based on feeling. I don't mind those that use Genie Scout or In-Game Editor, I just enjoy more playing without them.

That being said, if I could see the attributes, I would choose player B without thinking twice. Just 3 points in either pace or acceleration is enough to drop a tactic from top tier to mediocre (7.0 to 5.6), but we are talking about 4 points in each. If it was 1 or 2 points of difference (combined) I would think about it, but 4 in each, it's a no brainer. Top speed for the win!

Thanks for the reply mate. Good info for me
drhay53 said: I'd probably go for the 140 personally because 20 pace and acc will not leave much CA to distribute for the 120.

Is your thought process here that the 140 guy will be an overall better player with good speed as opposed to a below average player with exceptional speed? So its not just about Speed. Pace and Acceleration are the most important attributes but the other attributes need to be above a minimal threshold?
@ZaZ I think points 2 and 6 are probably the sticking points for most people, myself included. If could propose a scenario. Which player would you choose?

A - CA=160, Acc=12, Pace=12
B - CA=120, Acc=20, Pace=20
C - CA=140, Acc=16, Pace=16

Lets assume other important physical stats are equal and the other points are distributed to Technical and Mental attributes and you are the manager of the best team in the world
ta2199 said: I think you dont need to. Just play many friendly games before season start, setup trainning and let him play at the new position. Wouldn't take that long to make him comfortable at SS position.

Even if he has no rating at AMC?
ZaZ said: I don't think it will be much different from Fanatic, but running to post results.

I think this is important for long term saves. When taking over a club they usually a have top influential ST. It would be good to play first season with a ST, let him bang the goals in and sell him the next summer and move to the Strikerless formation