Milanov said: Attackingly-Defensive asymmetric tactic

OI - Assistant
Set Pieces: Corners&FK's (TFF's); Throw-ins(Mine)


Could you share your results with the tactic?

magicnut said: This is a new tweak that I think wasn't tested yet by celebrity tactician Lisa known for fmbase masterpieces
someone finished 101 pts with valencia first season

Victorhugo4222 said: Celebrity tactician?? What you been smoking kid! Absolute fraud you mean!

Btw, I don't see any difference between StyleKiller v1.1 and Knap's !FM20.2.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP107ALLCUPS
magicnut said: This is one of ByH Finest masterpieces!:D
efficiency comparable to raptor v4 on 20.2

thank God it isn't another WuhanCorona :D
magicnut said: Hello TFF Just updated his sensational masterpiece to executioner v3 claimed upto 30% MORE efficiency with an enhanced setpiece setup and new throw ins!

Keywords - "up to 30%" and "in some cases" :D

I don't think V3 will be much better than V2... maybe, 5% at the best
cadoni said: Hello,

Hope FM-ARENA to test my version of 4141 DM for 20.2.4 patch.


Can you share any results with it?

It looks very defensive :)
SaburoSakai said: There is no standardized testing system comparing tactics on FM Korea, I have meant thumbs up/thumbs down at the end of author post + number of views and comments.

Ok, I got it :)

SaburoSakai said: Here's the link:

You said that it's the highest scoring tactic on FM Korea... where can I see the results?

SaburoSakai said: The highest scored 20.2.4 tactic on FM Korea.


Can you share any screenshots?

Smeagol said: For those who are interested in trying the tactic out with the 20.2.3 version, here's my last results before I switched to beta:

the results looks good but I think Alexander is waiting for the ME to start testing
Smeagol said: Thanks for the tips. I don't want to start a new game, so I don't think I will.

but you don't have to start a new game, you can continue your current save on the public beta
Smeagol said: Hi. My tactics are for the latest version, 20.2.3.

what a pity, why don't you play on the public beta? I find the public beta has a better ME
Smeagol said: Hello. I have created a tactic based on my 4-1-2-3DM tactic from FM19 v.19.3 (, which I have had a lot of success with. Since I noticed that strikerless formations works very well in this version, I put my striker in central midfield instead, and then did some other tweaks. I would love to see if it works for other people, and if it works in the tactic testing.


Are your tactics for the Public Beta?

Jacko933 said: Is there anyway to copy the exact tactic of the AI managers on the current FM?

Hmmm... I don't think something like that is possible
magicnut said: That would be sad if the lad is indeed posting tff's tactics here without referencing him.

Oppss... I said V5? I meant V8 :)

It looks exactly like TFF CONQUEROR V8... I don't know, maybe there's some different but I didn't notice any.
supples said: This tactic gave me incredible results in fm 19 and in this one too, but I would like to taste it with your incredible system. First season in each team


Is this tactic TFF CONQUEROR V5? I've checked the tactic and didn't notice any difference :)
Tsubasa said: The favorite team reputation is higher than the reputation of any AI team in the testing league and the testing shows us what happens if AI managers take your team seriously :D

FM has always been like that, it's easy to overachieve with a low reputation team but when your reputation starts to increase then it becomes very difficult to overachieve
NeoS said: RIP my fave formation

Obviously, there's 4-4-2 formation domination in FM and you can't do nothing about it
Tsubasa said: Ehhh... It looks like 4-2-3-1 formation is doomed in FM :(

433(dm) formation also works poorly in football manager
I'm also curious about it :)