flexible 4231 with a lot of roam, PL plus FA CUP win
Messing around with the panel settings of this configuration plus with some PIs
Unbelievable, well done!
Based on: https://fm-arena.com/thread/9305-box-control/

Only tweak is change of mentality to Attacking instead of Positive
This is a tweak of the famous: https://fm-arena.com/thread/8753-box-levante-x-pirate-2/

Role Changes:
AM (A) - SS (with roam from position)
CF (S) - PF (S) with roam from position and move into channels

Also removed hold up ball from the IF on Attack.
trying some meta PIs while removing pass into space
Testing a different box setup this time with Regista and DM as the pivot
Testing double RPM pivot with meta instructions
Hey @Zippo ,

Thank you for the insightful post and the effort you've put into explaining the dynamics of FM-Arena tactic testing. It's indeed crucial to understand how these results translate into the diverse environments of regular saves as this question is so often raised between the community.

Your demonstration with both tactics is quite revealing. The influence of human-controlled team performance on tactic effectiveness is a key factor that many might overlook. Buffing or nerfing these teams significantly alters the perception of a tactic's quality.

The demonstration prompts an important question: should we focus on testing tactics with mid-table teams in the Premier League (or any league) rather than the extremes of strong and weak teams?

Opting for a mid-table team in the Premier League for example could provide a more realistic challenge and better perception to a tactic more optimal quality. Since mid-table teams often face a mix of strong and weak opponents it could present a balanced test for tactics.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this perspective!

Best regards,
SCF said: Thanks for your answer :) I personally play with the In-Game Editor disabled, because I like to just play without the information the editor provides, especially the hidden attributes. Nonetheless I like to get the best out of the game and only use the information my scouts provide. I do think you can take much from their reports, although they are not 100% correct.

I believe that the rating provided is against your own team CA and PA plus on how good your scouts are at evaluating that information.
62 :love:
Lets goooo, top 433! Lets see if it survives the 2.4k :P
Tactic did good with Everton plus went to both cup finals in the process
italian 352 with 2 CMS and AF plus F9 combo
fully dynamic italian 3412
Amazing results with Liverpool with a ton of goals scored in the process, its a flat 433 with superb attacking runs plus defensive solidty from the BWM on defense
Creates a jenga like web in the press that results in quick recoveries and fast runs in behind
Funky 433 that uses a lot of movement from the strikers to generate space
Won everything with Man United, its literally Raijin in a tactic
Honestly I dont think I have ever scored so many goals with Man City in a single season, this shape won everything and scored a record amount of goals plus keeping up defensively too in the process. It also plays beautiful football with a lot of 1-2 combinations and good enough mobility from the front players to find all the space they need.

Really curious to see the test scores on this..