Pipius said: Do you use any OI?

I don't but you can try It if you want to
jkAim said: what is the name of the skins

Go to Flayus.com and select the Skin/panel URL
RDF Tactics said: Hey, I tested this tactic in a video. All credit goes to you, Zaz and the site. Download links are directed to this site

Glad It worked for you :D
Filer974 said: This is the only tactic in the top 10 to use a defensive midfielder and 2 wingers. Good

Blue also has 2 winger and DM ?
Yeah, in case your striker doesn't fit into the AF role you can try out this. Kai Havertz does very well in F9 role 29 goals and 30 assists
Does Club ranking or reputation gonna affect the price ?
ZaZ said: Thanks for testing!

I have tried IW and IF instead of W and all have similar results. I also tried IWB on support duty and DLP defend instead of RPM and all are also very similar. That means small changes to roles don't have a huge impact, so feel free to adapt to your preference.

Look like IF slightly worse than W. As you can see It only score 64 with smaller GD
Based on Blue 4.0.
- Winger to IF
- Striker to F9
- Add some PIs

You need to post some results with your new tactic
Mornon said: After the second run W version seems still better than the IW one.
Third run in progress.

I did try to change W to IW (or IF) after the patch release. But for me, seem like W still better. Even though IW and IF movement did get improved. You can checkout the "Godball" tactic. It got 0.2 points increased
ZaZ said: Sorry, I don't understand what you want me to say. It's good to have high intensity, but that also gets your players tired. It has positives and negatives.

I think he want to ask how do you set the "intensity" in the Training - Rest tab
Look like IW does get improved
Usually I used him as a preference. And then base on that I change some position to keep my squad happy (for example, if I promise some players to give him more playing time then a would start him for a few matches, etc.
Anyway there is a tool on FMscout can help you pick best squad and rotate squad.
I think Injury Prone also depend on the position the player is playing. Personally I feel that Winger get injured more.
@ZaZ Wow after 3k matches seem like there was no improvment.
Joe said: ok cheers mate, ill just go with what i thinks best.
Pick someone who suited as BWM but have good pace.
I agreed
ZaZ said: It's such a relief that the set pieces improved goal difference, I was afraid it would make no difference and I would have lost weeks of work for nothing. Anyway, that was the last change scheduled, so I kinda run out of ideas for now. Thanks everyone for helping me with valuable input and testing!

P.S.: Pictures for consoles are updated!

I think at this point we should wait for next patch to come xD
ZaZ said: I saw it in some set pieces, like the one from "only my railgun". Maybe it's a skin that allows that?

Ah yeah, I think It's a graphic bug. You can try out his tactic in game and realized that MR or ML doesn't take corner.
ZaZ said: How do you set a specific position as set piece taker? I have seen some people do it, but I can't do it myself.

Also, what are super korean set pieces? I checked the tactic you tested (only my railgun 2022) and it's the same as Blue DM.

There is a way to do that ? I thought you need to set specific player (not position) to take the set pieces