Hi guys,

I wanted to try the first tactic in the table against all the formations the AI can use to see which ones it would have more difficulty with and which ones it would have less difficulty with.

Here are the results:

The left column is the formations used by the AI and the right column is the results by the human controlled teams with the tactic "Problem Solvin V24" by @infxamus.

It is ranked from the lowest score to the highest which means that the formations high on the list are more difficult against our tactic and as we go down they are easier.


Update from Problem Solvin V24 (Dzek Tweak 15)

Removed Pass Into Space
Update from Problem Solvin V24 (Dzek Tweak 14)

Attacking mentality
Added Pass Into Space, Run At Defence
Removed Shorter Passing, Play Out Of Defence, Focus Play, Underlaps, Higher Tempo, Narrow, Distribute To Centre-Backs, Slow Pace Down, Much Higher Defensive Line
PI tweaks
Hi guys,

I have news for you! :woot:

Today I released a new update for my TEST LEAGUE. I increased the teams from 10 to 22 and many more.
More information in my OP.

Any feedbacks are highly appreciated for issues or improvements.

myheroine said: Not sure if this has been mentioned before but does it make sense to add more human and AI teams to the save file so we can have more matches in one run? I don't know if there's a limit to human managers per game but if not, I was thinking of increasing the league to 20 teams? 10 human and 10 AI, so either duplicating the existing 5 AI formation teams or testing against other formations. If this does not have extreme performance impact, then I guess it should speed up the testing process.
Update from 424 A1 V7.5

IF to W - DM to VOL - FB to IWB
PI tweaks
Update from 424 A1 V7

PF to AF
PI tweaks
Hi @Robby,

You're very welcome! I'm delighted to hear that my post helped you save time and frustration while building your testing league. It's wonderful that you've been using your own Excel file based on roles in FM for three years with great success.

However, I understand the challenge of dealing with large files that slow down your computer. I'm glad my file inspired you to explore a more efficient approach by focusing on roles rather than positions alone.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask. :)
Update from 424 A1 V6

Added Focus Play, Underlaps
Removed Distribute To Centre-Backs
PI tweaks
Update from 424 A1 V5

Added Distribute Quickly
Removed Slow Pace Down
PI tweaks
Hi guys!

I was curious to know what positions Run At Defense and Dribble More affects, as well as if you enable both instructions together, if they have any more effect on players.

Here are the results I found.

DATA TABLEDribbles Made / 90

As you can see from these tests Ι come to the following conclusions:

1. Both instructions do work. :D
2. 'Run At Defence' does not affect the DC position and the DM position very little.
3. Only 'Dribble More' works on DC position.
4. DM position is not significantly affected by the two instructions.
5. Having both instructions enabled will not see significant changes in any position except AMRL positions.

Data of the table

Thoughts? :)
Update from 424 A1 V4 by Dzek

Balanced mentality
Added Shorter Passing, Pass Into Space, Run At Defence, Distribute To Centre-Backs, Slow Pace Down
PF to AF
PI tweaks
smigler said: I tried your approach for a few test runs and it seems that problem is resolved with this method. So thank you very much for help
I think the problem is the FMRTE and the freeze feature but I’m not 100% sure.
I’m glad for you :) Enjoy!
Update from Problem Solvin V24 (Dzek Tweak 13)

Balanced mentality
Added Play Out Of Defence, Distribute To Centre-Backs, Slow Pace Down
PI tweaks
smigler said: Thanks for response. Yes I did those steps. I usually setup managers A-D with quick pick and sent them to holiday with both boxes ticked then setup team E and save the game on different slot so I don't have to repeat those steps. It seems like saving game on separate save could be a issue here because when I load it for next tests sometimes it works but sometimes it isn't.
I have also encountered this problem in the past but I have not yet identified what is affecting it and is happening. It could be the game is having a bug or FMRTE is affecting the whole process.

What I am doing now though and it seems to have resolved the issue is once I enter the save game, the first thing I do is load game in FMRTE immediately. Then I put my tactics on all teams and hit the quick pick for each one. Then I go back to TEAM A and start the managers holidays up to Team E and before I proceed I save it to another file.

With this practice it seems to be resolved. Please let me know if you have any success with this approach.

Thank you!
Hi @smigler,

Make sure you tick the two boxes that tell your assistant to always select the same eleven and the same tactic when you send each manager on holiday. It's all I can think of.

If you can, give me more details on which steps you are following so I can give you a better solution. In general, these options (which I wrote above) are responsible for the specific problem you are experiencing.
dakwatalgojo said: Ah, thank you! Might test if it'd work with other structures
I’m looking forward for your tests :)
dakwatalgojo said: This is quite fun! But 'play out of defence' doesn't seem to work against the teams in FM arena's testing league despite doing well in your save. Maybe it's possible, but it's a whole different formula for the Team Instructions
I can confirm that "Play Out Of Defence" TI works in a regular season. It just does need a different approach in general. This one is an example with a 1.3 point difference from the first tactic in the table:
Hi @bumike,

AI managers in the league have attributes similar to the FM-Arena DB1.0 test league.

The work that the guys here at FM-Arena are doing is very good so I didn't bother to look into it further in terms of that. So I think they're better than the best in general than the game has by default.

Last year with FM23 I did some small tests but stopped them due to time constraints and because it was important to take care of other things in my life. :)
Update from 4231 A1 V1

Added Underlaps
Removed Pass Into Space, Distribute To Centre-Backs, Slow Pace Down
Update from Problem Solvin V24 (Dzek Tweak 12.5)

Positive mentality
Added Underlaps
Removed Distribute Quickly
PI tweaks