dzek said: The more you "influence" an environment, the more you will get certain results that sometimes lead down the wrong paths.

This sentence was for those who create databases to test tactics. So I mean that the results of the FM Arena testing league and others (including mine) do not replicate a regular season at all. It is simply the "score" of a tactic within the test league and nothing more. I'm with you on this one.

Ahhhh I get you
dzek said: What were your results with this tactic?

The reason I'm asking is because, I think this year there are more combinations you can do to get results and/or trophies. And another reason is that I'm not so sure about FM Arena results compared to a regular season game. The more you "influence" an environment, the more you will get certain results that sometimes lead down the wrong paths. To be fair and not to be misunderstood this applies to my database and many others.

I also find a practice that TFF (for those who know him) used to do in his own databases, he tested his tactics, at max in 500 matches and his tactics were 95% equivalent to the normal game environment.

In recent years, I can't say the same thing has been happening. As well as not forgetting that since FM23, the game developers have changed/upgraded the AI within the ME and it's more reactive.

It did okay as it still included various things such as hard tackling and high pressing and got 105 points with Celtic in the Scottish Prem. However, it did struggle when I tested it with Manchester City. I do totally agree that results improve when you affect it yourself (i.e. adding a team bonding session every week increases team cohesion which improves results) but I think it is likely that the top tactics here would perform best in the game too, taking RNG into account.
I've practically spent the last week playing a Xabi Alonso 3-4-3 type of tactic without all of the added instructions such as dribble more or focusing the ball down the flanks. While it is fun on a single-player save, it would never be as effective as the highest 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-4 tactics on here. I do love FM, but the tactical rigidity of the "meta" irritates me
Does anyone know why 'dribble more' has such an impact on results but only really for the centre-back position?
I like the lack of instructions on your tactics, the top tactics atm are driving me insane
Based on "Woodball 4-2-3-1 Base"
+ Short passing

(I'm aware that RNG exists) It's interesting that on the initial test, the balanced tactic had a +15 GD and this had a +8
Based on "Woodball 4-2-3-1 Base"
+ Positive Mentality

I have aimed to create the simplest meta tactic possible. Using very few TIs and PIs and on balanced mentality. Did well with Brentford.

CBP87 said: what PIs did you put on?

SK - tackle harder
FBs - Sit narrower, tackle harder
CBs - Dribble more, tackle harder
DMs - Take more risks, tackle harder
AM - take more risks, hold up ball, move into channels, tackle harder
IFs - hold up ball, sit narrower, tackle harder
AF - take more risks, tackle harder

Was searching the website for ages for a tactic with this specific configuration mainly because nobody really uses "sit narrower" on FBs other than the Cosmos tactics
This tactic has taken a lot of inspiration from @Gerrard, mainly his lack of PIs on FBs so I thought I would try one while adding in some other 'meta' instructions.

Revised the 4-2-3-1 which has been doing so well lately and made a few notable changes:
- Run at defence
- Focus on flanks
- Overlaps
Massive clean-up on player instructions as well, leaving dribble more only on defenders and also getting rid of the whole 'stay wider' and 'sit narrower' thing on the wings.

EvensenFM said: I get the feeling that there might be a better way to weigh training sessions than what Max has set up in the EBFM schedule.  I think he set it up to try to increase all attributes equally.  However, now that we know for sure that not all attributes are created equal, we should be able to play the min and max game to get the ultimate results.

There has been a lot of discourse on this recently (which I'll admit I haven't read most of it) but what I run is essentially attacking sessions, defending sessions, physical sessions and match practices lumped in too. An addition that I also like is adding team bonding to that
I haven't been keeping up with this but has the ZaZ schedule been tested? If so, what is the effect of match practice sessions
+ Stay wider and run wide with ball on FBs
+ Sit narrower on IFs
+ IF(A)

Thought I'd try positive mentality on a 4-2-3-1. Cleaned up some PIs too such as removing sit narrower and stay wider from IF and FB.

Added take more risks and dribble more to AMs

This is basically v2 but with FBs instead of WBs. I want to see what impact the AM(S) has

Delicious said:

I was doing the video for the Pep's Tactic and i just went to "adaption" to " more possession" ; you can understand your self what is gonna happen.

It's like you sacrifice something to gain some % on possession.

But keep in mind that, there is possession and possession. Like Mourinho's possession is just defenders passing the balls eachother w/o any porpuse. Not even to open any space.

The results on that screenshot are very interesting as it's almost a direct correlation between having more possession and less GD. The game does not want possession football
- Added FB(A)
- Changed AM(S) to AM(A)
- Added take more risks to all positions
- Added dribble more to all positions