Middleweight165 said: Thanks, I'll give it a try.

Do you have any tips for keeping match load/fatigue down? I'm using you rest recommendations and your training but my players are getting injured because the match load is Heavy. I am playing 2 matches a week and rotating every player but the match load, fatigue and injury risk is always high

Have you changed all your players training intensity to automatic? I know some people before forgot to do that. Re the fatigue you need to manually rest the player when he returns to training, otherwise the auto settings override the week rest.
ZaZ said: The resting settings of his tests are default. About Physical for Resistance, the results are the same for growth, and the gain in condition is too small, so I prefer to keep Physical for clarity (Resistance seems more of a bug, because the description doesn't match). Keep in mind that I am not saying his results are bad, it's just that he didn't consider automatic resting in his experiments.

Many thanks for your reply. Yes some good points you make - it also means your players train when they should, whereas people with perfect condition could be resting on his schedule. Match practise is such a good session and I see you have moved it in a previous post so it doesn't get changed for the games on Wednesday.
ZaZ said: I have updated the training schedule with a slight change (match practice day changed from Tuesday to Monday). The reason for the change is because some away matches on Wednesday were overriding the Match Practice session, and I prefer that it overrides a Physical session instead.

This guy here made a very in-depth study on training sessions that corroborate my results. However, he didn't use automatic rest for players below excellent condition ( "no pitch or gym training" ), which forced him to add several resting sessions in his schedule. I believe my schedule gives better results and is more convenient (it can be used during the entire season, even during pre-season and no matter how many matches you have per week).

Interesting stuff!! I didn't see his rest settings? Did he show them?

Would you swap some physical for resistance?
Its a good tactic for sure. Won the bundesliga in 2041 with a young mid-table team, Bayern and RBL are still some way better atm. Had a wobble around xmas/new year due to injuries and me not paying attention at the end of two crucial games.

Unfortunately I created a monster at my previous club and they literally have the world's best XI and we lost to them in the semi's of the champions league. Both games were a struggle and away we lost 5-2. But its a young team, still a long way to go for most players to max their ability, and my old club really does have the best team you could and some newgens are messi/ronaldo standard.

I found in some games when struggling switching to cautious helped, when away to sides much better than us.

Overall its really good. Would be interesting to run a few seasons with a mid-table team from the start of the game, to see if they can win the champions league. This always seems the hardest to me. Can win most leagues within 2-3 seasons, Italy in one often, but the champions league is often hard. It is amazing how many games the other team has under 5-7 shots in total and 1-3 on target.

The set pieces are fantastic. Its worth saving those and putting into other tactics imo. Great job.

Ps - I've changed some PI's as I thought my players were too selfish or blind or not very smart, or all three up front! These changes and using cautious in difficult games is working very well so far for me. Still very tight at the back

CM is now Take more risks, dribble more, shoot less often and move into channels

Both IF's Shoot less often, sit narrower and tackle harder

SC is Take more risks, dribble more, tackle harder and mark tighter. Still not happy with this, will tinker more possibly with these.

I find I score a lot more tap ins and well worked goals. My players were not squaring or cutting the ball back in the box.
Hey fantastic write-up of your tactic, it deservers some testing for that alone! Nice results too.

Could you tell us which player played where for Liverpool for example, was Salah an IF or the AF? Or post a screenshot in the OP of the Bayern and Livepool teams on the tactics page with each position picked?

Ps All set pieces look great!! Your throw ins are what ive been tring, but failing, to make.
Sharpy said: thanks @ZaZ . with the effectiveness of this new training schedule, does it benefit you more in terms of player development, to keep youth prospects at your club and doing this training schedule rather than loaning them out to leagues of low reputation eg, premier league team loaning 17-18yr old players to league 2 for example, or better to keep around own club due to better facilities, coaching and training schedule?

Id say im very good at developing young players. Train them until they are 18, some are ready for loans at 17 but they must play otherwise your facilities and training will be better for them, and then loan out from 18+. Again they must play!

I tend to use the devlopment list - set preferences to regular starter and then back on the transfer tab I accept loans which meet my requirements and reject those which dont. This means they should all go out on loan with the expectation of being a regular starter. League 2 is not a good standard though. Aim for League 1 as a minimum and I often have players going to Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, South Korea, Denmark and more leagues, including the top countries in Europe too. These are a better standard and better training facilities than league 2 for example. The most important thing is they are playing games, but not at too low a standard.

You can just put your players up for loan and do it manually, I just do this to save time. Check the offers though, make sure a squad player or lower doesn't sneak through.
Do you have more information? Screenshots of the tactic and your success?
MartinV56 said: The best tactic I've tried on fm22, congratulations to the creator

Which patch? 22.0?
Vami said: Hey guys,

So this is my final FM 2022 tactics for the final patch. I have just finished my save with Leverkusen, absolutely dominating Germany and finally winning the UEFA Champions League against PSG 2:0 in the final. This is the fourth Champions League-winning save for me and fourth tactic, however the first that really exploits the changes in the Match Engine that happened in the winter patch.

Before the winter patch, the meta was to play IWB IWB BPD BPD defence line and provide width higher up front with wingers, but after the patch was released, in fact a much better solution became to provide width from your lightning-fast wing backs playing on DR and DL positions and then exploit space by stretching the play and have a lot of other players running into the penalty box.

Of course standard meta tactics still apply: relentless pressing and extreme tempo, counter-press and counter.

Key player profiles for this tactic:

Goalkeeper - a solid shot-stopper, you don't really need an advanced Sweeper Keeper, but if you do, Maarten Vandevoordt will do. I sold him to Barcelona and kept my Egyptian wonderkid.

DR and DL - by far THE MOST important people in your team. They have to be Usain Bolt-like fast. This is absolutely crucial. Acceleration / pace of 17+ or even higher. Then comes crossing, dribbling and off the ball. Those players will effecitvely be your wingers and provide most assists by low crosses or diagonal passes.

DCs - as we play from the back, they should be quite technically gifted, but of course the main thing is they have to win headers and be strong and fast

Side MCs - as they play on CM Attack, they need to be lightning fast as well, also good passing, vision, flair, technique, first touch - but again - SPEED is the most important attribute

MCd - this is your pivot - but apart from being one - he has a PI of "take more risks" enabled, so think of your Rovella, Barella or Bellingham here. Although I played Belli on the attacking role.

SS - in the first iteration it was an AM on Attack, but as a SS the impact up front is much better. Luka Romero scored 27 goals from that position. Here they have to be not only fast, but also have great dribbling, vision, flair, off the ball, passing, etc.

AF - think of Haaland or Sesko in their prime - that's your perfect match: very fast, very athletic, with amazing off the ball, anticipation, composure and finishing. Also good dribbling and/or good heading skills will not hurt. Youssoufa Moukoko won the Ballon d'Or for me here, even though he's not prolific in the air.

So - here it is - the Wunderwaffe Final. Enjoy and win trophies. This is the ultimate FM 22 Winter Patch tactic.

Hey I can test this with a top side in EPL and also the worst team in the Bundesliga - lowest rep and wage budget by a long way and no transfer funds, but good young players. I will compare with tactics I have been using previously with both sides.

Can you tell us about set pieces?
ZaZ said: Gratz!

Reduction of 70% in injuries is very good, were you using default trainings or some other custom before that? Did you also set rules to rest all tired players from training?

Let us know how you feel about Green later, if it felt better or worse than playing with Blue.

Yes I was using training based on development and match boosts. But also I used double intensity on full condition, normal for the rest and half for dark/empty red. So I was contributing to the injuries, but again your training and also the rest setup has helped immensely. Thanks again for all your work and help.
ZaZ said: Thank you and good luck in UCL!

So I lost my best player to a minimum fee! Sold both my left wingers, gk and one CB. But I bought a much better lw, a wonderkid cb who was incredible and my younger gk stepped up. Managed to keep the rest of the team and with them all being a year older, they had improved a lot, had some team leaders and more influential players and team cohesion was max!

We won the UCL, beating Bayern on pens! We destroyed our group and every knockout tie was the same. Your training definitely helped, our injuries were down 70%😂. And the quickness is noticeable all over the pitch!

Anyway my rule is I win the UCL, resign and move on in this game. Gladbach approached me a year later, lol, and we have won every game in the bundesliga, inherited a team rated 81% and the AMC won the ballon dor as he's scored more than he's played.

I've seen you write some stuff about green 5.0 and may try that next season.
Love this tactic! Your first post is so detailed and helps so much. Have used it for four seasons, breaking records every season, in the Belgian Pro League with OH Leuven. Have reached one CL final and one CL semi. We do well in the CL, some amazing away wins using solid in both the group and knockout stages. But we always seem to get RNG'd or just beat by a team of much higher CA players..... We cant keep our top stars and every season lose between 2-7 of the first team...... This summer every player in the first eleven is wanted by the biggest clubs in Europe.... and the board want CL semi as a minimum!

This coming season Im going to buy more pace and acceleration players, use your training for the whole season as I just want to win the CL now!!

Anyway love the game using Zaz Blue, solid and light!! Thanks! And also the amount of information and help is really amazing. Thanks for all your time and efforts!
Love all the information available on here, from multiple sources. It's helped me improve so much at FM and also made it far more enjoyable as well!!

I am managing OH Leuven in Belgium. We have won the league+cup four seasons running, reached the final and semi of the CL once each. Now the board want CL semi's as a minimum and its what I really struggle with!! This year Im going to look to improve my acceleration and pace across the team where it is weakest, along with training my positions in Zaz Blue with the above recommendations from Mark.

Sorry for the long (first) post, really I just wanted to say thanks for all the information available on here and the time people, like Mark, spend helping everyone.