WesleySniper said:

I mean two or three match practices per day were causing injuries even if the players were in peak condition and fully fit. This schedule is slightly more intense (5%) than ZaZ's training schedule. Every day is like Monday and Thursday in ZaZ's.

Injuries happen with every training schedule. Increasing intensity by 5% several days a week would not seem logical to decrease this happening. Possibly physical training gives more injuries, who knows.
WesleySniper said: Even with @ZaZ's approach, many players get injured with two or three match practices. I think the schedule attached is pretty good while boosting CA and preventing injuries throughout the season.

Isn't that more intensive? I have been using manual rest on players who are tired but full green condition during the busy times of the season, or three games in a week for example. Hardly any injuries using Zaz. But if im playing weekend to weekend I dont bother.
Delicious said: Because some of them reported me that players were literally dying at min 65, that's why i am asking, i didn't really test it my self. If i have news about that will bring them to you asap

Possibly they are starting players who are still tired rather than excellent or peak. Also when the fixture schedule gets really busy as it often does, I still rest players for one day at 8am who are tired but showing full green. I dont have the problem at 65 mins.
ZaZ said: The training schedule still works well, it didn't need any rework. Just remember that my schedule assumes players are set to no pitch or gym work if their condition is not excellent.

Evidendence based did an update and Defence and Attack are still the top two training sessions by some way, but there has been a few adjustments and improvements to other sessions.
Thanks for the advice. I chose this save as a real challenge, but understand that how bad my players are is the main problem. Just certain parts of this tactic cause huge problems. I had to redo throw ins and leave CB's back as it was giving away so many goals
With good teams this is amazing. With a big underdog the PI's give the ball away all the time, so many long balls up to no-one and then easy counter's for the opposition. And throw ins probably concede more than they score
Delicious said: When i did reworked those set pieces (honestly idk who made them, but i guess it was meta-format), I've made dcl (focus) from left and dcr (focus) from right just because it looks "tidy".
Checking now the lurking positions as well, maybe that's impact the routine as well.

I originally did the same with DCL on left and DCR on the right. However some centre backs, not necessarily that much better on attributes, score so many more from both sides. So now i set those players to be on the end of each one.

For IFK's far post is good, but I haven't worked out an exploit like these corners. I would like to have most players at the near post and aim at the far, the same logic as these corners putting more players where the ball isn't going. But this isn't possible?

Throw-ins are decent too and I copied StephenHK for those.

Ps If you apply these corners to your previous tactics, surely they will get 62+? Or does it not work like that?
I prefer the corners when only one player is positioned where you are aiming. The same as example 3
Wow this looks one of the worst then. Thanks for testing
Try the top tactics from the testing table

FM23 is more random this year and the in the game that have tried to make it harder to overachieve.
What about distribute quickly? I have removed it and find it better

No 'run at defence'?
Milakus said: Why do you consider overlaps as a bad thing?

I think you can get done a lot on the counter with overlaps that leave your DR and DL so high up the pitch all the time. I prefer stay wider for IF's, with overlaps still on, so that your wing backs are there to support and they do overlap, just not too high on every attack. I think my IF's are better as well
ZaZ said: Almost the same, except that IF is not set to wide.

Thanks! Nice to have you here. I wish there were more people sharing their runs here in FM-Arena as well.

Im doing a great save with SpVgg Bayreuth starting in Bundesliga3 and its been my best save in a long, long time. I do use downloaded tactics and fmscout though. I dont mind the tactics so much but I should try to switch over to not using fm scout. Back-to-back promotions and mid table in first Bundesliga 1 season. Get hammered in some games, but the late winners and comebacks are so enjoyable. RNG seems to have leveled out too, now im a better/higher rep side.
ZaZ said: Thanks! We have to remember we are actually underdogs, which means the other teams are usually stronger. That means they often start losing because they are nervous, but after they start scoring, they gain a boost of morale that makes them have higher chance to score again, especially since they have better players.

I get that. I just feel the way they have tried to make the game harder, well its how it appears to me, is with stuff like this.
Holding onto leads and keeping clean sheets as an unerdog seems so hard this year. Your result away to Newcastle is the kind of thing im talking about. I went 3-1 up at Anfield and lost 8-4 LOL. All my defenders got 6.2+ hahaha, except lb who got a 5.9. None of them scored. I dont understand any of that.

Anyway enjoying your thread and good luck with the rest of the season.
Exciting Zaz will be following. I get bored of saves too easily, or frustrated at the match engine! So am looking to do something long term myself, although three seasons seems quick for the champions league!!
I think its this but didnt get tested because not all the criteria was met
ZaZ said: I have created a save file with only English teams, and set all players from the two top leagues to have maximum consistency and minimum injury proneness. Then I run tests with eight teams, one save with two teams from Premier League and two from Championship, and another similar with different teams, divided equally by season odds. After that, I do five runs for both saves, which gives a total of 1680 matches. After that, I do a rank test to define which variation of the tactic is the best.

Explain it to me like im 5 years old

Congrats on new water!
Sandro said: I'm not a native English speaker so I don't understand what you mean.

OP said you were harsh and then you went for the sandwich of nice/another dig(very low)/nice with the  smiley face side.

If 57 is the highest score, 50 is not "very low". It's off the top but very low would be something I made which would get 35 max.
Sandro said: Sorry if I offended you, I really didn't mean.

For a wide diamond formation with DWs and IWBs 48-50 pts is a really low score... but it's only my opinion, feel free to disagree :)

Ah the smiley face, the signature of a melt