Machismo said: My Leeds are destined this season to finish 2nd or 3rd in the EPL.  Stocked up on young guns but none are good enough yet to be the front end striker.
I'm playing Zazz-blue and it evolves around two AM Shadow strikers up front.  It's not so easy to find a quality Shadow Striker with pace.  Most are AM RLs + ST.  Of course they can be retrained.  But I want to spend most of money on one ready-made off the shelf gun-AM star player.  I cannot afford the best of the best but with 3 years of installments I can buy someone of quality.
Care to shorten my search for me?

Unfortunately, there are no natural AMC players which also are very fast in the game or maybe there are just few and they cost billions(like Messi) so most of time you have to retrain strikers or AM RLs to play at the AMC position.

I suggest picking players who have at least 'Unconvincing' rating at AMC because usually it doesn't take a long time to improve their rating to 'Accomplished' / 'Natural'.
tenger said: link?

Click the 'Tactic Source' button then scroll to the bottom of the 1st post.
Xeno94 said: Can anyone give tips for playing vs bottom of the table teams? I do great vs top teams, but consistently my losses/draws come from the bottom teams.

What instructions/other tactic can I use?

Usually, my matches vs bottom teams look like this

But I must add that I follow Magician's advise and change the mentality to Very Attacking when I think I can take more risk and become more attacking

If you can't win vs bottom teams then it could be just bad luck or your team might be not much better than bottom teams... Anyway, I suggest you get get familiar with Lapidus's post, it can be helpful -
Marck said: will you think it's the best start 11?

seems alright to me
I know it should be expected but this tactic works amazing with Liverpool. :)

This is a really good tactic.

I've given it a quick go on holiday with Man City and the result is great.

The team won the league title(no loses), Champions League Cup and Carabao Cup. :)

I've tried ZaZ - Blue 2.1 with Chelsea and it did just amazing! :)

Prutton said: About professional status, it allows players to train every day instead of just two days a week. It also allows to train three sessions in a day, instead of only two. Other benefits include longer contracts, more sponsorship and better reputation, which can atteact better players. On the other hand, the wages become more expensive.

Then getting professional status looks like the best choice to me
Prutton said: I can either hire better players, save to become professional or upgrade my training facilities. I am leaning towards becoming professional first. What are your opinions? I will post the finances and squad below.

I don't think that improving the training facilities would give you any significant benefits but I haven't played much in the lower leagues and I have no idea what benefits you get from becoming professional... could you enlighten me?
@Cobo10, the screenshot with the result is too blurry and when I click it then it's too small... can you fix it?
Mark said: What is the attribute importance table?
yeah... I'm missing that options too, I hope SI brings some alternative to it as soon as possible.
Prutton said: The number of titles was just an interesting fact. I believe extra data is always useful.

I agree, having extra data doesn't hurt and it might be interesting to see :) but the points per match is the only stat that should be looked at when you compare tactics
Mark said: An important thing worth noting is that ZaZ Blue 2.0 produced 18 champions from the 40 seasons across all leagues including one for a lowest ranked side. This is without buying any players. Very impressive. Also worth noting that Phoenix wasnt far behind and performed better with some of the lower ranked teams. Viola was a bit behind the other 2 tactics but mainly with underdog teams. Viola was still very competitive though.

As @Milakus rightly said the standing is a meaningless stat and only the points per match matters

Here's a good example from real life

In the season 2018-19 Liverpool got 97 points and it wasn't enough to win the title because Man City was on fire too and got 98 pts at the end

But in season Leicester City won the league with only 81 points because other teams in the league played very poorly in that season

so as you can see the standing is a quite irrelevant stat when it comes comparing tactics, the points per match is the only what matters
ForeverEverton said: FYI still unbeaten in the league with this tactic.


Have you tried this tactic in EPL yet?
babemocni1988 said: I dont uderstand the people who testing tactics with teams like Paris SG,Liverpool,Barcelona,Bayern

I think people do that because it's fun! :)

Who said that he tested something? He just played the game as he liked and had fun. He really don't owe you anything...
Here's my 1st season with Roma, predicted 6th by media.

I won the league title and Euro Cup. :)

babemocni1988 said: I agree!Have you tested V2,but please no holiday mode results :)

Nope, I haven't had time to try it yet.
babemocni1988 said: It is still beter team :) by the way thanks for this analise!
And i was thinking that natural position  of Ilicic and Gomez should do much beter then Rebic and Dias,there is no logic :) two world class AMC against two sub. players...

Anyway, it's hard to say why one person has better result than other person because there could be many factors for that. For example, he might be better in managing the morale and conditions of the players or making substitutions or handling touchline shouts during matches or just had a great luck during the season... you know FM could be very random :)
babemocni1988 said: i have finished season with Atalanta who in my opinion have 3 times better team then Ac Milan

Atalanta team:

Ilici - 153CA
Gomez - 157CA
Biraghi - 139CA
Malinovskyi - 147CA
Faraoni - 136CA
De Roon - 148CA
Gosens - 149CA
Palomino - 146CA
Rafael Toloi - 146CA
Hateboer - 145CA
Gollini - 145CA

Avg. CA = 146

AC Milan team:

Diaz - 136CA
Rebic - 147CA
Castillejo - 141CA
Hakan Çalhanoğlu - 149CA
Saelemaekers - 141CA
Sandro Tonali - 138CA
Theo Hernández - 153CA
Alessio Romagnoli - 149CA
Simon Kjær - 145CA
Davide Calabria - 139CA
Gianluigi Donnarumma - 156CA

Avg. CA = 144

So... Atalanta avg. CA is 146 nad AC Milan avg. CA is 144... even I with my poor mathematics skills can say that 146 is not 3 time more than 144 :)