3421 Extreme Volts  XXV

Added overlaps+fflanks
3421 Extreme Volts  XXIV

2 vol + 2 IF
3421 Extreme Volts  XXIII

2Vol on su + 2 SS
Kamas1 said: So when im underdog 433 4231 424 and when I'm better or equal  4132? this is good idea?
Yarema said: Just play what you like. 4132 is fine even with underdogs. Obviously you'll get absolutely destroyed occasionally, but overall it does pretty well. I'd say it's far more important to grab some wins especially versus direct competitors rather than steal a draw against top half teams every now and then with more defensive play or lose only 2-0 instead of 5-0. I've done back to back promotions as the worst team in the league with one of the Poirer variations, which is about as attacking as you can get. You'd be surprised how often you catch better teams underestimating you or having a bad day.

In fact I'd even go a step further that the "safer" tactics are more important in cup competitions (including champions league) when you don't have multiple chances to fix things like in the league.

Basically what Yarema said,play what you like, but if you want some solid combo on away games 433 or 4231 (obviously) since you play less offensive but you might miss those games where you are getting underestimate by IA.
dalseong said: I noticed the right side AF does not have the tackle harder instruction. Is this intentional?

Doesn't really matter if you keep get stuck in
Kamas1 said: so if i play a weaker team i should use 4-2-4 and if i play a stronger team i should use 4-1-3-2? For example, these two formations

433 with volantes is really good if you are underdog, even the 4231 as well, but i am sure opq 433 version is good enough to keep you alive even vs Elite teams.
3421 Extreme Volts  XXII

IF instead of IW
3421 Extreme Volts  XXI

Back to old fashion 3atb system with wingers (we could call it Conte style).

Just trying to see if that kind of system can be implemented with more disciplined and set routine.

Gonna make another tactic with volts wingers (IF)
@badea take a look here won't get the tested if you don't follow those "rules"
4231 Extreme underVolts  XXI

Added Overlaps and FFlanks.

It feels like with more disciplined and undervolts system is better w/o overlaps and fflanks let's see.
I've created for the yolo a league where we are a 140/150 ca team vs Elite (just did it to give a ranking to my tactics)
The system league is the same as FM-Arena (6 teams each group) and i've kept players traits only on group A players from IA(wanted to check how impactful they were).

So i've tested XX and this XIX

results are




Not saying that is attendible and stuff is just to give an example and why i am testing overlaps and FFlanks as well. I did kept almost same IA manager tendecies of FM-Arena Manager as well so they don't tend to close and defend the result.
4231 Extreme underVolts  XX

Trying on undervolt system (FB/IW) and little tweak on corners
konate did some goals :devil:
Nikko said: 4-2-3-1 and 60 pts?

14 GD!! I am like
442 Extreme Volts XXIII

Removed overlaps and fflanks
442 Extreme Volts XXII

IW instead of WM

442 Extreme Volts XXI

RPM left for another VOL
added Overlaps/FFlanks
442 Extreme Volts XX

Trying WM+RPM out

Lower D line w/o Drop-off more
4231 Extreme Volts  XX

Lower D line without drop off more.
4231 Extreme Volts  XIX

Added Focus Flanks/Overlaps