wixta79 said: what do you mean ?

Some players doing the mistake to let play players by "in-game ratings" instead to check the actually stats of the players. And it can lead you to pick the wrong players
433 Structura - Drop and UP - Cross

Step-up more + Hit Early Crosses and Shotless often to all the roles
433 Structura-Bomb Evolution

Added focus on flanks and underlaps
433 Structura - Drop Step

Step-up More and added to every role shoot less often
4231 Structura - Drop and UP

Attacking Structura
Who is the best AI Manager?

Sextuple said: +8? Interesting to see if you can maintain that in 4000 matches.

I don't really believe it will :P
You dare to public it before me?

Steelwood said: Same as Major, moved striker back to AM to create the diamond again. Set-pieces from @Delicious

Idk what else you did change but if that strike 56, me and you will go to Las-Vegas!
42112A QuantLicius II

Removed Step-up more
42112A QuantLicius

Ispired by this :

For now checking with Step-up more and hold position on DM
41212 Re-Volution VII

DM(D) Instead of DM(su)

And Drop-off more
41212 Re-Volution VI

W+IWB combo instead of IWB/IW
41212 Re-Volution IV

Hold Position on DM
41212 Re-Volution III

IWB and Step up-more
41212 Re-Volution II

AM instead of SS
41212 Re-Volution

Trying this kind of setup

FB will act as a WB and DM without any PI.
PI/TI and Gameplay. The difference between X and IX is No underlaps

@Zippo can this be retested?